Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleeping Beauties

Sometimes, I just can't handle how cute Chumley can be (when he's not biting, hitting or hissing, of course.)

Look at how sweet he is when he sleeps (click the pic to enlarge so you can see his little nose):

Another angle:

I made him a little snack so it was time to wake him up. He was sweet at first:

(it looks like he's trying to give me the finger with his upright paw. I love when he starts to chew his own wrist. Do cats even have wrists?)

And then there's Wrigs:
Sometimes he looks like a cartoon walrus when he sleeps.

The sky was gorgeous today. This picture doesn't do it justice:

Tom told me he wants to get one of these for tooling around town:

I like it better than a scooter because it has a roof and a windshield. I could still use it in the rain but I was hoping for something with a sidecar for Wrigs. We'll keep looking.


karengberger said...

That looks like a FUN ride! And I agree, Chumley sleeping is an angel.

Bon Don said...

awww he looked so cute for a second, then he started hissing!! what a little stinker!! I love that scooter! super cool.

LBluca77 said...

Wrigley does look like a walrus. It is like you have 3 pets. 4 if you include Tom. HE HE Just kidding. I love when my cat tucks her head under and puts her paw over her face while she sleeps. So cute. It just makes me want to wake her and cuddle. Then she gets pissed like Chumley. They might be related.

Anonymous said...

My January calendar has this quote at the bottom: "Two things are aesthetically perfect in the world--the clock and the cat." Emile Auguste Chartier was the person who said/wrote it. I have about a bajillion pictures which prove it's true about cats. I don't take many picture of clocks--or thermometers, either! Just like babies, cats are irrestible when
they are asleep! TOFLW1GA7C
PS--That cool scooter might not work around here. Our rain doesn't always fall straight down to hit that roof--it often lands sideways--as you have learned.

Is your ear still getting better?

Clippy Mat said...

my cat could be chumley's mother. they look so alike. except she's old, cranky and fat. and chumley is young, cranky and slinky. wrigs is a beautiful walrus.
what on earth is that vehicle??

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love the mod scooter.
Chums is angelic when he is sleeping and you are right...wrigs looks like a cartoon walrus. SO cute.
I don't know if you ever said, but when did you get Chum? Was he a kitten? a resuce? what is his story???

Oh, and for the last week or so, every time I leave a comment, I get an email saying there was a "failed delivery".
Everytime. what the hey? is it only me?

lizziebelle said...

i said in my head a bigg grape apey WOOOF when i saw that picture.

SCOOT SCOOOT! i love that scooter! i want a big bike with a basket so i can ride to the farmers market.

Jane said...

Both Graycee and Shadow sleep like that and I agree - It just gets cuter every time and I just want to go snuggle them right up! But then one of them bites me or starts hissing and the party's over. :)

Smileygirl said...

TOLW1GA7C: I have witnessed the sideways rain! Maybe I can get see thru pull down shades on the side for those days. My ear is much better, thank you for asking, but it seems my sinuses are a bit stuffed. I'm still taking Sudafed so that helps.

Clippy: Chum is not as young as you'd think! He'll be 15 years old this year. He still looks and acts like a young kitty sometimes.

Busy Bee: I got Chum as a wee one. He and his litter were found on the side of the road, no momma in sight. He was never properly weaned from his momma so that is part of the reason he is socially stunted. Vets have said they believe he is part feral, either his mom or dad (or both!) were not domesticated house cats. The funny thing, I wasn't even looking to get a cat. We always had dogs growing up and it was just an instant bond when I saw Chum. He was so tiny and could fit in my hand and his little paws kept falling through the grates of the cage. His brother and sisters were all adopted he was the last one left. Explains his abandonment issues. He was so skittish the first time I picked him up. I put him back in his cage to "think about it" and ran to the store to get his belongings. When I came back to see him he rushed to the front of the cage and meowed for me to get him. That was it. He was the most precious kitty! I will have to find some old pics and scan them in.

As for the comment thing, that happens to me from time to time on blogger sites and I thought it was just my slow ass internet connection. But maybe it's blogger? Too many bloggers blogging all at once?

Smileygirl said...

Jane: I can totally relate! Sometimes I have to "pretend" pet Chumley. Just rub my hand above his head, not actually touching because that may just send him into a frenzy. It's not consistent though. Some days he is totally fine with it, others, watch out.

The "party's over." LOL.

K@tie said...

You should get a Smart car!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Please do not E-V-E-R post pics like these again! Please. I beg of you. I just cannot stand the cuteness factor.


I’m so serious, you don’t even know. They both look good enough to gobble up and kiss forever, but I am at work, so it would appear highly inappropriate if I were caught smooching my monitor.

I want a cat. No, I want Chumley.

They should have their own cartoon strip...“As They Sleep: The Adventures of Walrus Dog and Misunderstood Kat”
...or something like that. I love your boys. :-)

Smileygirl said...

HA! KBL! I knew those pics would get to you. You say the word and Chum will be on his way via fed ex overnight!!!

I need to bring back the Chum n' Wrigs cartoon strip. Haven't done those in a while.

And Katie, I LOVE those smart cars. We may look into that depending on where we end up living. If it's in W. Seattle I think it would be good especially in the summer. I hear that place is NUTSO in the summertime.

Clippy Mat said...

i always get the failed delivery email when i post a comment on your blog. i think it's because your comment notifications are going to an old/extinct email address on another server?
i had no idea chumley was so old. my cat is about the same age. she is crippled tho' poor thing. chum looks so young. my cat was also found at the side of a road!

Anonymous said...

Chums is soooooo cute. Maybe if he slept all the time, like Garfield, no one would ever know the other side of his personality.

And I wanna a ride in that scooter. Next to Wrigs. If we both can fit in. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, but the other side of Chum's personality is also very... interesting.


I had a cat like that once. Her name was Rita, I used to call her Rita Hurricane. I loved her to death. She lived 16 years. I miss her.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder if Chumley is trying to slit his wrists with his teeth?

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