Friday, January 16, 2009

Wrigley & Chumley & a bowl of water

Wrigley and Chumley REALLY love water:

Let it be known that both of these beasts have their own separate water bowls filled to the brim downstairs. But from the looks of it, you'd think they hadn't had a sip in 3 days:

Thanks to Chumley's water obsession, we have an over abundance of these:

(those are Chumley's pee clumps. 2 days worth.) 
Wrigs says "Ewwww"

...but then decides to lay next to the smelly sack of clumps doing his best amputee impersonation...

Now he says, "Enough with the pictures. Get rid of this stuff!"


Bon Don said...

What a little stinker Chumley is... he's a little bully! Poor Wrigley he's such a good boy.

So cute!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You have the funniest animals. I wonder if they came to you like that, or if your silliness rubbed off on them?
Chums is quite the bully, huh?
Still very cute though.
He could give my 3 attitude cats a run for their money....

Live For Today said...

Does Chumley have front claws? I love how Wrigs was still watching out of the corner of his eye. And Chumley was guarding the water bowl. Does Wrigs ever try and put his paw down on Chumley? Sadie does that with the cats when she gets frisky and wants to play. I have to stop her cause she's too rough.

ChiTown Girl said...

I can't believe you're brave enough to let those two fight over that little container of water on YOUR FURNITURE!! You are the best furmommy anywhere!

Gina said...

lol chumley really is a grouchy cat!

i have bags TWICE the size of that everyday.... ya know with 9 cats and all ;)

JO said...

LOL loved the water standoff... too cute.