Wednesday, January 14, 2009

not always what it seems

You'd think this picture was the result of a hot steamy sex act in which I flung my bra across the room in a fit of passion.

The reality?

Tom popped a pimple on my back and the bra was getting in the way.

His theory on why I am now getting pimples (pimps as we call them):

"Because you wear 16 layers of clothing all day long and to bed!"

This statement is false. The most I've ever worn is 4. (5 if you include the down vest) so he needs to get his facts straight.

I think it's because my back and shoulders are severely sun deprived and they are protesting by sending in the troops (the pimps). I'm going to try sitting with my back to the sun light this morning. Let's hope my neighbors aren't home.

Ok real quick, did anyone watch American Idol last night? I refuse to get sucked into that show but last night when Ryan went to high five the blind guy I thought, "WTF are you doing!?!?!" Then he tried to save it by reaching for the guy's hand but OMG, sometimes Ryan acts sun deprived too.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see Idol but I am LOLing at your descprition of what happened!

ChiTown Girl said...

What a doofus!! I didn't see it, either. As a matter of fact, I've never seen one single episode of American Idol. Ever. Should I start a club? Am I the only one?

lizziebelle said...

i saw that. the blind guy (which is unfortunately how he will be spoken of today all across america) was very inspiring.

watching the beginning makes me sad because some people are so hurt when they get no's. like the guy with the really deep voice. i felt so bad for him and randy always laughs and its so arrogant. ugh. i have a love hate relationship with american idol.

it makes me want to cry when they crush people.

im emotional though. and sensitive.

Kelly in Minnesota said...

I'm not an Idol fan but I love the Bachelor. You mentioned last week that Deanna is coming back. Did that happen already? I think I've seen all of the two episodes so far, but maybe not....

Smileygirl said...

Deanna is supposed to come back at some point in the season. I saw a preview where she was telling Jason that he's not engaged yet so she still has a chance. She was basically begging him to take her back and that she made a mistake. Then there's a scene where Jason is crying, very hard, scrunched up face and all (not really attractive) and I'm not sure if that's because of Deanna or if it's towards the final rose ceremony where he's torn between the 2 remaining bimbs, I mean ladies.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You crack me up daily. Pimps? maybe it is just your nerves. Or, it could be the lack of sun. Maybe take some vitamin D. Or rub Vitamin D all over your back.
Ryan seacrest is a tool. I saw that too. Total Tool.
The blind guy sings great. I hope he does well. Hey, maybe he could take over for Ryan Seacrest next season.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Holy cow...I just saw all your de-lurking have quite the following!!!!
Still, I am afraid to call out my lurkers. They may go away. :)

GOUT? is that what you think I have going on in my big toe????

Smileygirl said...

YES YES YES!! THat's it! GOUT! Sorry I couldn't think of it before. Do you think that could be what's causing the pain?

Anonymous said...

I live in Seattle and I think it's beautiful. If you hate it here so much than you go live somewhere else. I used to love reading your blog but all of the bitching and moaning has ruined it. You should appreciate the fact that you have the opportunity to live in a place like this rather than complaining about the rain all the damn time. get over yourself!

endswith8741 said...

My favorite part of Idol last night was bikini girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE HER. Love, love, love bikini girl.

And anon: if you hate her complaining so much, then move along. Why must you announce your pissed off departure? Click Next Blog and scram.

You could also try to get some balls and put a name with your comment. Because if you're irked by her complaining, I've got to say, I'm irked by your wuss move.

Smileygirl said...

We thought bikini girl was a scream too! Thanks for your defending of my sun deprivation 8741.

And I agree, if you hate this blog, then kindly move on. (Though I can understand how the lack of sunshine can make one crabby!)

And I will bitch about my lack of sun as long as I see fit. This is seriously NOT healthy. Lack of vitamin D is not good for physical or mental health. I give credit to all of those who can live in a sun-less climate for months on end. I honestly don't know how one does it. It is NOT for me. I've said before this city is beautiful but the constant gray day after day after day makes it depressing as hell.

Katie said...

"get over yourself"

Why? because she doesn't like the weather? I'm sorry that comment cracked me up. Funny how people take YOUR opinion on the weather personally. They're the ones who need to get over themselves! Like they have something to do with it.

I feel your pain. I would be in agony without the sun. =(

Katie (in Florida)

moooooog35 said...

Mmm. Back zits.


* vomits

You should direct 'anonymous' over to my travelogue of my Seattle vacation.

Also, I had no idea the homeless had computers.

Amazing who they let into libraries these days.

Anonymous said...

I live outside of Chicago and our weather gets pretty crappy but I travel to the Pacific Northwest and Southwest for work. I have always said how much I love Seattle, to visit. I could never live here because of the constant grey. And I have never lived in a sunny climate like California so I can only imagine the shock to your senses. Seasonal depression is serious and people get help for it all the time. But it sounds like it's not seasonal in Seattle. More like 9 months of the year.

I think you should continue to express your thoughts however it helps you to cope. Better than drinking yourself into oblivion everyday. That's probably what I would do.

I'm also de-lurking!

Hi from Batavia, IL

Anonymous said...

Born and raised in the Seattle area, have never lived anywhere else. When I read you were moving here I said to my husband, "This is gonna be good."

We have met other California transplants. They typically don't last very long.

My husband and I have laughed at many of your posts on the weather including your rants and creative cussing as Karen calls it. We don't mean to laugh at your expense but we saw this coming even before you moved. It will get better if you can hold out until summer.

I admit I am envious of my friends and family who live in drier climates because we are limited with the kids on what to do and where to go when it's wet outside. It gets very expensive taking them to museums, aquariums, malls just to stay out of the cold and rain. But we are here to stay. At least until retirment!

lizziebelle said...

oh the haters are always anonymous.

like the time some random screamed at me for not being financially responsible.


so i dont "balance" my checkbook...

my financial irresponsibility does confuse the bankerman "i dont understand why you go buy a case of wine and dont just get new contacts"

case of wine from trader joes? like forty or fifty dollars and fun fun fun!

new contacts? 350 and so not fun!

if a lasik fairy would come fix my eyes this wouldnt be a problem. of if i was renting out my house.

this is long. i'll stop.

anonymous is a hate hate hater from the haters ball hate hate hate.

just me said...

I think you should take Anons advice and move back to California!!! PLEEEEEEASE??? I miss you so much. It's definitely not as sunny here without you.

Planning to visit in Feb or March. Let's sync our schedules. Are you still coming here next month?

Calling you now.

ChiTown Girl said...

I HATE anonymous pussies!!! Obviously the bitching and moaning doesn't bother you THAT much, cuz you keep coming back, you spineless piece of shit! Take your own venomous advice and GET OVER YOURSELF!

karengberger said...

Wow, ChiTown Girl! I want you on my side if I get in a fight! TELL it, sister!
Anonymous needs to get its own blob. That's what I say to the critics: "Get your own doggone blog." With respect to dogs, of course.

Gina said...

haha!! i am so obsessessed with popping pimples on my bf's back!!hehehe

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Like you, I refused to get sucked in and watch AI, but I happened to catch the story of the blind guy (can't remember his name - Scott something?), while waiting for the show to wrap. He could have sung like a frog, and I still would have been smitten. I'm a sucker for inspirational stories like his and for people, like him, who refuse to let their situations get them down.

It made me feel good. And I hope we hear more about him.

And - DARN! - the flung bra didn't have ANYTHING to do with hot passionate sex at all??? Couldn't you at least LIE to us and say it did? It had to do with a whitehead on your back that needed to be popped??
LOL. I love marriage. :)

Clippy Mat said...

i watched A.I. and the kajillion commercials they ran every 30 seconds till i went cross eyed and my eyes bled!!!
and i wish they would stop with exploiting people who don't know better, who believe they can sing.
it's sad.

Desert Rat said...

You can find beauty and fun in every state and I am sure that it's beautiful as ms. negative says. I just don't hear you bitching in your writing I hear you just talking being very California. The pimps on your back are from not getting, if your back is used to sun...same thing happens to me when I am in gloomy MA which is fun and beautiful but most of the people are so close minded and grouchy because of everything being so brown and dark in the winter maybe the same thing happens in WA ;-)

Smileygirl said...

Chi town, tell us how you really feel will ya?!?!? Those chicago gals are tough- but I wouldn't want ya any other way!

I appreciate those who can empathize and sympathize with my struggles on living here, especially those of you are from here because you know it's not a personal attack on you- it is strictly weather related.

One of the things I have discovered when I meet new people who are born and raised here is that they also feel the same way during the winter months. Maybe not as aggressively angry as myself, but many of those I have met also experience some degree of seasonal depression. And they don't tell me to leave! I am being honest with my feelings and quite honestly there are some days when I think I'm not going to make it here and I think about packing up my car and heading south. But sadly, (or happily, depending on how you look at it) I love my husband more than I hate Seattle. So I'm here. For now. But believe me, I am doing my darndest to find work that will bring me back to LA every once in a while.

And Desert Rat, you are sooo right about the fact that grouchiness comes the darkness of winter. I have never felt this much BLAH before, EVER. It's almost like I have split personalities because it feels like something is overtaking my body and making me feel so heavy and dark and miserable. Feels like everything is in black and white.

LBluca77 said...

True love = popping each others pimps

Kelli said...

I am laughing my ass off right now. Both the bra story and the Idol recap because I thought the exact same thing!!

The Engine of the Family said...

I have a pimple on my shoulder too! Never get them back is definetly sun is colder than freakin' cold here! I need my ski mask back....