Friday, January 30, 2009

fabric note cards

This is a craft idea for my friend Grazia.

These are the notecards I made using quilt squares and flannel/felt pieces. I'd attach bows and little jewels with a hot glue gun, then hot glue them onto plain notecards. They were sold in sets of 5 using like colors and patterns. These are an example of "outfits" but I also made cat, dog, floral, beach, shoe, hand bag, and accessory themed sets. Make sure you use small extra sharp scissors for cutting the clothing pieces. You could even sketch on the back of the fabric what you want to cut, but if you use tiny scissors it's easier to just do it free hand. Some of my earlier ones are not very proportionate but it still works.

(click the pics to enlarge and see detail)

And here's a plug for the store that used to carry them Vintage Inspired, but sadly they left their lake location and moved to San Clemente. Sign of the times I guess.

Have fun at the fabric store!

My Best Buddy Frank

Is coming to visit us from LA tomorrow!!!

I can't wait!!!

We were best friends in college and then lost touch shortly after I got married which was the same time he moved to LA. Then when Tom and I moved to California we got back in touch and picked up right where we left off. We even worked on the same lot at CBS Studios. I miss him sooooo much and am so excited that he's coming out here in JANUARY of all times. He does not like rain as well as cold temps (part of the reason he will NEVER leave LA) so this really means a lot to me.

I hope he packed a little sunshine in his suitcase.

Here's a copy of an old time photograph of us (bottom left) the night before college graduation. We were both so sad to leave the bubble of college and enter the real world.

The other photo was taken a few months ago and put into a going away book my sister made for me. It was really sweet, she had all my friends write cards and letters, stories, etc. which she put into a "Goodbye California, Hello Seattle" book. This book means the world to me and I often look at it when I'm feeling down and read the words of love and support from my very dear friends. Makes me feel close to them. I'm really missing them a lot lately.

Frank's visit couldn't have come at a better time.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm, safe and happy.

An earthquake in Seattle

Ummm, I thought we'd be rid of these after leaving California for at least a little while.

Seattle Earthquake.

It sounded like the garbage truck but it wasn't garbage day. This is nuts. The world is coming to an end.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love this song

I Know You By Heart (Eva Cassidy)

Midnights in Winter
The glowing fire
Lights up your face in orange and gold.
I see your sweet smile
Shine through the darkness
It's line is etched in my memory.

So I'd know you by heart.

Mornings in April
Sharing our secrets
We'd walk until the morning was gone.
We were like children
Laughing for hours
The joy you gave me lives on and on.

‘Cause I know you by heart.

I still hear your voice
On warm Summer nights
Whispering like the wind.

(Oh oh ohh…)

You left in Autumn
The leaves were turning
I walked down roads of orange and gold.
I saw your sweet smile
I heard your laughter
You're still here beside me every day.

‘Cause I know you by heart,
‘Cause I know you by heart.

Blast from the Past

Driving home from my friend's house today I heard the song Honey, I Miss You. I haven't heard this song in DECADES. Growing up, my parents loved to entertain so our house was party central. By the end of the night when everyone was schnockered, they'd gather around the player piano and sing songs til the wee hours. Whenever they put in this roll, I would rush to the top of stairs and belt out the words as loud as I could. I LOVED this song. I even performed a few solos for their friends. Shocking I know.

This was one of the first songs I ever learned to play on the piano. When I heard it today in the car (station is 104.5, they play a great variety of oldies) I belted out the words and somehow remembered every last one. It's amazing how some songs you just never forget. I didn't really know at the time (I was maybe 5 or 6) that this song was about someone who died. When I realized it some years later I'd cry everytime it came on the radio or when we played on the player piano.

It really took me back. I'll try and play it on the piano tonight, just for old time's sake and see if Tom will sing along. Side note: Tom's favorite song when he was little was Rhinestone Cowboy and that was my favorite song too! It came on the radio when we were driving up here from California and we both sang our hearts out. Yes, BIG DORKS.

Anyway here is a clip of Honey, I Miss You (lyrics below too)

See the tree, how big it's grown
But friend it hasn't been too long
It wasn't big
I laughed at her and she got mad
The first day that she planted it, was just a twig
Then the first snow came
And she ran out to brush the snow away
So it wouldn't die
Came runnin' in all excited
Slipped and almost hurt herself
And I laughed till I cried
She was always young at heart
Kinda dumb and kinda smart and I loved her so
And I surprised her with a puppy
Kept me up all Christmas Eve two years ago
And it would sure embarrass her
When I came in from workin' late
'Cause I would know
That she'd been sittin' there and cryin'
Over some sad and silly late, late show

And honey, I miss you
And I'm bein' good
And I'd love to be with you
If only I could

She wrecked the car and she was sad
And so afraid that I'd be mad
But what the heck
Though I pretended hard to be
Guess you could say she saw through me
And hugged my neck
I came home unexpectedly
And caught her cryin' needlessly
In the middle of the day
And it was in the early Spring
When flowers bloom and robins sing
She went away

And honey, I miss you
And I'm bein' good
And I'd love to be with you
If only I could

One day while I was not at home
While she was there and all alone
The angels came
Now all I have is memories of Honey
And I wake up nights and call her name
Now my life's an empty stage
Where Honey lived and Honey played
And love grew up
And a small cloud passes overhead
And cries down on the flower bed
That Honey loved

And see the tree how big it's grown
But friend it hasn't been too long
It wasn't big
And I laughed at her and she got mad
The first day that she planted it, was just a twig

Why is it...

When I politely ask the deli counter lady to slice my chicken breast extra thin, I am met with a look of sheer hatred and disgust. It's not like I asked her to please cut out her kidney with a butter knife and serve it on a platter with a cherry on top! How do people like this keep their jobs when there are sooo many good natured people out there looking? This woman is just a grumpy old bitch to begin with, she actually "tssked" when the person before me added cheese to his deli order. How dare this customer order cheese! What was he thinking!?! That the cheese behind the counter is there for purchase? Idiot.

This woman has never been friendly, never smiled and God forbid you order more than a 1/2 pound of anything you will be given the death stare. Oh and the thing is, the meat slicer is automatic. It's not like she has to stand there and actually move a limb. All she does is adjust the setting and push a button. I even commented on that saying, "That makes it easier on the arms" thinking she may respond with at least a grunt, but no she stood there staring at the machine with a smug ass look on her face.

She's like the soup nazi only at the deli counter.

I bet she'd be the type to sneeze in the potato salad. I'm not ever getting that again.

One benefit of living in a cold house

It makes the animals snuggle up together.

Wrigs curled up on the couch after our morning walk.

Minutes later, so did Chum.

After a few more minutes Chum began to snore. It wakes up a groggy Wrigs. He says, "WTF??"

Then he realizes, "It's just my tiny brother with a stuffed up sniffer."

"No big deal. I'll just turn my head this way. Woopsie! I passed a little gas."

Party's over.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleeping Beauties

Sometimes, I just can't handle how cute Chumley can be (when he's not biting, hitting or hissing, of course.)

Look at how sweet he is when he sleeps (click the pic to enlarge so you can see his little nose):

Another angle:

I made him a little snack so it was time to wake him up. He was sweet at first:

(it looks like he's trying to give me the finger with his upright paw. I love when he starts to chew his own wrist. Do cats even have wrists?)

And then there's Wrigs:
Sometimes he looks like a cartoon walrus when he sleeps.

The sky was gorgeous today. This picture doesn't do it justice:

Tom told me he wants to get one of these for tooling around town:

I like it better than a scooter because it has a roof and a windshield. I could still use it in the rain but I was hoping for something with a sidecar for Wrigs. We'll keep looking.

I think it's time for a new temperature gauge

or it's time to move.

again last night:

and now this morning:

Don't get me wrong, it's great to have some heat in this place, but I'm starting to wonder where it's coming from.

I can hear again!

Praise Jesus my ear has popped! It happened this morning while I was in the shower blowing my nose (we all do it). I let the hot water beat down on the back of my head and then I plugged my left nostril and blew like an elephant out of my right one and it felt like a lid had opened inside my head. I've never been so happy to feel liquid matter pour out of my nose! I can yawn and open my mouth wide again without sharp shooting pains. Thanks to everyone who offered their concern and suggestions. I ended up doing the hot wash cloth trick again last night for over an hour. And I've been taking Sudafed so I think those two combined did the trick. My sinuses feel a little stuffed but I think that's because the fluid is still making its way down the passages. I'll continue to take the Sudafed until I'm all dried up.

I feel like my ear is super sensitive though, like I'll hear dog whistles and sh*t. Maybe I'll be able to hear the birds flapping before they hit the window.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

it's gettin' hot in here?

So tonight while cooking chili, huddled next to the space heater, I look over at the temperature monitor.

While it's getting warmer, I'm not sure I like this so much.

not surprising

Just as I was about to lay down and try the warm wash cloth trick on my ear, another thud. This bird hit the one little open spot on the window filled with paper X's. He died instantly and had blood coming out of his beak.

I don't mean to be all Jeffrey Dahmer like with the dead bird photos but I am taking these photos to document to my landlords that this is a REAL problem. They have never actually lived in this house (another very odd story) so I don't think they have a clue as to how awful this is.

This bird was so interesting, I've never seen this kind before. His coloring was so intricate, almost like a spotted owl. I may buy a bird book of the Northwest so I can hold up the carcasses and see just what kind of beautiful bird species slammed to it's death from our windows. With Wrigs and Chum standing by the front door, we said our prayers for this sweet soul and wrapped him up in paper towels.

After the last burial (which is Tom's duty) he asked me to not use so much paper because we are running out of room in the yard to bury the birds. How sad is that!?!?! I can't believe we are actually paying someone rent to live in this meat locker, bird killing hell hole.

Just blew another f*cking fuse with the space heater in the bathroom. Our household temp has now dropped below 55.

I'm starting to think this house is making me ill.

What I need to be doing...

...going through the last of our boxes and random crap so we can get this house that we are renting show ready. The owners are going to put it back on the market in a month.

What I'm doing instead...

Baking a French Apple Tart.

My new friend down the road dropped off a bag of fresh Fuji apples the other day. She's another reason I want to stay in this neighborhood, just not this house!

here is a pic of the finished product:

(I forgot to take a pic before someone dove into the tart)

More frustrations with the W. Seattle house that I can't even think about right now. I hope at some point we will get settled and not have to live like gypsies. In the meantime Northwest Center is coming tomorrow morning to pick up LOADS of stuff we are purging.

By the way, this morning I awoke to the news story about the Woman who gave birth to Octuplets. In my groggy state, I read it as, "Woman gives birth to Octopus." I thought well that must have hurt, and went back to sleep and dreamt we had a pet octopus. We would pick at it with forks and eat it alive. It was not a pleasant dream and our house was full of slime.

Ok I'm going to find a doctor for my ear now.

Can't hear


I tried warming the sock full of salt in the microwave. It helped to warm my ear and that felt good. After it cooled down I put it back in the microwave and went to fold some laundry and in less than 2 minutes the sock was sparking and smoking. I took it out right away and smoke POURED out of the knotted area. It was like a mini camp fire. Our microwave only works on 2 settings: Popcorn and Baked Potato, so I think that was part of the problem. And I may have left it in for too long.
Our house temp is 55 degrees today and until the ice melts I am stuck here. I have plenty to keep me busy and need to finish the cluster f*ck unpacking job I started a few days ago, only to repack again in another month. But everytime I move or turn my head I feel dizzy from this pain in the ass ear problem.


My right ear has been clogged up for 2 weeks and when I yawn or open my mouth really wide (minds out of the gutter please) it sends a piecing pain through my drum. I've been to the pharmacy and tried a couple things (nasal spray to open up the tubes from my sinuses to the ear and a decongestant.) Nothing works. Everyday I wake up and it's still clogged and it's so frustrating. Everything sounds distorted and Tom tells me I'm talking so loud. When I tap my head it makes a weird sound, like it's filled up with fluid. I'm going to get some sudafed today and see if that helps.

Just very "ear"itating.

(Stupid joke I know but that's what happens when you only hear out of one ear.)

The Pear Tree Blog

For those of you who love animals, nature, AMAZING photographs and inspirational quotes, please check out The Pear Tree Blog.

I know for a fact many of my blogging friends will LOVE this site.

Praise God for all animals!

Just saying hello...

...will you?

(bumped up from previous posting so I didn't miss anyone new.)

I just read on Lizziebelle's blog that it's National De-lurking week in the blogging world. (In all honesty, these things can be pretty corny but what the heck, I'm kind of curious too.)

I have to say it was so encouraging to read the comments from yesterday's post about the little bird. Just knowing that there are those of you out there who show compassion and love for all creatures "restores my faith in humanity" as one commenter, Valerie stated. I was very touched by that comment.

So, this is my way of saying hello to all of you who have been reading for a while (I don't really like the word "lurking", sounds kind of sinister in my opinion) or maybe just stumbled upon this blog randomly while searching for poo bags. Either case, if you want to say hello feel free because you are always welcome here.

I'm also curious to see what people relate to the most on this blog. Is it the psycho kitty, Chumley? The lovable Big lug, Wrigs? My LOVE and subsequent LACK of sunshine!?!? I'd love to know because maybe we can commiserate. Or maybe it's the husband who keeps me laughing, crying and screaming, pretty much all in the same day.

And if you're an animal lover (which I'm guessing you are!) say hello and give a little shout to your pet(s) in the comments! Chumley and Wrigley love making new friends too.

Hope you're having a happy day...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Indian Food day 2

It appears Chum wasn't the only one who enjoyed my Indian food slop from yesterday. Just got back from a below freezing walk with Wrigs and Holy Explosive Chili Con Carne! I think both Wrigs and Chum just experienced their very first colon cleanse.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Home Cooked Indian Food Fail

My attempt to make an authentic Indian meal at home was a big fat bust. All I can say is, Thank GOD for extra soft bath tissue.

At least someone enjoyed it.

Can't wait to empty the litter box tomorrow!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wrig's new Crabby

This dog is OBSESSED with his new toy crab.

Aside from eating, the thing never leaves his mouth.

he even takes it outside when he goes potty...

and again (final update)

Just about to walk out the door when another bird hit the window. This one is barely alive. His eye is covered in blood and he can't close his beak. I wrapped him in a towel and brought him inside to the downstairs bathroom to keep him warm. I don't want to leave him alone.

I don't feel it's right to take a picture because he doesn't look very good. But I want him to be prayed for and remembered.

I'm going back down to be with him.


His eye is no longer red, but it's clouded over. His beak is almost closed and he's moving his head somewhat panicked. I don't want to scare him into a heart attack so I've left him to settle a bit. He's still in the bathroom wrapped in a towel in a box since it's too cold outside.

In the meantime, I've removed the decal to the window upstairs (the only one I'm able to reach) and done this:

I could give 2 sh*ts that it looks like Sanford & Son. I'm just mad at myself for not thinking of this sooner. The back windows are still a big problem though.

Going to check on the little guy. Be back soon.


Little guy's beak is closed!!! He doesn't seem as stunned. I took a quick photo (without a flash of course). He is such a sweet heart! This guy better make it.

The sun is shining brightly so I put him back outside to see how he does. He is looking at me like, "who the hell?" but he looks sooooooo much better!

***(final update)***

Let's just say, miracles can happen:

I did not think this bird was going to make it based on the first few moments after he hit. Who knows if he's going to fly off and die but he certainly did not look like the same bird that was brought into the house. The bleeding eye makes me think he has a brain hemorrhage which could mean his brain is still swelling and then who knows what. But I want to think that he's going to be ok. I don't think he can see out of that one eye though. Do you think the clouding over will disappear in time?

Now I am going to attempt to leave this house without any more animal crisis's. That means no pooping on the countertops Chumley!!!

Chum update w/ videos

So it appears an attempt to use the litter had been made, but then mid way through he abandoned the idea. I spared you all that photo.

Here are my pleas to get Chum off the counter and cleaned up...

I needed 2 hands to do it so I didn't video tape the clean up. But all is good, the counters have been double cloroxed, rinsed with water and dried.

But now Wrigs has this mysterious white goop on his nose...

Anyone care to pet sit???

Chumley's Face

***Update: 3 different attempts to clean up this cat. All, unsuccessful. He also has a poo paw so what does he do??? He heads over to the pile of mail and starts slapping his paw on the papers. I will download some video now.

If you could have just seen Chumley's face! It was hysterical.

Wrigs was on one side, the vacuum on the other and Chum looked straight up at me like, "Im f*cked." Then he bolted through the chaos and sprinted down the stairs.

If I had time to snap a pic I'm sure it would have won some silly cat expression award. It was one of the funniest things I've witnessed in Chum's almost 15 years. He's still really pissed though. I'm sure he'll probably leave another poo-vomit on the counter.

Yeah, I'm real productive today. Still have mounds of paperwork and files to organize before we start on taxes, hence the vacuuming. And now blogging. My Procrastination Planner is working great!

Off topic: Some economists are saying now is the time to invest but what company to invest in? I thought about this today and came up with one:

Nisson Foods, the makers of Top Ramen.

Btw, there's a retirement community in Seattle called SHAG. I'm thinking that's not such a bad place to be.

Like I predicted, Chum is pissed. There was a poo nugget on the counter and he has poop still stuck to his bottom. I took some video of him trying to chew it off. I think I may also invest in Clorox.

I think I'm just going to keep updating this post all day.

For Milo

KBL: I was going to email this to you but my slow ass computer is having issues with attaching photos in Yahoo mail. I HATE EMAIL!!! Thank God for blogger. Anyway...

The animals were rifling through my desk drawer earlier today and then I found them sitting by their hand made signs...

(click to enlarge and read)
(Wrigs doesn't realize there will be no birthday bash this year. Poor guy.)

Now they are both high off the Sharpies.

Get well soon Milo Bear!

(p.s. we updated Wrigs and Chum's tags when we moved and added REWARD to Chum's tag. Thought you would be happy to know that.)

Stupid Rush Limbaugh

For Rush Limbaugh to actually hope that our President fails is repulsive. He is hoping our country fail as well and all its people. You can read about that tight ass son of a b*tch here. It's people like HIM that will cause this country to fail with their closed minded belief systems and ignorant mind sets. Stupid spineless, neanderthal.

Now onto something positive...

This is one of Tom's birthday gifts that he loves. He's in the clothing business so I thought this was quite fitting (ha! pun not intended)

Barack Obama Magnet Doll mix n' match Wardrobe:

I like to dress him up in a wife beater, with a beer. He looks relaxed.

And of course he's got the red phone in hand, just in case.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


(my post from earlier today):

Thanks to Wrigley, who sprawls out in the middle of the sidewalk and refuses to move, I made another new friend. Her name is Chris, she also has a golden retriever named Jasper, and she lives just a few houses away. Interesting thing about her? She was relocated here several years ago from LA! She said that it took her about 3 years to adjust. She didn't like it at all the first year, and then each year it got a little better and now she has the option to move back if she wants, but has decided to continue to stay. It's so nice because she can totally relate to my struggles since she's been there. She no longer has any expectations about the weather. Any day without rain is a good day in her opinion but it took a while to get there. This gives me some hope that maybe I'll be able to make it a couple more years. It's only been 4 months and I'd say so far I'm doing ok.

So the past week we've been taking the dogs for walks, hanging out at each other's houses and yesterday we decided to head downtown for a day at Pike's.

Here are my treasures from the day (minus the wine, Zarafa which is from South Africa, and costs only $3.99 at Trader Joe's. I've seen it for $9 at other stores. It's pretty good with a small plate pairing of spicy meats and tangy cheeses with bread and fruit.)

Anyway onto the goodies!

Got the best tasting proscuito ever and polish mustard at DeLaurenti's.

Watched cheese being made and then bought a carton of cheese curds, aka "squeaky cheese" cuz it squeaks when you chew it, at Beechers.

Had féuilletes and coffee and then bought some apricot jam and french bread to go at Le Panier.

Got some gherkins and sampled a variety of German meats at Bavarian Meats. Ending up taking home a bag of landjagers. Ate some for breakfast this morning. And then Chumley hi-jacked my last bite! Ass! (though this could explain the mysterious looking poo-vomit in previous post)

Stopped at Fran's Chocolates for some delicious smoky sea salt caramels. Took home one or two. Or nine.

Also got some "Oh My God" Grapefruit, (yep, that's the name on the stand) at the fruit/veggie market. There's a really sick and twisted joke to be made regarding the cucumbers across from the grapefruits but I shall refrain. I got some oranges too but not sure what they were called but after eating one today I would think it's "Holy CRAP! These are fantastic!"

We couldn't forget the animals so we headed over to Three Dog Bakery and got Wrigs a drizzle pretzel and Chum some Bonito Flakes. Also got Wrigs a new toy crab which he is OBSESSED with. Will upload some video later.

Since "someone" has a birthday, we stopped in Bell town at Macrina Bakery for a little something sweet. Too bad we bought the one with a big bite missing. Sorry Tom.

After all that we hopped on the freeway and headed north to a store that we both love City People's Garden. This store has EVERYTHING! I got some shabby chic file folders and gloves for over 50% off.

Not a bad day out for a couple of S. Cal transplants.

just curious

When purchasing a new home what would you think if...

a) a homeless person was taking up residence under the deck

b) home appeared to have been broken into

c) hillside above home seemed unsafe

d) every toilet was filled to the brim with sH*t yet the water had been shut off

So, I know we can get the geo-tech guy out to do a survey on the hillside (at least $1k out of pocket) before we officially sign off as owners. And though disgusting and messy, we've already taken care of exhibit (d), but the rest of the issues, I believe these are what we would refer to as "red flags." This is just the tip of the iceburg on how I'm feeling about this W. Seattle house.

There is so much more I want to spew about this, but I can't.

We have 4 days until we must sh*t or get off the pot.

I'm feeling constipated.

Warning: Extremely disgusting picture, do NOT eat while looking at this

I've mentioned how Chumley's been rather aggressive around his food. When I feed him his canned food, he goes crazy: puffs out his cheeks while I'm getting it ready and makes this blowfish type of noise and then dives in face first. I tell him to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n because I'm afraid he's going to choke...or spit up...or ????


After I fed Chum I left the kitchen for just a couple minutes and came back to this sight though I couldn't figure out what it is. Throw up or bottom's up?!? Either way, he did whatever he did out of whichever end he did it out of and went right on back to eating.

Ahhhhhh. The joy of living with animals.

truth be told

When I was younger, (not like really young but old enough to where I should have known better ) I used to think the term "Mergers and Acquisitions" was called "Murders and Acquisitions" meaning, you're killing one company and acquiring it as your own, then turning it into something else. Now every time I hear it on the news the visual of knifed and bloodied employees comes to mind.

Prayers for Milo

Please keep Milo in your prayers. Here is KBL's post regarding his tumor and surgery. Milo is a VERY sensitive soul. I remember how he was at Wrig's birthday party last year. He was always at his mom or dad's side or at the very least made sure he had his eyes on them at all times. Even when he was crowned winner of the "Longest Stay" competition they had to be in his line of sight. He's such a good boy.

Sweet, sweet Milo Bear. You are in our thoughts and prayers. You are the sweetest boy and are loved by soooo many people. Get better ok big guy? There are too many people waiting to spoil you, especially your Momma.

We love you Fuzzy Bear.
Tom, Laura, Wrigley and Chumley.