Saturday, January 10, 2009

Marley & Me

So I caved. Tom and I decided to go out for a movie tonight and we ended up seeing Marley & Me. I thought I could be strong and hold it together but after about 40 minutes, the tears started flowing. Big tears. I had to slump down in my seat to hide my ugly scrunched up trying-to-stop the tears face. I looked over at Tom and he wasn't faring much better (though thankfully, he doesn't scrunch up his face when he cries.)

That movie knocked us both on our asses. Especially the ending. Reminded me of saying goodbye to my childhood pet, Taffee - a 17 year old Cock-A-Poo. And then sadder still were the images that flashed through my mind of our sweet heart boy Wrigs in his golden years (hopefully many, many, many years down the line.) That's really when we both lost it. Surprisingly there was only one other couple in the theater sniffling and wiping their eyes. It wasn't a full house but it was weird to see the majority of people sitting there stoned faced, like they were watching a championship chess tournament. I remarked to Tom that maybe these people are already so depressed because of a lack of vitamin D, so a sad dog movie has zero affect on them. We convinced ourselves that maybe the stone faces never loved or owned a dog because we just couldn't imagine any pet owner sitting through this movie without showing some sort of emotion. But then again, we're all different so who knows. But I made a mental note to double up on my D pills, at least until Spring.

We had planned to go out and eat a nice meal in the city after the movie. As we headed down the escalator I asked Tom what he felt like eating for dinner. He said it didn't really matter to him then asked me what I wanted. I told him I wasn't really that hungry. Then he said the magic words, "Do you just want to go home?"


"And hug Wrigs?" he asked.

"Yes." I said, still wiping my eyes. "And Chumley too."

Then he hugged me right there on the escalator and said:

"Let's not get carried away now."

Blessings to you and to all the beautiful beasts in your lives.

Even the "Chumleys."


karengberger said...

I'm such a weenie that, when I hear stories like this, I think it's so sweet & tender-hearted of you...and then I make a mental note to avoid the movie like the plague! I don't like movies that make me cry. DO.NOT. Have never seen Beaches, Saving Private Ryan, Ordinary People, Brian's get my drift. You two are brave people. I hope that going home made you feel much, much better. God bless you and your sweet creatures!

endswith8741 said...

The only pets I've had are parakeets. One of them was very sick, and I remember sleeping with it under our dining table while it was wrapped in a kitchen towel to keep it warm.

I could tell it was in pain and uncomfortable and restless. And then it died.

I hated that feeling -- the grief. So I never had another pet. And even if I weren't scared of dogs, I don't know if I would get one just because of outliving it.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Oh, Laura..... that movie DID ME IN... big HARD tears. I had mascara streams down my cheeks.... I was ccrying so hard I made those racking, sobbing noises that teenage girls make when their boyfriends have dumped them. My nose got all red and stuffy and I had to breathe through my mouth.... It was AWFUL.

Hubster (who doesn't cry) was wiping his eyes again and again.

I really don't know WHO could watch that movie without crying (other than someone who had had a frontal lobotomy).

And yes, as SOON as we got home I hugged both dogs as hard as I could. They looked at me like "Settle down, woman!"

Live For Today said...

My aunt went and saw this Christmas day and felt so guilty after she brought her dog to Christmas dinner. She hated the ending. Old Yeller also traumatized her. I won't go see it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a agreat post. I am NOT going to see the movie. I refuse. I cried through the whole book...big tears, ugly face kind of crying.
I already dread my babies getting old too....and they are still young!!!
Losing a pet is very hard and I am SO empathatic that it hurts to watch other go through it too.....
I need to get out and get some Vitamin D too...looking a bit blah!!!

Clippy Mat said...

i liked the book but i don't think i'll see the movie till it comes out on dvd so that i don't have to cry in public.

LBluca77 said...

I read the book and cried so much there was snot coming out of my nose. I could not even breath. It reminded me so much of my first dog Charlie that we had to put down when I was 13.

I cried in the movie as well, just not as hard since I knew what to expect. But still there was a little bit of snot.

lizziebelle said...

yeah thats why i wouldnt even go if you paid me.

gah i cant even think about it

Kate said...

Saw it on Saturday too...I'd read the book so I was prepared and had told a little to my husband. But I wasn't prepared to look over at the end of the movie and see him crying! :) Not scary, over emotional tears, but just the right amount, know what I mean? And TONS of people were crying in our theater...when it was quiet, all you could hear was sniffing. When the kids and Jennifer Aniston had to say goodbye to him at the house, that's when I completely lost it. I couldn't handle it.

We went straight home and hugged our kitties while reminiscing about our childhood dogs.

Anonymous said...

That movie was heart wrenching!! I cried and cried! We lost our golden lab Annabelle last year to diabetes and she was the spitting image of Marley! I remember nights on the floor with her near the end and it brought back so many memories...

Right after the movie my husband and I drove right over to my Mom's house and hugged all the animals. They looked at me like, "Thanks for the hugs, but what's your problem?!?!"