Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I can hear again!

Praise Jesus my ear has popped! It happened this morning while I was in the shower blowing my nose (we all do it). I let the hot water beat down on the back of my head and then I plugged my left nostril and blew like an elephant out of my right one and it felt like a lid had opened inside my head. I've never been so happy to feel liquid matter pour out of my nose! I can yawn and open my mouth wide again without sharp shooting pains. Thanks to everyone who offered their concern and suggestions. I ended up doing the hot wash cloth trick again last night for over an hour. And I've been taking Sudafed so I think those two combined did the trick. My sinuses feel a little stuffed but I think that's because the fluid is still making its way down the passages. I'll continue to take the Sudafed until I'm all dried up.

I feel like my ear is super sensitive though, like I'll hear dog whistles and sh*t. Maybe I'll be able to hear the birds flapping before they hit the window.


ChiTown Girl said...

Yay! I hope you're feeling 100% soon. I was woken up in the middle of the night by my darling son's phone (!) and immediately couldn't breathe. I HATE that! My nose keeps alternating now between being stuffed and running non-stop! Ugh!

karengberger said...

Hooray! I'm thanking God that you've got relief. With the sun shining now, maybe the ice will melt & you can go out & enjoy it. God bless you.

Smileygirl said...

The sun hasn't made its way over here yet! But the minute it does, out we go!!! I swear it's like we live in 2 different states. We really are dark in this nook of the city.

lizziebelle said...

like i hear dog whistles and sh!t.

that is too funny. so glad your ear popped. it is the WORST feeling to be stuffed

i was going to suggest a hot shower as well but i know how it is when its too cold to take your clothes off and get in the shower.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Nothing like blowing snot out like an elephant and feeling your ear pop! :)

Seriously, glad you're feeling better!

We're having a string of Gray Days here and I am OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi smileygirl - I found your blog through Karen's and sometimes pop by - but felt I really had to comment on your ear situation as I have a persistant problem with this too, esp when I have a cold! I have consulted various doctors over the years and apparently syringing is out of fashion (although I have had it done without any bad results) - reason cited is that it is supposed to make your ear more susceptible to "swimmer's ear" itchiness. My top tip is good old fashioned olive oil. I fill a mini bottle (like a tiny alchohol bottle) for convenience with olive oil - then every time I need to use some in my ear I run it under the warm tap till it is warmed a bit (though not too hot!) - then either get someone to help you pour a little into your ear (a few drops) - or I use a large plastic syringe to drop some into the ear. It feels a bit sloshy but stay on your side for a while till it has time to soften whatever is in your ear. Repeat at night as this is the point that your ear is most likely to warm up (and solves the early morning blockage) - I've found that it takes a bit of time, but it really is better than any other over the counter spray etc. Worth putting a towel over your pillow though in case of any leakage!

Finally - if you want to dodge it entirely - my doctor recommends avoiding getting water in your ears when you shower and suggests the best earplugs are ones that you fashion yourself out of blutack (I hope there is a US equivalent!) - don't stick it in the ear, obviously, but take a large lump and make a seal to keep water out - beauty is that you can just make a new one the next time round. I have to say, though, that I'm a bit too scaredy ever to have tried this... so back to the olive oil for me...

Don't think anyone else mentioned this trick - sorry for being repetitive if so - but definitely tried and tested!

Irene (who likes your blogs - and esp empathises with your pms one...)

Live For Today said...

I haven't LMFAO like that in awhile. "blowing my nose in the shower"...I always forget to do it then. Had a roommate though who would do that.

Smileygirl said...

Irene, thank you for that remedy, I have heard of olive oil for ear issues but I never knew how to do it. It now appears the stuffiness has settled nicely into my sinus cavity so I may just have to sniff some oil!

I am not familiar with blutak but I will google it now because I'm curious.

Thank you!