Sunday, August 31, 2008


I can't stop thinking of those in the path of the hurricane. Praying hard for minimal damage, zero loss of life and accelerated clean up.

Please take a moment to offer your prayers/thoughts

Serum or Semen?

I really like this stuff and I recommend it to anyone looking to brighten/tone your skin. If you can overlook the fact that it feels like a shot of splooge to the face, then run out and get some today!

Come to think of it, I better double check the ingredients...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our day


And so, the day continues...

(video post just for you HWHL!)

Tom, Wrigs and Chum watching the Cubs game on tv:

Wrigs and Chums reaction after I quietly ask "Who's hungry?":

(Chumley performs an exorcist like snap of the neck, blurring his face)

I tell Tom that we really need to start eating up all our perishables. He says Ok. I head straight to the liquor cabinet and pour us both a Malibu Rum and Coke.

Today has been okay.

I try not to drink before noon...

...but today I'm breaking the rules.

It's 11:47am on August 30th and it's ONLY 57 DEGREES in Seattle?!? This is just NOT right.



WHERE....'s my Gin.

-as a side note I'm praying for the people in Cuba and the Southern US as they battle and brace for Hurricane Gustav. Hope this does not lead to another disaster.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Dog Winkerer

Tonight, I taught Wrigley how to wink.

Here he is before he learned this new trick:

And then after:

I'm now working on Chumley but he's got a ways to go.


And after:

Baby steps.

The Snowy Day

This Book was sitting at the check out counter at Borders today. It used to be one of my favorites. There were 2 left at the counter so I picked them both up, one for my sister too. I just love the illustrations and the little red coat the boy is wearing. This book is precious and takes me back to simpler times.

Bend it like Becker

Tom's home and we're enjoying a much needed silly morning together with the animals. He's still in his boxers and does this little shimmy thing and says to me,

"I'm an underwear model, I could compete with Becker."

I say, "I think you mean Beckham."

He stops and shakes his booty some more and then I say,

"No, you're right. It's Becker."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008



You cut me out in little stars
and place me in the sky.
I lose my sense of time.

You know me
How troubled I can be
but through your kaleidoscope
I let go.

Cuz you show me
the world as it could be
through your kaleidoscope
it's beautiful.

A tingle travels up my spine
a cluster of colors and twine
as we melt into wine.

You know me
How troubled I can be
but through your kaleidoscope
I let go.

Cuz you show me
the world as it could be
through your kaleidoscope
it's beautiful.

Nowhere Warm

I go nowhere high
Go nowhere warm
Until I see your smile and feel your calm
And I lick a dime
I crave for you boy
You’re like a parachute descending from the sky.

And I’m sure you’re on your way
Yes I’m sure you’re on the road.

I go nowhere high
Go nowhere warm
Until you’re by my side
Your hand in mine
And I’ve always known
You’re like a feather
You go where wind and fire melt together.

And I’m sure you’re on your way
Yes I’m sure you’re on the road
And I’m sure you’re faster than before
Yes I know you’re somewhere on the road
I reckon there is nothing more to say...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More ecards

This time from Moooog.
These are truly priceless. It warms the cockles of my heart to know there are other sick and twisted individuals like him in this world. We need more Moooogs.

Enjoy the cards!!










Michael Phelps (very young)

There comes a point in your life when you realize...
who matters,
who never did,
who won't anymore...
and who always will.

So, don't worry about people from your past, there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.

(got this quote from a friend today via email and I like it)


Can't sleep. Yet another infomercial calling my name. These towels are really fascinating. Shit. Where's my credit card?

Monday, August 25, 2008

In need of a Mac Genius

Ever since I installed Leopard on my lap top I'm having some memory issues. My outlook program freezes up and sometimes I get a message saying I need to delete duplicate files. Also I get a message saying that my start up disk is almost full and I need to delete files. I tried to delete picture files that were taking up space in outlook but the thing keeps freezing up. And then if I try and drag photos from a folder onto the desktop it tells me I don't have enough memory to do so. So does this seem like something a Mac Genius could fix? Could I just go in there and have them put in new memory for me or are they going to have to keep my computer for days at time?

Anyone have any suggestions!?!?!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


And yet another:

update: just made another one:

Thanks to Mindy I can't stop making these cards.

And Moog, can you take 2 minutes away from your Motivational Poster making bonanza and give these a whirl??? PLEASE!?!?

Laughter is good even if it's based on vile and offensive humor. I needed it. It's getting me through some rough times.

Here are just a few of the cards I made. I can't stop making them.

(I made a few more but I'll post them another time. Again, if you're easily offended, then don't come around here no more.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


"Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets."
-Paul Tournier

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

update on my problem

Thank you for your thoughts and concerns about my well being with this upcoming move. I am really trying to live it one day at a time and that mind set will help, no matter what the situation is.

There have been some other issues that have propped up (totally unrelated to the move) that are causing some internal struggles. I don't share them on here because after all, this blog is about "Living Happy" and that would negate the purpose for the site. So I've decided to take these thoughts, attitudes, outlooks elsewhere and continue to keep this happy and light. This blog is only for happy thoughts. I'll take that Dark Side elsewhere.

And right this very second, I ate a frozen marshmallow and I'm feeling better already. And Wrigley just came up and rested his big lug head on my lap so I'm feeling an abundance of blessings right this very moment. I will savor it while it lasts...


(well, one of my problems) is that I'm vicariously depressed. It's 80 degrees and there's not a cloud in the sky and yet I'm down in the dumper because it's raining some 1200 miles away. I wish I could snap myself out of this funk but this is just the icing on the shit cake of life right now.

Sometimes I feel at war with myself. Two sides going to battle: Good vs. Evil - Reality vs. What's in my Head - Light vs. Dark. Right now, darkness is a long shot. I'm told it's mostly subconscious and out of my control, but that sounds like a cop out. I want to believe I have a choice in the matter. I just seem to keep making the wrong ones. Too often.

losing my grip

Tom just called me from Seattle. He's with our realtor looking at homes. He sounded kind of glum, I asked why, he paused...then said, "It's raining." He was afraid to tell me because he knew I'd be upest which I was and now I'm freaking out and want to hitchhike to Mexico.


Sunday, August 17, 2008


If solid happiness we prize
Within our breast this jewel lies,
And they are fools who roam;
The world hath nothing to bestow. -
From our own selves our joy must flow,
And that dear place,
Our home.

-nathaniel cotton

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Tom tells me tonight that he's going to join a Rugby club when we move to Seattle. I respond with, "Yeah? Well I'm going to join a club too."

He says, "AA doesn't count."

Then 2 seconds later I ask him, "Did you just fart?"

He says, "No. I took off my shoes."

I want to scream.


Chumley spilled Green Tea Latte all over the book I'm reading. I left it out in the sun to air dry but it's still very damp and withered. Tom says that I must throw it out and get a new one because I will get Salmonella. I don't think that's possible. I'll take my chances.

Friday, August 15, 2008


...about this quote from Einstein's Dreams:

"Who would fare better in this world of fitful time? Those who have seen the future and live only one life? Or those who have not seen the future and wait to live life? Or those who deny the future and live two lives?"

Not sure what the answer is just yet. But, I'm thinking about it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I want to love
I want to feel
but for me, feeling,
is not real.

The more I try, the deeper I fall
not in love
but face first into a wall.

I live, I breathe,
so I must have a heart.
if you can find it...'s yours.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I just finished reading I Love You, Ronnie and I am left utterly speechless.

So since I've nothing more to say on this I'll pose a question, asked by one of the most intellectually profound artists of our time...According to Nancy and Ronnie the answer is yes.

I'm in awe of them both.


I finally got a Bluetooth ear piece and I kid you not, this "safe and non-restricting" hands free device is going to be the death of me on the LA freeways...

This is what it's like (at :22 into the clip)

(watch clip here in case screen shot doesn't work)

So do I need to keep my Bluetooth settings "ON" at all times??? Because if I don't it takes SEVERAL menu prompts to turn it on, but, if I leave it on all the time it starts to drain the phone battery!? And I don't like having to wear the ear piece unless I'm talking but I swear I need TWO HANDS to put that damn thing in my ear which is NOT SAFE for the car. I don't think I'm really grasping the essence of this concept just yet. I seriously think if I got pulled over and showed the policeman the steps it takes to use this device he would just let me go on my merry way.

We'll just see what happens...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I like these mini bananas (not sure of their real name):

But I can't help thinking of these guys when I get them:

Btw, did you know there really is such a thing as the Banana Spider? Be careful if you see one lurking in your bananas. They're not friendly fellas.

"These spiders are aggressive and very venomous and not intimidated by size (can attack people when threatened)."

Hmmm. Reminds me of a certain feline I know.


It's early Sunday evening, I'm sitting in my favorite room, with a glass of chilled wine while Tom does the usual Sunday yard work. There's a gentle breeze blowing in from the window and every once in a while I get a whiff of fresh cut grass. Both animals are here with me and occasionally look over at me and then each other before plopping their heads down to rest.

I'm now watching the Honeymooners on our little wireless tv. I LOVE this show. But sometimes it stresses me out to watch it. I can't help but think, "How the hell did they fit everything in that tiny little 2 room apartment!?! And, the only piece of furniture they have is that one small 3 drawer dresser that never seems to be full because they can hide big packages in there for each other. And they have no couch or even comfy chair to sit in. AND NO TV?!?!"

All I can say is that if we had to live like that today, the Honeymoon would most definitely be over.

I do want to learn to live with less though. Especially now that we are going to be downsizing quite a bit for our move to the city. I need to learn to let go of things, thoughts, worries, old habits, anything that will or has been holding me back to living a full life.

Funny how a simple little show from long ago can bring perspective to our crazy world of today.

Blond sisters

Friday night I fell asleep watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics and I missed the US athletes entrance into the stadium. I was soooo bummed.

Yesterday while chatting with my sister about the ceremonies, I told her I fell asleep and asked her about it.

me: Did you see USA walk in?

her: YES!

me: Did they get a good reception from the audience?

her: Yes, they did. It was amazing!

me: I saw a pic of their outfits. They looked really sharp.

her: They were, everyone looked great.

me: So how many athletes were there?

her: I think they said about 11,000.

me: WHAT?!?! NO WAY!!!

her: Yeah there were.

me: 11,000 ATHLETES!?!? THAT'S INSANE!! It must have taken them FOREVER to walk in!!

her: Oh it did. That part lasted hours.

me: Wait a second, it took HOURS for the USA athletes to walk in!?!

(at this point her husband has heard the entire exchange and is shaking his head)

her: OH!!!! You meant JUST the USA athletes??? Ohhhhh. In that case there were about 500 or so.

Finally her husband chimes in:

him: Are you two related????

new revelation

For close to 2 decades I used to think that all of these songs were sung by Elton John:

Beautiful in My Eyes

Picture Postcards from LA


So who is this Joshua Kadison guy and what ever happened to him???

The Ocean

Each new day is like an ocean wave, returning to the shore-

you have no idea what it will bring, just as you have no idea what surprises the surf will lay at your feet.

On calm days. ordinary shells are left at the water's edge, but after stormy weather, all kinds of treasures are churned up from the deep-

rare finds for those with the patience to uncover them.

The phases of life itself are as unpredictable as the moods of the ocean-

sometimes smooth, sometimes turbulent.

But beyond this mystery lies one certainty...

While you can never know what gifts life will bring,

you can trust that every sunrise offers possibilities.

Every day holds beautiful moments and new dreams,

waiting for you to come and find them.

-Renee Duvall

Who Knew?

Q-tips had an expiration date...

Could this explain the phantom bug sensation that has invaded my inner ear?

What could possibly go bad in a Q-tip???

Must search google now.

The K-Styler

I really need to start sleeping more than 2 hours a night. These late night infomercials are getting the better of me.

Last night I ordered the Kiyoseki Styler.

Here's what I got:

Kiyoseki Pro
(INCLUDES: Kiyoseki Styler, Styles of the Stars DVD and Thermal Carry Bag, Krystal Fusion Moisture Therapy & Finishing Mist, 3 Styling Clips, Priority Processing and 60 Day Money Back Guarantee) 1 @ $119.97
Priority Processing 1 @ $0.00

There was no tax and no shipping and handling if I paid in one lump sum. Yes, $120 is a lot for a flat iron but the one I'm using now I've had for close to 5 years and I use it ALL the time and I was tempted to purchase another one that was $200 at Nordstrom (but with my discount it would be around $135, so maybe I should have done that instead?!? who knows.) so in essence I am saving some money. Plus I really liked how you could make springy soft curls with this one as well.

Curls that will probably wilt away in less then 7 seconds in the Seattle rain.

Ok, so maybe this was a waste of money.

DON'T EAT & READ (gross pic in post)

It's bad enough that when we get a call for someone to preview our house we have to run around making sure there is no pee to clean on the 6 shower curtains we have spread over various parts of our furniture. If there is no pee, then we can remove the shower curtains and hide them in drawers and closets and then chase, snag and toss a hissing Chumley into a back bathroom. This takes a lot of time and energy and it's really wearing thin. However, we need to add yet another step in our house prep process and that is to scan each room for surprise poo.

I just found this one today, behind a chair in the study:

Really makes me wonder how many others we may have missed or how many Wrigs has found that we never knew about. Now Tom and I must be extra vigilant in our house cleaning process. The Poo Alert level in this house has been raised to HIGH.

Speaking of the shitter, Chumley is doing much better. He isn't thrilled about all his medicine and vitamins (some days I think I'm going to lose a finger and an eye and others it's not nearly as bad) but he does seem to be improving every day so it's worth the risk. He's got more energy and his coat is getting shiny again and it seems like he's gaining a little more weight.

He's finished with his first bottle of antibiotics which were supposed to last 10 days but they only lasted 5. He's supposed to be on these for 3 weeks total so instead of getting 2 bottles at $27 a pop, we may have to get 4! I need to call the vet first thing on Monday because I'm starting to think the dosage may have been mixed up. He's also on his multi-vitamin every morning for the rest of his life and this stuff tastes like sludge. This is what really pisses him off. And the price for this little gem is $18.50 for 1 OUNCE so I'm going to start looking online at PetMeds or Costco or something because this is going to add up pretty darn fast. I won't even get into the price of his prescription food. Anyone who's had to put their pet on VET PRESCRIBED FOOD will know what I mean. But both Tom and I agree (thank GOD!) that we will do whatever it takes to make this little demented monster of ours happy and healthy. Even though he wants to rip our faces off, we still love him. A lot.

Drink much?

I'm cleaning out my purses in my closet and found a mini bottle of Kettle One in one of the built in cell phone pockets of a hand bag. Sadly, it was empty. Otherwise, it would have been a party. The day is young and I've got lots more bags to go through. Sometimes moving can be fun.

Me and My Technicolor Dream Coat

I'm just now remembering my dream from last night and I want to document one part of it while it's fresh in my head. I was shopping somewhere VERY COLD for a winter jacket. I think it was inside Nordstrom just because of how it was decorated but I'm not sure. All of the coats were Columbia and North Face styles and I was getting frustrated. Then in the distance I spotted a rack of these GORGEOUS plum/wine colored winter coats. Ok I have to try and describe this coat.

It was sort of a shiny material all around but not satiny it was more like a soft sheen. It had a little bit of bulk to it for warmth but not a lot where you become lost in the puffiness of it. It went down past my butt just a little and sort of flared out a little at the hips. I guess that would make it an A-line? It had a double breasted front with 3 big giant shiny plum buttons on either side.

I've been searching through coat pictures on Nordstom's website and have found a bunch that are similar to this dream coat. I'm posting pics (sorry if this is boring you all but I want to document this coat because I LOVE IT!!) And I think I need to stop watching Project Runway.

Here is my DREAM COAT, in bits and pieces:

First I'll start with the color. It was this plumy color:

But in this type of material:

And the style was very similar to this, but with a little more bulk:

And it had a criss-cross type collar that had an attached hood but it didn't look frumpy, it actually dressed it up:

Remember Fashion Plates as a kid? I used to LOVE that! I'm sure nowadays they have something super hi-tech that can be done on the computer. I should look into that and see if I can make my coat.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Sugar Intervention

I think we need to re-evaluate our food purchases...

This was on the back of our cereal box:

If you can't see it, it says, "18 Things You Need To Do Before You're 18".

Btw, I bought these cookies yesterday EVENING and this is how many are left right now:

We have problems.

The Fruits (and veggies) of Summer

courtesy of our backyard...

Our 10 foot tall Sunflowers, greeting the morning sun:

Tom planted corn this past Spring. We are the only house in S. Cal with a corn field in the backyard:

And we have carrots too:

And a wall of new grape leaves:

And some ripe grapes:

And figs:

Our orange tree:

Tonight we decided to pluck a giant sunflower and make some home made sunflower seeds: (fyi, that's Tom plucking out the seeds, I don't have man hands!)

They are now soaking in a salt bath overnight so tomorrow morning I'll bake them and we'll have a fresh batch of seeds to enjoy!

I hope we can grow Sunflowers in Seattle but for some reason I'm thinking that may not happen.

I'm getting sad again...