Thursday, January 08, 2009

We're Japanese tonight.

I'm making Japanese Curry for dinner tonight and while making a hot mess out of the kitchen the song Big in Japan comes on Sirius radio. Coincidence? I think not. I think I'm turning Japanese. How awesome were the 80's!?!?

I figured out why the Japanese stay so skinny. It is such a fricking production to cook their food! I am working up a sweat running from stove to sink to counter to triple check directions (instructions?? what do you call cooking steps?) and it's exhausting. I told Tom that if he doesn't ooh and ahh over this blasted meal (that probably won't be ready til 9pm at the rate I'm going) I will sew his lips shut and never feed him again.

After that he started to sing "I like big butts and I don't know why." He made up a few other lyrics that made no sense. Maybe he's trying to tell me something.

OMG the food smells SOOOOOO GOOD!!! Even if it turns out crap ass, scent should count for something, right?

I love this lyric from I'm turning Japanese "I want a doctor to take your picture, so I can look at you from inside as well."

Now I am singing and dancing while cooking and Wrigs is getting worked up. He's turning Japanese too.

Tom keeps calling tonight's meal "Chicken Paprikash." It makes me laugh. Sometimes we're dumb.

Hello Mr. Roboto!

*update: It appears "someone" has been enjoying the Curry. Chumley's little rat face was planted into the saucepan while cooking. How he doesn't singe his whiskers, we'll never know. Sneaky mongrel.


Busy Bee Suz said...

You guys crack me up. I love the song: "I'm turning Japanese" I heard it 2x today...a sign? yes.
I tried a couple of Chinese dishes before and it is HARD ass work. That is the reason they are all small....or that fact that their bodies don't recognize that rice is a major carb.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

You and Tom are hilarious. I think you guys should just set up a camera in the kitchen and let it run... and then post the video - I KNOW it would be entertaining!

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

Is the line "Chicken Paprikash" from Harry Met Sally? I know I have heard it somewhere ... you are brave to embark on Japanese. That's hard work!

lizziebelle said...

the bankerman came home tipsy from happy house on wednesday and trapped with the love-love songs station on xm and ran around naked singing michael bolton and other strange songs. touf sat on the floor doing the pug head tilt and when the bankerman got really into it toufie started running around and barking

it was very entertaining.

ps. you are a ninja chef now.

lizziebelle said...

i meant happy hour not happy house. although it was a happy house with all the dancing singing nudity and red wine.

The Engine of the Family said...

I love that song, reminds me of rollerskating in my friends driveway :) Is that Chums video on the front page of MSN for Videos of the Week? It's says Beware of Stalker Cat...looks just like him!

lizziebelle said...

ok i had never heard this song but the bankerman had on some xm station and it came on and he was singing it and i was like "waaaaaaaaait a second! i think laura likes this song and danced around to it when she was making wontons or something" to which the bankerman said "who is laura" and i say "my BLOGGER FRIEND" and he just cant keep up.