Thursday, January 22, 2009


(my post from earlier today):

Thanks to Wrigley, who sprawls out in the middle of the sidewalk and refuses to move, I made another new friend. Her name is Chris, she also has a golden retriever named Jasper, and she lives just a few houses away. Interesting thing about her? She was relocated here several years ago from LA! She said that it took her about 3 years to adjust. She didn't like it at all the first year, and then each year it got a little better and now she has the option to move back if she wants, but has decided to continue to stay. It's so nice because she can totally relate to my struggles since she's been there. She no longer has any expectations about the weather. Any day without rain is a good day in her opinion but it took a while to get there. This gives me some hope that maybe I'll be able to make it a couple more years. It's only been 4 months and I'd say so far I'm doing ok.

So the past week we've been taking the dogs for walks, hanging out at each other's houses and yesterday we decided to head downtown for a day at Pike's.

Here are my treasures from the day (minus the wine, Zarafa which is from South Africa, and costs only $3.99 at Trader Joe's. I've seen it for $9 at other stores. It's pretty good with a small plate pairing of spicy meats and tangy cheeses with bread and fruit.)

Anyway onto the goodies!

Got the best tasting proscuito ever and polish mustard at DeLaurenti's.

Watched cheese being made and then bought a carton of cheese curds, aka "squeaky cheese" cuz it squeaks when you chew it, at Beechers.

Had féuilletes and coffee and then bought some apricot jam and french bread to go at Le Panier.

Got some gherkins and sampled a variety of German meats at Bavarian Meats. Ending up taking home a bag of landjagers. Ate some for breakfast this morning. And then Chumley hi-jacked my last bite! Ass! (though this could explain the mysterious looking poo-vomit in previous post)

Stopped at Fran's Chocolates for some delicious smoky sea salt caramels. Took home one or two. Or nine.

Also got some "Oh My God" Grapefruit, (yep, that's the name on the stand) at the fruit/veggie market. There's a really sick and twisted joke to be made regarding the cucumbers across from the grapefruits but I shall refrain. I got some oranges too but not sure what they were called but after eating one today I would think it's "Holy CRAP! These are fantastic!"

We couldn't forget the animals so we headed over to Three Dog Bakery and got Wrigs a drizzle pretzel and Chum some Bonito Flakes. Also got Wrigs a new toy crab which he is OBSESSED with. Will upload some video later.

Since "someone" has a birthday, we stopped in Bell town at Macrina Bakery for a little something sweet. Too bad we bought the one with a big bite missing. Sorry Tom.

After all that we hopped on the freeway and headed north to a store that we both love City People's Garden. This store has EVERYTHING! I got some shabby chic file folders and gloves for over 50% off.

Not a bad day out for a couple of S. Cal transplants.


Gina said...

i've never heard of squeeky cheese before... stinky cheese yes but not squeeky!! :) sounds like a fun day

Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't know about you...but I am flippin' exhausted after all that shopping. Where is the wine at????
Love all your links and your appe. plate looks divine. Did you bit Tom's dessert before he could?? not nice....
so glad you are getting used to your new surroundings..and you made a friend. That is wonderful. Of course, she can't ever be more important than your real know, US. :)
take care,

Busy Bee Suz said...

Not bit. BITE. geeze.

karengberger said...

Sounds like a great day! You took advantage of a lot of fun places/things to do/see. I'm SO glad that Wrigs insisted that you meet her, and that she can understand how you feel in a way that few others could, being used to the good weather, etc. The fact that she now loves it here, enough to stay, in spite of the weather, is hopeful. (I love the "any day without rain is a good day" outlook. She sounds as if she has almost "gone native!")

karengberger said...

To brighten your day: follow this link and look at this dog, and then at his baby pics. He is SO cute!

Anonymous said...

That store looks so fun - I can't think of where it is - We go to Children's a few times a year - is it past or before the turn-up to Children's? It looks like a store I need to check out! I looked at the map, but I am very directionally challenged....

Glad you made such a perfect friend - isn't God faithful?

L in Alaska

Smileygirl said...

L in Alaska: The store is past Children's maybe a half mile or so? I am direction and distance challenged as well so it could even be a bit further, but definitely worth a stop next time you are here. It's much much more than a Garden store. Stay warm!!!

The Engine of the Family said...

Wrigs is such a good guy, isn't he?He can pick such good friends :)

Jules said...

Thats great you made a golden retriever friend!