Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wrigley for Sale

(pic taken from the garage sale last weekend)

I'm too tired to think, type, inhale/exahale so I thought I'd just post a pic of Wrigs from our garage sale. He wasn't amused. I put stickers on all of us, I was $14.00, my next door neighbors, aged 10 and 7 were $14,000 and Free. I forgot I had my $14.00 price tag on my shirt later in the day when I walked Wrigs around the neighborhood. Got a few offers but no takers.

My brain and body have officially shut down...

today's update

*update* Chumley just shit and threw up all over the bathroom floor, next to his litter box. My heart breaks for him because I know EXACTLY how he feels. I wish I could explain to him that he won't be left behind. Poor little stressed out monster. I'm going to cuddle him a while.

Well at least last night I got 2 hours of sleep.

I am still a wreck. Can't stop crying. My sister is on her way over in a bit. Her husband is home from the hospital, will be ok, just taking it easy. Thank you for your prayers. She's bringing me some Xanax. I need it because I got so mad today (at something unrelated to move stress) and I punched the bathroom counter top and I cracked something in my hand. This is the same hand I used to beat the shit out of my computer a few weeks ago and its never been the same since.

Movers are here again today and tomorrow. That translates to, we have too much shit. I'm overwhelmed. And to think we will be doing this same thing again in 6 months makes me want to set everything on fire.

Tom comes home tonight and I really wish he would have been here the last 2 nights. Would have nice to be together during this time and have him here to pick me up when I fall. (I mean this literally as well, I tripped and fell over packing materials and had a melt down.) I'm really a mess right now.

Today the movers told me they couldn't take our plants on the truck and I broke down again. 2 of the plants have VERY sentimental value to me, one was a gift from my mother in law after my Dad died and this plant has been growing non stop and I feel my Dad's spirit whenever I look at it. I will end up carrying this on my lap in the mini van. I can't part with it.

The animals have been scared/worried. They don't understand. Chum's infection is back so we're starting him on meds today and will continue with them for 10 days. What fun that will be to give a screaming, hissing, biting cat oral syringe meds on the freeway in a moving mini van.

There is sooooooo much more I want to say just to clear my fuzzy head but I can't because my mind is mush. Oh I will say that this morning I had a McDonald's iced coffee. And guess where I am right now??? Hence the time I have to blog. What really sucks is that there are 4 men in my house right now, each one in close proximity to the bathroom so they all know what's going on. This is my 3rd trip to the "office".

Someone wake me when this is over.

Monday, September 29, 2008

time out

Movers are here today. I needed 5 minutes to sit and gather my strength.

Got one hour of sleep last night.

Intense thunder and lightning storms late last night and early this morning.

I am starting to feel sick and my energy levels are zapped. In addition to the stress of the move we've had some family crisis's arise in the last week.

Tom's Dad is in the hospital for a recurring illness. Please keep him in your prayers.

My aunt (my mom's sister) fell and broke her hip and now has pneumonia. It doesn't look very good. My mom is flying down to see her tomorrow and if there was any possibility I could go I would be there. My heart breaks for her and my mom right now. I feel helpless.

Tom's aunt (his mom's sister) was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung and brain cancer. She is being treated for this now and we are hoping and praying. Just struggling with quite a bit of sadness yet there's nothing we can physically do.

My sister was on her way to come help today but her husband is not feeling very well so she may be taking him to the ER. Symptoms sound like they could be heart related and they don't want to chance it.

Puts things in perspective.

Ok back to packing up...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

medicine/liquor cabinet

While packing up the medicine cabinet I come across a bottle of Nightime Theraflu couch medicine. Not much left, so not worth lugging to Seattle.

Logical thing to do?

Swig it.

I'm certain it was more than 2 servings worth.

Feeling gooooooooooooood right...about...NOW.

HA! I just realized I said "couch" medicine in that first sentence and not "cough". I'm leaving it that way because I like it.

My eyes are feeling wiggly.

Who knew moving was so much fun?

I think I'm done packing for tonight. My face feels like jello.

How to tell it's time for marriage therapy...

After your husband has a violent sneeze fit instead of calmly saying, "God Bless You" you slam your hands on the counter and SHOUT through clenched teeth, "WHYYYYYYY MUST YOU DO THAT!?!"

I have been SUCH a snappy crab ass to him today and I don't mean to be. I know I'm taking out my frustration about the stress of the move on him. And the fact that he won't be here for the next 3 days is adding to that stress.

Ok back to work. Just had to take a quick break to clear the head.

I should be more upset that...

-We will miss the cut off to register to vote in the state of Washington by ONE DAY. So now I am doing a vote by mail ballot (previously known as absentee ballot) for the state of California. Thing is, I can't let the state know that we're moving out of state. I need the ballot sent to our new home in Seattle but obviously that will raise red flags. This is tricky and this is what I'm trying to figure out right now in the midst of packing/cleaning. And OF COURSE, my printer doesn't want to cooperate so I can't print out the applications!

-Tom will be on a golf trip Monday and Tuesday, the days the movers will be here to pack up our house. Yes, the timing of this sucks (it's a trip he had planned months ago) but I've done this before without him here so I'll just f*cking do it again.

-We have been waiting for a refund check from Audi for over a month now and still nothing. It's over $4000 and believe me, we could use this money! Last year Tom's timing belt blew (on the freeway) and it was right after his car was serviced by Audi. Then a few months ago we get a letter in the mail saying that we will be refunded the money. Why do I think it will show up the day we move? I'm going to see if our neighbors will take in whatever mail doesn't get forwarded on. In fact, I should make a set of labels and have forwarding envelopes ready. I'll do that now. Oh F*CK the printer!!!

-About a week ago we ordered the Peticure online (thanks to another late night informercial) and after the fact, realized we should have had this sent to our new address. I'm sure this will show up the same day as the refund check.

I hope eventually my head pops out of my ass.

Until then, I'm going to enjoy my Saturday morning ritual of listening to Car Talk while sipping my last Green Tea Latte. I'm officially out of the mix.

Holy Crap I just heard Paul Newman died. Wow, this is so sad.

Friday, September 26, 2008

And now...

We have ants.

(inside the house, covering our kitchen counters)

Can't understand why the offers aren't rolling in?!? I thought for sure we'd be in the midst of a bidding war by now.

Maybe I should dust.

I feel like I'm living in a dream sequence. Can't really explain it. Been feeling this way for the last couple weeks. It's so surreal, everything I do, even walking to the mailbox. I'm definitely not present and I should be.

I need to find a way to wake up.

My family and I are heading out tonight to our favorite Indian restaurant for the last time. I'm looking forward to it but am already anticipating the sadness. Can't think about that now otherwise I'm useless for a good while and I am so pressed for time. I don't think we are going to be ready to leave on Wednesday. We need another day.

Just one more day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


like, EXTREMELY. I will be happy when life returns to normal, whatever the f*ck that means. I'm ready for a change because this is not fun anymore.

My bacon

has issues.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Is not something one should be doing 7 days before a major move.

I. need. more. time.

things are looking up...

Best place to have a heart attack: Seattle


Last time I checked it was still September, not JANUARY!! I'm just not ready for this. I have a feeling the next 6 months (or probably longer) are going to be spent indoors, under the covers, nursing a LARGE bottle of whatever booze I can find.

My body is not built for cold weather. I am meant to live here in California!


Friday, September 19, 2008

I love this song!

Every time I hear it I can't help singing and bopping around like a hyper-hormonal teen. Katy's vocals in this particular song remind me of a female Enrique Iglesias with a little bit of Avril's originality and Pink's edge mixed in. I really like it and it puts me in a good mood whenever I listen to it. I have a feeling I'll be playing it A LOT over the next couple months...

typical house showing

The FLEA guy finally showed up. And he would NOT LEAVE!!!

Breakfast of Champions

Is it just me or does it look like I ate 'baked cock' for breakfast this morning? Bacon grease patterns are fun sometimes.

poor Chumley

Earlier this evening I was about to respond to Clippy Mat's comment about where Chumley goes when people come through to view our home and then I realized, "Hmmmm, haven't seen Chum in a while." Then I remembered I never let him out of the bathroom after the last agent came through...almost 3 hours ago.

I feel awful.

Thing is, the last agent totally caught me off guard. It was right after the "flea" man came through (more on this later, including video!!) and this guy didn't call first, which it clearly states to do in the MLS and on a giant sign on our front door. This guy just rang the door bell and then started trying to open the door. When I came to the door, rather annoyed, he asked, "Is your mother home?" Not sure if he was blind as a bat or trying to butter me up but either way, I was still pissed off.

He then says (as he reads the sign on the door) that he didn't call first. No shit sherlock. Then he tells me that it's just him, no clients could he just quickly preview the home.

More to say on this but I'm too tired. Just got home from night out...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

this weekend

This weekend we are having a MAJOR garage sale. There is still so much that needs to be done like weeding through closets, cabinets, tubs - setting up tables - labeling items - signs, etc.

So what's the first thing I do????

Head to the store and grab 2 bottles of Bloody Mary Mix, a bottle of vodka, a few limes and some celery. Priorities.

I'm actually not drinking them today I just figured that if we have to be up at 7am two days in a row, watching Gypsies rifle through our stuff I'm going to need some help.


So this morning I get a call from a realtor and he was extremely difficult to understand and it was quite obvious he was not understanding me either and our conversation went as follows:

realtor (w/ HEAVY Asian accent):
We come by today to see your house.

Ok, can you let me know around what time?


Can you be more specific? Will it be now or sometime later today?

We want to view your house. I have clients with me.

(deep breath) Ok, but I need to know what time. I have a cat who is not friendly that I need to put away.

What? Does your cat have fleas???

NO! Not fleas! He is not friendly and will just bite people if they come into the house.

I need to talk to clients.

(starting to lose it) Can you PLEASE just let me know what time you will be coming??

hang on (muffled sound, jib jabbering going on in the background) Ok, we come sometime at 1.

Ok I will make sure and put the cat away. We have a dog too but he is friendly.



but instead I screamed:

NO!!! OUR ANIMALS DO NOT HAVE FLEAS!!!! (and yes, I said this in a rather loud, unfriendly tone)

It's now 1:35pm and still no sign of them.

Good Morning!

So now Chumley has taken to shitting OUTSIDE the litter box that sits on top of the shower curtain covered couch. This morning as Tom was rushing to get to work he said, "Chum pooped outside the box, on the couch, I'll leave it for you to clean up. Gotta go!" And he was off. He is REALLY good about cleaning up messes from Chum 99% of the time so no big deal about this. After I brush my teeth and moisturize I head downstairs and see the mess. One big dump IN the box and another one about half its size resting snuggly in the folds of the shower curtain on the couch. I head into the kitchen to get some paper towels and then decide to have a quick cup of yogurt. After that I wad up the towels and go back into the living room. Dump number two is nowhere to be found! Did it roll off the couch? Or roll under the box? I think, "This is odd."


Wrigley peeps around the corner.


Loud, wet, sticky chews.

Good thing I ate my yogurt because I've lost my appetite for a good portion of the day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

note to self

"Please remember to keep the laundry room door closed so Wrigley will not have access to my dirty underwear which will then be dropped at potential buyer's feet while previewing our home."


We just lowered our asking price another $100k and we are getting more calls which is good but still, it's a pain in the flipping ass having to pack for a move, tend to a sick cat with litter boxes in every room and keep this house looking "show ready" at a moment's notice.

We found a place to live in Seattle but we are leasing a house that we originally wanted to buy however, the owners would not budge on price. (Oh and did I mention that while we are living there we will have to have this "show ready" for their potential buyers as well???) We decided to hold off on purchasing for at least 6 months to a year because we don't want to be in the same situation that we were in here. Our house devalued over 35% in the last 2 years and we had the potential to lose $300k which is NOT an easy pill to swallow. Thankfully since this is a relocation we have worked out an acceptable offer with Tom's company so we are able to cash out some equity for purchasing a home in the future. Just the worst possible time to sell a house in S. Cal and apparently, not the best time to buy in Seattle's market. They have not been hit like we have out here, but from what we have been hearing...it's coming.

But at least we have a found a place to live even if it is short term and we can get a feel for the city, the neighborhoods, lifestyle, weather, etc. We're just taking this day by day and in a way I'm relieved we didn't commit to buying right now because who knows what could happen in the next 6 months...

I love this guy

(warning: foul but hilarious language)

Reporter gets a fly in the mouth

Sunday, September 14, 2008

the subject of spiders

So there must have been a recent hatchling of spider eggs in our house because I am seeing a TON of little black hairy beasts running all over the place. Today while on the phone with Tom I tell him that our house could be used as the set for Arachnophobia 3. Then he says, "Wait til you're in Seattle." I scream, "WHAT?? Do they have worse spiders there???" He says, "Yes, and they're pretty big too." I panic, choke, fight back tears, and then say, "Please tell me they don't have Wolf Spiders."

and this was his response...

"Not sure about those, but they have GIGANTIC Dandy Long Legs."

I think we have encountered our first "Tomism." My mom's got some competition.

For some reason right after he said that an image of a tap dancing, hat wearing, cane twirling spider with a smiley face popped into my head.

Maybe they won't be so bad after all.

Our latest strategy in the war on pee

Friends of ours had a cat that used to pee in various places around the house. They told us to put litter boxes in the spots where Chum pees the most and he would most likely end up peeing in the box, so here is what our house looks like now:

Living room couch:

Family room chair:

And here's Chum checking out his new bathroom:

And here I am putting him in there for a test run:

Yay! Looks like he's already got the hang of it:

(side note: I can't believe I was actually excited that my cat was about to PISS in a litter box sitting atop our shower curtain covered living room couch. It's amazing how easily we "adapt" to the abnormal.)

However, this was NOT the desired intent:

WHAT NOW?!?!?!

This house has officially become one giant SHIT BOX.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

To Tom...

You are my rock.

Thank you for putting up with me, my moods, my rage.

You are stable. Unnerved.

You are admired.

And loved...

by me.

Friday, September 12, 2008

must be related to Chumley...

I'm having MAJOR computer issues (f****ing thing keeps freezing up and then IF it restarts it shuts itself right down again) so this is a miracle that I was able to post. I don't want to jinx this so I'm getting off (the computer) now.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Wrigley and the Bee

Earlier this evening I was on the phone with my mom giving her the low down on my day, which was a little bit of a cluster **** but I won't get into that right now. I had let Wrigley out after he ate and was sitting in the study while Wrigs was out back doing his business. I was watching him hunker down in his usual dump taking stance when out of the blue he jumped up like a rocket and started twisting and turning and what looked as though he was wrestling with himself. I told my mom that something is not right with Wrigs so I run outside as he's still flailing about like a mad man. I thought maybe he had caught a lizard and was trying to eat it but I couldn't see anything around him. Then all of the sudden he stopped and sat down and then did the "bottom walk." I got him to stand up and then slowly lifted up his tail and OH MY GOD, it was one full blown shit bath. I asked, "WRIGLEY???? WHAT DID YOU DOOOOOOO?" And then he quickly sat back down again. Then I noticed on his back, a bee stuck to his fur. Poor guy was stung by a bee while he was taking his dump!!! I flicked off the asshole bee and then rubbed Wrig's back trying to locate a stinger but couldn't find one. I hope he's not afraid to poop after this. But this gives me an idea for his Halloween costume.

So now it's a few hours later and he's been shaking his head quite a bit so I go to check on his ears. One ear is completely stuffed with brown gook yet again (just after Tom cleaned them on Saturday) and so I grab the cleanser to flush it and then some paper towels to catch the stuff that comes out. I wadded up a little paper towel and tapped around in the ear opening and found some red blood. This has me very concerned. I doubt this would be a result of the bee sting (since he was stung on his back) so tomorrow he's going in to see the doc.

I should really just have a standing appointment at my vet's office once a week because that's about what I'm averaging with these two beasts. The vet will certainly miss us when we're gone. Though maybe not Chumley...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

morning lake walk

my favorite painting

This is Tom's first oil painting. He finished it in a weekend. It sits in our living room (the room we never use) and I want it to be a focal point in our new home because I love to look at it. There's a hidden message in this painting that he did just for me and it makes me feel close to him when I see it.

Smiling (on the inside)

Last night was our goodbye party. Stories were told, games were played, cocktails were flowin' and a few tears were shed. It was one very emotional night. My heart feels full when I think of the people in my life that I have grown to love over the last 5 years, and those I just recently became close with as well. You can't place a time frame on true friendships, they just sort of happen and grab hold of you and in turn make you feel whole inside. Yesterday felt more like a celebration of these lasting friendships rather than a farewell to the life we have known.

It's nice to feel loved. And to love.

I love.

I'm going to lie back down for a while but for now here is a quote I'd like to share from the book, The Shack:

"You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you."

-Frederick Buechner.

the extent of my day

...involved changing a roll of toilet paper.

That was the only productive thing I have done.

ALL day.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chumley's pee

is now a rosey brown color. Probably means another infection is present. He's pissed ALL OVER THE F*in house so I was able to suck up a vile to take to the lab for testing.

Hello rope's end. I seem to be seeing a lot of you lately.

wine on water


is living amongst us.

In this very house, in our bodies, in our minds.

It's not been pretty.

When it rains, it pours.

(no pun intended)

Even the animals are stressed.

Poor beasts.

This sucks.

I like the picture of wine above. I took it a week or so ago while eating sushi on the water. I just set the glass on the table and stared at it for a while. It calmed me. Wine and water, water and wine. It's been said that Jesus used to turn water into wine.

I'm really thirsty.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Breaking News??

Why is this Breaking News??? As if we didn't KNOW who was going to be nominated.

Stuff like this bugs me.

Summer in a glass

I love fresh cucumber slices in a glass of ice water. Simple, refreshing and cool. It tastes the way it smells, like a crisp salad - without honey mustard dressing. That, I don't like.

Monday, September 01, 2008