Friday, November 30, 2007

Give us a toothpick, we'll give you a drinking game

Tom got me the Traffic gauge a couple years ago when I had to commute roundtrip to Studio City back in '05-'06 (130 miles roundtrip). This thing is a GOD send. Love it. It shows you all the major freeways and updates the traffic conditions every 5 minutes. No lines mean the coast is clear, a solid line means there's some slow spots but nothing worth road raging about and blinking lines mean you may as well just put your car in park and walk. So today we had torrential rain storms and this afternoon we had to drive to Laguna because we left our credit card at the restaurant a couple nights ago. We get in the car and because of the rain the traffic gauge is flashing like crazy. All of the freeways were gridlocked. Tom says, "Hey let's bring this thing inside later tonight during rush hour and watch it!" I laughed out loud almost spitting out my gum and then told him that, "As exciting as that sounds, I really don't wish to spend my Friday night curled up on the couch clutching the traffic gauge, watching the flashing lights." He then says, "We could make a drinking game out of it?" My eyebrows raise slightly. "Go on." I tell him. He continues, "We could do a shot everytime we see a new flashing light come on. We're not the ones stuck driving so we can drink, come on it will be fun!" I said if we were to throw back shots we would be throwing them up after 7 minutes. It's Friday night and we're talking LA traffic. So we decided a sip would suffice. We're going out to dinner tonight with my sis and bro-in-law and you can bet traffic gauge will be right there with us.

On Wednesday, Tom gave me this ornament below for my birthday. When you pull the string music plays and the characters move their arms and bobble their heads and Rudolph's nose lights up. As were watching this little musical show I told Tom that we should play a drinking game with this and have a drink everytime Rudolph's nose lights up. And he said, "Leave it to you to turn a Christmas ornament into a booze fest." Perhaps we're spending too much time together.

Deep thoughts by Tom the hubby...

While we were stuck in quite possibly the WORST LA traffic last night Tom exclaims out of the blue:

"If I were a Pop Star I'd record a Christmas album. You're guaranteed air play this time of year." Then he looked at me and said, "Aw f*ck! Don't post that on the blog."

Yep, that's my husband...fashionateur, golfer, fisherman, kayaker, inventor, household demolitionist, plumber, and now pop star wanna be.

Wrigley's musical trance

My mom got me this musical birthday card for my birthday, DUH! That was stupid, I should just go back and delete that and say that my mom got me a musical card for my birthday or just leave it at musical birthday card and stop there but since I don't like to edit on here I'm just going to leave it the way it is! Sheesh! So where was I, oh yeah, my mom got me this musica-- well you know, and for some reason whenever the music plays Wrigley becomes mesmorized by it. We play a lot of music in this house and he never reacts this way, it's just this card. Here he is resting and then once he hears the music it's as if the mother ship is calling him home...

Chum's lip curl

Here is some video of Chumley being sweet! And cute!! Alert the media quick!!! Here he is wearing his fancy blinking scarf playing atop the shower curtain on our bed. He grabs and bites this felt ribbon toy on a stick that he loves. And sometimes when he plays he does this lip curl thing where he just slightly raises a half portion of his top lip and I was actually able to capture it on film! He doesn't do it all the time but when he does I call him Elvis Pussly.

More lip curl, more play...

only in LA...

will you see a homeless person pushing a shopping cart talking on a cell phone. (although it was dark outside so it could have just been a banana the guy was talking into. At any rate, the man was having a heated conversation regardless of what object he was holding to his ear.)

time to change

7-11 is in serious need of an ECSM (extreme convenience store makeover.) This picture was taken today, Nov. 30, 2007, not Nov. 30, 1977 although it's hard to tell the difference. They are just plain icky. But God love those Slurpees!!! (Slurpee: another one of my favorite words)

Food, Fun, and Fundraising

Last night Tom and I attended a charity event with Ted Baker for Project Angel Food at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Despite the 2 hour and 45 minute commute, we ended up having a great time with delicious food, drink, sweets and VIP shopping with a 50% discount! And all of it went towards a great cause so we didn't have much buyer's remorse as we checked out. McSteamy and his wife Rebecca (LOVED her in 90210 as Dylan's girlfriend, do you guys remember that?? She was the one who rescued the kitty and was killed in the rainy car crash!?) were there and so were a few other recognizable TV/Film faces.

The night started off with cocktails which we missed due to ass to balls traffic, then a sit down dinner with about 500 people, then awards, an auction and a fashion show and then finally....CRAZY SHOPPING! During the auction part of the night I spotted a familiar face a few tables away from back when I worked on Will and Grace. Eric McCormack was there with his wife and it's been over a year and a half since I've seen him and he looks fantastic, seriously the man does not age. After the auction and fashion show ended I made my way over to him and we hugged and reminisced and it was so great to see him. Working on that show was such an unforgettable experience and just talking about it all made me miss it so much. At least I remembered to grab the camera before we left so I was glad we were able to take a picture together. He's one of those genuinely warm people that you just enjoy being around.

And if you're wondering why it looks like I'm wearing a flannel shirt while everyone else is dressed formally, well it's because...I am and I wasn't informed ahead of time that the event was formal. Though it's not actually a flannel shirt, it's a flannel shirt dress and yes it was completely out of place for the type of event that it was but I was warm and snuggly and felt comfortable while all the other bare backed gals were shivering and complaining because the ballroom was too cold.

Here's a pic of Tom and I as we were saying our goodbyes. And a full shot of my Lumberjack dress...

And here's a pic of the Gingerbread village that was in the lobby of the hotel. I so wanted to snag a piece of the roof but Tom advised me that would not be a good idea. Party pooper.

Here's a final pic of Tom and I waiting for the valet to get our car. Tom was entering the serious mode phase of the night so I had to snap him out of it and have some last minute fun before the drive back home.

It was a wonderful evening and I realized last night that we've done more holiday type stuff this year before the month of December than we did the whole month last year. Part of that was due to a 2 week bout with the flu but we're definitely making up for it this year!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

the deep freeze of S. Cal

This morning on the news, the weatherman says, "It's a cold one this morning!" and then they cut to a shot of another reporter outside in a scarf seconding his notion that yes, "it's VERY chilly out here folks! Bundle up before you head outside!" And the temperature at the time was a whopping 52 degrees. Tom and I looked at each other and said, You have GOT to be kidding me. I'm gonna say it, Californians are Pu$$ies. Hate the word but it HAD to be said.

Ass Kickin' Jingle Dog

We had a VERY odd solicitor come to the house last night. He rang the bell right before we were about to leave for my birthday surprise and when I opened the door I was overcome by the smell of pot. The smell was all over him and came shooting out of his mouth when he spoke. He was dressed very sloppily and was asking for money for some work study program and I told him we were not interested but he would not leave and continued to talk over me. He kept talking and started to raise his voice so Tom came to the door (with a hammer in his hand - not intentionally, he was hanging the bathroom mirror) to see what was going on and instantly told him no thanks but the guy wouldn't shut up. He kept trying to look inside the house. I was freaked. I was holding Wrigley back because he was trying to lunge at this guy. I told him that the dog's not very happy right now and he could see for himself that Wrig's was trying to get out of my grip so he finally turned around and walked away but milled around in the driveway for a few seconds. It was all very strange. But thank GOD for Wrigs. 90% of the time he is the BIGGEST LOVER and just wants to lay on top of people. But I've seen him a few times now, get very anxious and agitated by certain people and last night was one of those times. Whether he could sense that I was upset or whether he got a vibe from this guy on his own, he definitely did not like the situation. And he was a bad ass! (even though he was still sportin' the jingle dog collar!) Nice to know we've got 2 ass kickers in this house!

One time when Wrigs was a puppy we went for a walk and he literally pulled me across the street with all his fuzzy puppy strength. I kept saying "Wrigley??? What's up?? What is wrong?" And when we got across the street he barked and barked baring his teeth and snarling (which I had never seen up until this point) at the house we would have passed. There were roofers up on the roof of the house and they turned around and started cat calling and saying some rather stereo-typical construction guy type things. I continued to walk and ignore them but how the heck did Wrigley sense this before the guys even said or did a thing? I was pretty amazed.

And then another time we were outside at a coffee shop and there were tons of people around reading, walking, playing with their kids etc. Well in the crowd of people there were 2 maintenance guys cleaning out the trash bins. Wrigley stood up and stared at the one and assumed a "Pointer dog" position. At first I was laughing at him and then all of the sudden he went FRICKING APE SHIT. I have NEVER seen him like this. His leash was attached to the heavy rod iron outdoor table and he lunged sooo fast that he actually moved the table. He was ferocious and was barking soo furiously that foam was spraying out of his mouth. He looked like a rabid dog. The same kids that had just played with him 5 minutes before were now running to their parents for cover. I apologized to the people around me for his behavior and said I have never seen him like this! He would not stop barking and trying to get at this guy so I packed up my stuff and started to leave. I could not even hold his leash on my own. Another man came over to hold him back and as I was apologizing yet again he said, "Your dog doesn't like that guy." I said that I sensed that too but he's never been this aggressive before so I'm just a little nervous. The guy he was barking at looked over a couple times and made sort of a tsk tsk tsk sound to Wrigley and I swear to God I thought the devil was going to come out of this dog. Once the bad guy was out of Wrigley's sight he started to calm a little. He could not have been sweeter, giving me his paw, licking my face, giving his paw to the guy who helped me hold him back, licking his face too. The parent's of the kids told me there was no reason to apologize he's just acting on instinct and for whatever reason he didn't like that guy. Well then no sooner does that guy appear again, this time quite a distance away and the same exact thing happened again. Sweet innocent face licking Wrigs turned into the devil dog hound from hell yet again. This time I packed up my stuff and dragged a seething Wrigs to the car. I told Tom about it and that I felt like I should have this guy followed because he could be a serial killer or have a trunk full of shrunken heads in his car. I am convinced these animals have another sense that we as humans do not possess.

Chumley's Toes

One of the only things that calms this kitty is having his toe nails clipped. He becomes so docile and just lays there like a loaf of bread watching me snip each razor sharp claw. From what other cat owner's have told me clipping a cat's nails is one of the most difficult things to do. My sister needs to wear pot holders on both hands to hold down her cats while her husband tries to clip their nails. I know of many a cat owner who is left scratched and bloody after a nail trim. I guess we are lucky in that regard. We are just left scratched and bloody if we try to pet, play, look at, or walk by our cat. Wow. We are really blessed. (To be fair, it's not like this all the time. Chum does have some moments of non-demon like behavior. Usually when there are two full moons in one month (a.k.a. a "blue moon" - which happens on average every few years) he's pretty good on the day the moon makes it's second appearance. And, according to my moon calendar there will be 2 full moons in 2018! Something to look forward to because as everyone tells me, this cat is going to outlive us all!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

birthday's bite

Here is some video taken this morning after breakfast. Please disregard my sleeping attire, it's been so cold in the house that I wear my warmest socks, snuggliest of sweats and a scarf to bed. Every night Tom asks if I'm going out to clean houses because I look like a Polish maid.

That last bite really hurt so I shut off the camera and beat him to a pulp and then continued to film...

To end on a positive note, Tom continues to make progress in the bathroom. Here he is painting the ceiling after installing the final light fixture this morning. So we just may have this finished in time for Christmas after all.

Secret Squirrel French Toast

This morning I awoke to the smell of sweet breakfast foods wafting through the house. I was smiling before my eyes even opened. Tom was downstairs making a special birthday breakfast, trying to do so quietly, but I'd hear an occasional clang of a pan or sudden sizzle on the griddle. Once I got myself out of bed I was quickly overcome by another smell. This time, not so pleasant. Chum was sitting, paws tucked in, on the ottoman in the bedroom just staring at me. It's creepy but that's how he starts his morning wake up and if I don't get out of bed fast, then he attacks. As I got closer to Chum, I sniffed him, he smelled the same, not great, but not terribly putrid. I walked to the couch and sniffed and though the smell was stronger nothing was wet. I sniffed around the entire bedroom and the smell seemed to be strongest by the couch but since nothing was wet I headed downstairs.

Tom made a fabulous french toast, which in all our years together, he has never made before. It was sooo good and I asked him what he used to make it and he replied that it's his Grandma's secret recipe and he won't tell me until we've been married for 10 years. To quote he said, "If we make it to the 10 year mark, I'll hand over the recipe, tied up in a bow. Until then...NOTHIN'. Enjoy your breakfast!" So now I know what I'm getting for our anniversary. But I didn't want to wait another day, so I scanned the counter tops and the little sneak had already put away all the ingredients he used to make the toast! I begged him to tell me and I said if I guess the ingredients will you just say yes or no. He thought for a minute then said, "Ahhh, No."

Well when I opened the pantry to get my latte mix I noticed that many of the items that are kept in their proper place had been all shifted around. I noticed a cereal box put back the wrong way, the vanilla extract was not facing outward, the cinnamon bottle was mixed in with my salty herbs and spicy spices (oh the horror!) and to top it all off the cap on the honey jar was...well, ajar! I probably could moonlight as a private investigator after zeroing in on this one. So now I know the secret ingredients but he claims he purposely moved those things around to "throw me off track." I'm not buying it.

As for the animals, we discovered that Wrigley is fascinated by this musical card my mom gave me. As soon as the music starts to play (it's this funny high pitched Chipmunk type song) he s-l-o-w-l-y sits down and just stares at the card. I think it puts him into some sort of a trance so I'm going to take this card with me on our walks when he starts jumping on other dogs. And as for Chum, well he didn't attack me first thing in the morning which was very sweet and surprising. He waited until after breakfast was finished because I didn't leave any bits for him on my plate. So I guess technically, it's sort of my own fault. I have video of the attack, I'll post in a bit, just charging up the camera.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the birthday sky

once there was a girl
with cotton candy hair
her cheeks round and rosy
her freckled skin, fair.

and once a year at birthday time
something special would occur
more than cake and presents,
it was God's gift just for her.

the night before her special day
as her father passed her by
he'd whisper to her softly,
"let's see your birthday sky."

they'd stroll into the cold night air
together hand in hand,
looking at the world above
to see what God had planned.

sometimes there'd be stars
other times a big bright moon
and when there were clouds she'd ask,
"will we have a snowstorm soon?"

"all of this is just for you"
is what he'd always say
"the angels are working hard tonight
so you'll have a special day."

she'd stare up at the sky and smile
even if it rained...
"tomorrow they'll be a rainbow"
she'd hopefully proclaim.

he'd say it's time to make a wish
the angels are now listening
she'd find a star and wish away
her eyes so bright and glistening.

hand in hand they'd walk back home
it's time to get some sleep...
when he asked her what she wished for
she'd just smile and kiss his cheek.

many years have gone and sadly,
her father has now passed,
but every year at birthday time
this memory will last.

she strolls into the cold night air
as a tear drops from her eye,
she knows her father's watching
from the birthday sky.

Finally! A reason to buy flowers...

You get this handy dandy martini shaker as a bonus! (actually in my opinion, the flowers are the bonus) So after the flowers shrivel up in 2 days and leave bits of dead flower remnants all over your dining room table you can look forward to making yourself a jumbo sized Manhattan, toasting the fact that you survived yet another birthday without knowing where the fuck you're headed for the next one. CHEERS!

Why I love YOUTUBE

because of stuff like this...

and then this...

All I have to say is ANIMALS ROCK! CELEBRATE YOUR ANIMALS PEOPLE!! SHARE THEM WITH THE WORLD! A life without an animal is just plain shitty. Actually I take that back, a life with animals gives you way more shit than you need or want but, you know what I mean. Ok back to youtubing...

if your life had a theme song...

this would be mine:

What would yours be? Not your favorite song, but one that captures YOU.
Please share, this could be interesting.

And as for favorites, this song is definitely at the top of my list...

That's a wrap.

Not quite sure what to get that special guy for Christmas??? Well, depending on how "special" he is, he may need this.

For some reason the song, "Wrap it up" by the Fabulous Thunderbirds comes to mind after reading this article. Especially this part of the song..

"You know our love
Will never stop, now baby
Just put your loving
In my box, now baby"

"Wrap, wrap
Wrap, wrap, wrap
Wrap it up, I'll take it
Wrap it up, I'll take it
Wrap it up, I'll take it
Wrap it up, I'll take it........."

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving recap

I'm a bit tired so I'll only post a few photos from our Thanksgiving feast (plus Oprah's favorite things is re-running right now so I've got to watch that before I go to bed!)

We ate like the Pilgrims did back in the day, complete with hats and mustaches...

We played "Pin the Gizzard on the Turkey"...

And if we missed the neck we had to do something ridiculous like sing to Chloe the dog, or jump up and down while screaming BOING BOING BOING BOING 11 times.

We took pictures of our uvulas...

Of course there was dancing...

But the best part of it all was that we had so much fun with good friends and family and for that...we are thankful!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Not to Jinx anything...

But it's been all too quiet on the earthquake front for the entire state of California this week. Makes me nervous. And now with the fires starting up again? It just creeps me out. Ok I'm going to stop thinking about uncontrollable natural disasters and get ready to listen to Car Talk. Click and Clack will surely calm my nerves.

Another fire...

  • Malibu on Fire

  • Please pray for these families who are affected by this tragedy, yet again. This time last month most of S. Cal was burning. And now, here we go again.

    Friday, November 23, 2007

    way too easily distracted today...

    My last post about the old time radio programs made me think of my mom and how at times she can be a bit technologically challenged. And for some reason, this popped into my head, so I had to doodle it...

    Christmas Classics

    One internet radio station that I particularly enjoy this time of year is the Old Time Radio Christmas Channel which is based out of Rochester, MN and plays programs from the Golden Age of Radio, featuring Jack Benny, Bob and Bing, Lucille Ball and a slew of others. And it's free! They also play old time radio commercials and I'm fascinated by them, especially when they mention prices for their products. When was the last time you spent $2 for a full head perm!?! And sometimes they will replay Presidential addresses, yesterday I listened to FDR's Christmas broadcast from 1941. (I also found some transcripts online of other speeches in case anyone's interested: 1939 and 1943t.) In yesterdays radio replay, FDR was asking the nation to join together and support the troops who were fighting to protect our country's freedom. So much of what he said resonated with the present day but what I found so incomprehensible was that back in those days the public's only access to what was going on in the world was through these radio announcements and newspapers. Families would gather together around the radio box and anxiously await the "Breaking News." I can't imagine what that would be like today. We can't go 20 minutes without some sort of news alert coming at us through TV, e-mail or text message. We have everything at our fingertips and voice commands yet technology still manages make advancements in the field. What more could we possibly want? A micro-chip installed in our brain that gives us the news when we THINK about it? It's boggles the mind to know that there will always be something else on the horizon ready to put our present day high-tech living to shame. Sometimes I just want to go back to simpler times.

    Ok, so not the point of this post! I just wanted to pass along a great radio station that is fun for the whole family, especially during the holidays, and will take you back to a much simpler way of life. All you need is a 10gig processor, high speed internet access and blue tooth in order to download the channel.

    Just kidding!

    It's snowing!!

    well sort of...the Santa Anas have really started to pick up this afternoon and leaves are blowing all over the place and it reminds me of snow! For once it's actually colder outside than it is in our house and with the winds blowing it's about 62 degrees right now. And tonight it's supposed to drop down to 41! That's crazy cold! We just may have to turn on the heat before we go to bed. So I'm sitting here at my desk (procrastinating yet again) as I'm watching the leaves blow around pretending it's snow. I really miss the first snow of the season. Especially once it starts to cover the ground and the sky turns a colorless gray as the flakes double, then triple in size and number and you can't see anything but a steady downpour of glistening white.

    Oh well. For now, I guess these falling leaflets will have to do...

    The camera wasn't really able to capture it as well as I could see it in person so if you can't see anything I'm sorry. I decided to step outside to the front porch and of course once I started filming the wind died down. But I'll post it on here anyway because I already uploaded it to youtube...

    (update: I just watched both of these videos again and aside from the kid screaming in the second one, these have got to be the 2 most boring videos ever uploaded in the history of youtube. I really should remove this entire post but I won't because it's just too boring not to share. Does that make sense? I don't think so. I'm a little out of it today.)

    Why I get NOTHING done at home...

    Because I'm too busy taking pictures or video of my silly animals!

    Here's Wrigley, showcasing his brand new Jingle Bell Collar...

    And here's some video of both boys sportin' their festive holiday gear...

    The day after...

    Not sure what to do with all that left over turkey? I found a recipe for Turkey Devonshire Sandwiches that sounds delicious. I've not made this particular one, but just reading the ingredients makes my mouth water. And why am I already obsessing about food when it's not even 9:00am the day after Thanksgiving? No idea. All I know is that I overindulged in a bit too much food last night and was so completely stuffed that even my fingers swelled up like sausages that I couldn't take off my fancy costume jeweled ring! I had to sleep with it on and for the last hour and a half I've been trying various methods to remove it and nothing works. I've tried ice-cold water with soap, smearing Pond's cold cream on my finger (cuz it's slippery), and Trader Joe's cleaning spray and it's only making my knuckle more swollen and sore. So just a few moments ago I did a google search on how to get a stuck ring off your finger and found this. Who knew so many others are suffering and searching for the same thing!? Most of these people say to use Windex but we don't ever buy Windex due to it's high levels of toxicity so not sure what to do. My finger is now turning purple at the knuckle and throbbing and I'm about ready to break out Tom's dremel tool.

    Ok back to the original reason for this post. The recipe. Enjoy!

    Source: Post-Gazette

    Cream Sauce:
    3/4 stick butter, melted
    1 cup flour
    1/4 pound Cheddar cheese, grated
    1 pint chicken broth
    1 pint hot milk
    1 teaspoon salt

    Melt butter in deep pan and add flour, stirring constantly. Add chicken broth and then hot milk, stirring all the while. Add cheese and salt. Bring to boil, then cook slowly for 20 minutes, still stirring. Cool to lukewarm. Beat with wire whip until smooth before using. This makes enough sauce for 6 Devonshire sandwiches.

    For each sandwich:
    1 slice toast, crusts trimmed off
    3 slices crisp bacon
    5 thin slices cooked turkey breast
    Cream Sauce, recipe above
    Melted butter
    Parmesan cheese and paprika

    Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

    In each flat, individual oven-proof casserole dish, place 1 slice of toast and top with 3 slices bacon. Add 5 thin slices of cooked turkey breast. Cover completely with cream sauce. Sprinkle with a little melted butter, then with the combined Parmesan cheese and paprika. Bake 10 to 15 minutes or until golden brown.

    Thursday, November 22, 2007

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Enjoy your day with family, friends, or if you happen to be alone, know that someone's thinking of you and sending loving thoughts your way.

    And if you're looking to watch a fun Thanksgiving movie that will keep you laughing along the way, then run out and rent Home for the Holidays. At the very least it'll make you realize you're not alone when it comes to kooky family get togethers.

    "Gobble, gobble, wibble, wobble, do a noodle dance!"

    (quote and book reference taken from ChiTown girl's blog yet again! Thanks my dear!)

    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    day ??? of bathroom remodel

    Still plugging along with the guest bath. The pipes are connected, and the vanity is in place. We still need to put up one more light fixture, then spackle and paint. And again, when I saw "we" I mean Tom. He had to do some final checking and tightening under the sink to ensure no leakage. Of course both animals had to be right there and see what all the fuss was about.

    Chumley says to Wrigley, "Beat it kid. There's no reason for you to be here."

    Tom says, "Come on Chum, he's ok. He just wants to see what's going on." Chum replies, "What about me? Pet me! Pet me! Hey, no fair! Pet me!"

    Tom says, "Isn't this nice guys? Can't we all just get along?"

    we need help

    Wrigley HATES going outside. I mean he absolutely DESPISES being outside for more than 2 seconds. Not to be gross but poo has to be hanging from his rear before he decides to venture outside and snap it off in the yard. So Tom and I have to get creative in an effort to coax him outside to do his business. Tom usually stands by the door and shouts in a militant tone, "DO A POO!" My method is to go outside, stand on the patio and hop around alternating my feet in the air while flailing my arms wildly about my head making this crazy alien sounding "bhWhoop bhWhoop bhWhoop bhWhoop bhWhoop bhWhoop" noise. That usually gets Wrigley all excited so he comes running outside to hump me, then I ward him off and tell him to poo. Although it didn't work tonight, Wrigley wouldn't budge. But I'm certain my neighbors watching from their bedroom now have 100% confirmation that we are completely off our rockers.


    I know the other day (yesterday? can't remember) I said I'd post this fantastic stuffing recipe but seeing it's almost 2pm on the west coast the day before Thanksgiving, I said stuff it, and figured all of you would already have your ingredients for your stuffing bought and ready to go. So I'll save this for Christmas. As a side note, can I just say I love the word Stuffing? Does anyone else love this word? I think it's one of my top 10 favorite words. It's right up there with the word Paw. I just LOVE that word. Ok I need to get something to eat, this is what happens when I don't eat lunch, I start to see spots (I am right now) and then share my inner most thoughts on my favorite words.

    Feelin' the love...

    What is it about the holidays that brings out the best and the worst in people? I just got back from the grocery store and don't have much time to blog but I had to share this story on here. And someone will probably comment on here and say, "Oh but you say you're a happy person, why do you always get so pissed off??" but I don't care. People manage to piss me off everyday, but I can still laugh about it.


    I had just got my car back from the shop and drove straight to the grocery store to make up for yesterday's lost time. That was mistake number one seeing it is the day before Thanksgiving and to quote from my dear friend ChiTown girl the parking lot at the store could only be summed up in 2 words...CLUSTER F*CK. The place was an absolute zoo, cars were double parked waiting for people to back out each one fighting for the next spot to open. I said, screw this and tried to make my way to the other end of the parking lot to search for an open spot. I was stuck in a jam between cars that weren't moving as well as a woman on her motorized scooter literally in between 2 cars who would not budge so I decided to bypass this lane and turn down another one even though it was one way, and I was going the wrong way. I found an open spot and my car has a pretty good turning radius so I thought I'd just sort of half u-turn my way in (I've done this a bunch of times just not on the busiest food shopping day of the year where there are a zillion other people around watching).

    So I turn and the lady that would be parked to my right (after I maneuver my car into the spot) comes out of her Jeep and stands at the end of the spot I'm trying to turn into. I politely wave her on to go ahead and she stands there, GLARING at me and shouts, "You're going the wrong way!" I roll down my window and say, "I know but this parking lot is crazy!" I was still somewhat nice and was just trying to get this lady out of my way. She then says, "I don't want you to hit my car!" Now I'm like WHAT THE HELL?? I told her kinda half joking still, "I don't want to hit your car either but I might hit you if you don't get out of the way!" Well that pissed her off. She started ranting and raving saying that I was going the wrong way and if I try to make this turn I will hit her car. I said that hitting her car would also inflict damage to mine and I am not going to do that, especially since I've only had it less than 5 minutes! I mean come on! I just spent over $2000 on my car do you really think I'm not going to try and avoid hitting another car!?! But what makes this situation completely laughable is the fact that this woman looked like a sweet little librarian or even an ex-nun. She had on a white turtleneck with pumpkin patches sewn on the neck and navy colored docker type pants with pleats. And she drove a Green Jeep. It just didn't add up.

    I asked her politely to please move out of the way because now there were a bunch of other cars (actually going the right way) that we were holding up. She huffed and puffed and finally moved away from my open spot but stood back watching as I carefully pulled into the spot and took my time making sure I wasn't parked all cock-eyed. Finally she turned around and stormed into the store and I seriously had visions of her and I on an episode of The People's Court, her screaming at me all red in the face wearing that pumpkin turtleneck. I always try to give people like this the benefit of the doubt, maybe she just lost someone she loved or she herself is seriously ill and just got back from a chemo appointment. Regardless I never want to retalitate with anger and have the situation escalate. We all know what can happen nowadays with parking lot road rage. So that being said, I hope this lady is surrounded by family and friends who can tolerate her psychotic behavior this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving pumpkin necked lady.

    still watching

    Tom's still watching The Price is Right and the Yodeller Guy Game was just on and I yelled to him that I LOVE that game and he yelled back that it's one of his favorites too and then we both yodelled along with the guy. See? You can still learn something new about your spouse after 10 years of marriage.

    Many of you know about Tom's appearance on the Price is Right a few years ago. OH GOOD LORD was that an experience. I must blog about that at some point.

    he makes me laugh

    Tom's waiting to take me to pick up my car so he's home for the morning and is sitting in the family room watching TV. I'm in the study but I can hear the TV and he changes the channel to The View. It's on for a few minutes and I'm laughing to myself because I find it funny that he would actually watch this and not flip to another channel right away. Then, he yells from the family room, "When did Star get back on The View?" I know he knows who Whoopi Goldberg is, so he's obviously referring to Sherri Shepherd. I say, "That's not Star." He says, "Are you sure?" I'm laughing again. He sits there and watches for a while longer and can hear me laughing. Then he changes the channel to the Price is Right.

    In Tom's defense I don't think he's ever watched an episode of The View before so he really didn't get a good look at any of the co-hosts. And I can kind of see a resemblance between Sherri and Star (pre stomach stapling of course).

    Chum & Wrigs

    worse than my grasshopper

    Ok I am done complaining about monster sized bugs in this house (or this era for that matter). If we roamed the earth a mere 400 million years ago we would have to contend with these guys. I'd like to know, what the hell would one do if they saw this thing crawling along their bedroom wall? Don't think a can of raid and a man's shoe would do you much good. And the article mentioned that these 8 foot scorpions were cannibals and would fight each other. Can you just stop for a second and visualize what that would be like?!? My mind can't quite get a grasp on this. Better than any Jurassic Park-like special effects Speilberg and his team could create.

    And thank you Rebecca, for always brightening my morning with disgusting bug related e-mails. We have this thing about bugs and we always try to "out gross" one another. She stopped opening my emails for a while because I was on this disgusting cockroach, scorpion kick so I had to get creative and put "Cute Shoes" in the subject line and she'd open it up only to find a jumbo sized picture of this. And one time after visiting us she hid a fake cockroach in my coffee can and when I went to scoop out the coffee I swear to God, my heart stopped. I felt my body go numb and the blood surge that rushed to my head made me woozy so I sat right down on the kitchen floor to gather myself. But it's ok because shortly after that I hung fishing wire on the inside of her microwave and attached a giant hairy black nubbly spider which almost left her for dead. Oh and then there was a time she hid a cockroach in between sheets in my linen closet that I didn't find for months! I was making up the guest bed for out of town visitors and grabbed those sheets and when I flung them out to open out popped the shiny brown cockroach right onto the bed! I left the room screaming and in tears. I'm starting to feel all itchy now so I'm done posting about bugs for today.

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    getting into the spirit

    Just returned from the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert and while they do put on a great show, there is no reason why any concert should last longer than 2.5 hours. Unless of course it's Enrique.

    Good Night!

    I survived the power outage of 11-20-07

    Snap Doodle! The power's back on!!

    The electricity went out at exactly 9:03am. I know that because I was looking right at the clock on the cable box and thought, "phew, it's after 9:00, maybe it won't go out this early after all." and then bam the numbers disappeared. Luckily I had just finished blow drying my hair otherwise I would have been freezing for the rest of the day. No power = no heat. And even though the forecast called for high 60's- low 70's that does not mean it stays warm in this house. Our bathroom temperature this morning was 58 degrees. Our house is ridiculously cold and stays this way as soon as the temp drops below 60. Those of you may recall from last year, that I usually wear a knit cap, scarf and gloves for the majority of the winter while inside the house. It's actually much warmer outside than it ever is in our house. I even knitted myself a nose cozy because my nose is always red and feels like an ice cube. I haven't busted it out yet this year, but it's only a matter of time. So today was pretty productive despite the lack of power (and transportation). I headed downstairs at 9:04 and figured I'd boil some water for coffee. I have instant so all I needed was hot water. Well I didn't realize our gas stove was affected by the power outage so no coffee for me (though Tom told me I could light a match under the stove which would ignite the flame but NO thanks.) Instead I did it like they do in The Waltons and walked up to the bagel shop and ordered a non-fat decaf latte and a bagel for breakfast. Then I came home and put on a fire because the house was freezing and I lit all sorts of pumpkin, cider and gingerbread candles and started wrapping and bow tying. I also had my trusty 1982 battery operated radio set to the Christmas station. Both animals were within striking distance, Chum on the kitchen table, attacking the bows and shiny ribbon and Wrigley laying under my feet occasionally popping up for a few swipes of Chumley's paw.

    About two hours into wrapping I had to take a break because after hunching over for that long, I had a hard time straightening up. I stretched and twisted myself into a pretzel and felt much better. Listening to the Christmas station today inspired me, so I sat at the piano for a while and started to compose. My beast of a piano definitely needs a tune up and odds are it will take a few visits from the Piano Man before it's tuned in key, but until then it still manages to provide some moments of reflection and relaxation. And Chumley and Wrigley could not have been a better audience. Wrigs fell asleep on the couch while I played and Chum started to close his eyes on the staircase. What's that saying? Music tames the savage beast? Well it definitely holds true in this house. In fact, my playing often puts Tom to sleep too.

    Living like the Waltons

    In less than an hour I'll have no power for the day. The city is doing some work on our power grid so we will be without power from 9am to 4pm. Also, I have no car so I can't leave the house. My brakes went out on my car this weekend and it's in the shop with a $2100 estimate in repairs thus far. And just last month I had my car in the shop twice, totally $1000. I really love these unexpected financial surprises right before the holiday season.It's like an early Christmas present to me in a way. We about finished all our Christmas shopping so I had planned on taking the day to lug out the holiday gift wrap and bows and wrap and pack til my hands fall off. I also thought I could start addressing Christmas cards but that would entail me physically having the cards here to address, which I do not. Although there is a Hallmark in walking distance so I could venture out and see what they have. And I need to start making the Thanksgiving stuffing so I could also walk to the grocery store and get the fixin's for that. I have a fantastic stuffing recipe that I'll post on here later when I find it. Either way I'm sure I'll keep busy doing something that doesn't require the use of electricity.

    Monday, November 19, 2007

    What I'm playing (or attempting to play)

    I love this song, it's the theme song from the movie "The Piano". I've mastered the song up until 1:04 then that's where it starts to sound like a rhesus monkey banging on the keys. But I am determined to finish this song at least before I die. So it's somewhat of a long term goal (I hope).

    Why I can't watch Dancing with the Stars...

    Because when the voice over guy says, "Will the judges please reveal their scores" and then shouts out..."CARRIE ANN INAHHBAHH" I seriously have an uncontrollable urge to rip his face off (even though I can't see it.) Who is this guy and why does he have to say her name like that?!?! Seriously, no joke - it makes me crazy.

    Though I have to say that Helio Castroneves is fun to watch and if I had to guess I'd say he's going to Lambada his way into the winner's circle. I hope he wins, he's got cute dimples.

    if animals blogged...

    click on the pic to enlarge and read. Actually, a few of you may know this and may have already seen this, but Chumley's got a blog going. It's for kids so I'm not posting the link publicly but those of you who know my email address and want to see it, send me an e-mail and I'll add you to the list.

    Beauty Bargain Buys of the week

    The extreme dryness in the air has wreaked havoc on my hair the last few weeks so I've found some products that add softness and shine and are worth sharing on here. The first is John Frieda's Color Glaze. You use this in the shower as part of your daily (or bi-weekly) hair cleansing regimen. You can also apply this to dry hair once a week for an intense shine boost. I've used it a few times in the shower and I definitely notice more sheen on the surface of my hair. After my hair is dried and styled I then use Frederic Fekkai's Glossing Cream with Pure Olive Oil as a finishing touch. This is one product I cannot live without. It also smells great and leaves a silky smooth texture on your hands that keep them soft as well!