Thursday, January 22, 2009

Warning: Extremely disgusting picture, do NOT eat while looking at this

I've mentioned how Chumley's been rather aggressive around his food. When I feed him his canned food, he goes crazy: puffs out his cheeks while I'm getting it ready and makes this blowfish type of noise and then dives in face first. I tell him to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n because I'm afraid he's going to choke...or spit up...or ????


After I fed Chum I left the kitchen for just a couple minutes and came back to this sight though I couldn't figure out what it is. Throw up or bottom's up?!? Either way, he did whatever he did out of whichever end he did it out of and went right on back to eating.

Ahhhhhh. The joy of living with animals.


Clippy Mat said...

well i wasn't eating but i couldn't resist the temptation of clicking on that pic. for further evidence.
i'm not sure why your warning wasn't enough for me.
how could you?
visual. image. stuck. in. my. brain.

Kate said... cats are the same way with wet food. We only feed it to them once a day and if I'm lazy, I don't feed them until nighttime. They seem to think that means they get it whenever we come home, so one cat will follow us around for about 30 mins when we get home (from going ANYWHERE even out to get the mail) and meow and try and suck up to us. She gives up after awhile, but it's so obnoxious. In the morning before we feed them, she'll come in and walk all over us until we get up. If it's a weekend, she'll do that, we won't get up and she'll send in the big guns - the younger cat who has a set of cute eyes (aka Puss In Boots from Shrek eyes) that'll knock your head off. We have to look away, otherwise we have to get up and feed them. :) And then eat it so fast and excitedly I think one of these days they'll lick through their bowls! I have to keep them from eating so fast or worse, from one finishing theirs and then assuming they can eat the other cats food so they don't get sick which is known to happen.

The Engine of the Family said...

I was eating my lunch at work...darn it! How did Chum like his catnip?

Michelle said...

Tyson, my cat, does the same thing. Wolfs his food down like he is starving and then makes that disgusting hairball gagging noise that only cat owners can truly imagine. And there is a nasty little trail like that one left behind.

(And Tyson normally goes back to eating afterwards. Gross!)

Anonymous said...

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