Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What I need to be doing...

...going through the last of our boxes and random crap so we can get this house that we are renting show ready. The owners are going to put it back on the market in a month.

What I'm doing instead...

Baking a French Apple Tart.

My new friend down the road dropped off a bag of fresh Fuji apples the other day. She's another reason I want to stay in this neighborhood, just not this house!

here is a pic of the finished product:

(I forgot to take a pic before someone dove into the tart)

More frustrations with the W. Seattle house that I can't even think about right now. I hope at some point we will get settled and not have to live like gypsies. In the meantime Northwest Center is coming tomorrow morning to pick up LOADS of stuff we are purging.

By the way, this morning I awoke to the news story about the Woman who gave birth to Octuplets. In my groggy state, I read it as, "Woman gives birth to Octopus." I thought well that must have hurt, and went back to sleep and dreamt we had a pet octopus. We would pick at it with forks and eat it alive. It was not a pleasant dream and our house was full of slime.

Ok I'm going to find a doctor for my ear now.


karengberger said...

What a nice neighbor! That apple tart looks as if it was professionally made. It's gorgeous! No wonder "someone" ate half of it right away. =)
Packing and unpacking SUCK. I can see why you are avoiding. On the other hand, you are doing major charitable giving-purging, so that will lighten your load when you do find the right place to make your "nest." Whoops - bird imagery.

Clippy Mat said...

damnit. i was going to blog about my ma in law who is a word mangler. she said "octopus?" this a.m. when i told her about the babies.
now go clean up your stuff!

Busy Bee Suz said...

girl..you have some work to do there...but that TART looks amazing.
Give birth to an octopus? that cracked me up...really an octopus may be easier to take care of than those 8 babies...you know less limbs flailing around.

Anonymous said...

Well, if I had to pack all that, I'd rather cook a pie too.

A mother gave birth to WHAT???

Honestly, one has to think: which is easier to give birth too, an octopus or octoplets?

My goodness. EIGHT babies. I'd rather go and pack all the mess in your house.