Monday, January 05, 2009

Snoop Kitty Cat

Chum was on a mission to find a cough drop - he's seriously obsessed with mentholyptus:

(excuse the messy counter tops, still cleaning up after xmas)


Anonymous said...

My computer is slower than yours, so Chum's video didn't come up. But I wanted to know if you are feeling better yet?? Have you ever tried Mucinex? I have a friend who thinks it's great.

Hope you are well.

ChiTown Girl said...

I love the sports blaring in the background. I love that Tom!!

I hope you're feeling better. We were hoping you were gonna call us back last week when we called you. :( Sorry we missed you.

Happy New Year!

Smileygirl said...

Chi: I got your message a day (or maybe two days) after you left it. :( I was still sick and groggy so I wouldn't have been much fun to talk to anyway! And it's so funny because I had to watch the Chum video again since I didn't even realize there was sports blaring in the background. It's on pretty much all the time that I've become an expert at tuning it out.

I'm feeling better day by day but still just very tired. Everyone I know who has had this bug says the same thing, it takes 3 weeks or longer til you're back to your old self again. And I've downed so much Mucinex the last few weeks TOFLW1GA7C that I should have bought stock in the company. I think it's slowly helping but this was a tough one all around.

Thanks for your well wishes!

Bon Don said...

What a brat! This was the cutest video :)

My Hubby even watched it a couple of times, just tripping out on how determined he is! LOL

LBluca77 said...

HA. Nosey kitty!