Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why is it...

When I politely ask the deli counter lady to slice my chicken breast extra thin, I am met with a look of sheer hatred and disgust. It's not like I asked her to please cut out her kidney with a butter knife and serve it on a platter with a cherry on top! How do people like this keep their jobs when there are sooo many good natured people out there looking? This woman is just a grumpy old bitch to begin with, she actually "tssked" when the person before me added cheese to his deli order. How dare this customer order cheese! What was he thinking!?! That the cheese behind the counter is there for purchase? Idiot.

This woman has never been friendly, never smiled and God forbid you order more than a 1/2 pound of anything you will be given the death stare. Oh and the thing is, the meat slicer is automatic. It's not like she has to stand there and actually move a limb. All she does is adjust the setting and push a button. I even commented on that saying, "That makes it easier on the arms" thinking she may respond with at least a grunt, but no she stood there staring at the machine with a smug ass look on her face.

She's like the soup nazi only at the deli counter.

I bet she'd be the type to sneeze in the potato salad. I'm not ever getting that again.


Rebekah said...

I really hate bitchy people when you are just asking them to do their job. It makes me so pissed that I am overly-fake nice to them or when I leave I say something smartass to them to try and make them feel bad. It rarely works. What pisses me off more, is when they also have a frickin' tip jar out and then get pissy if I don't tip them. It's their job, why should I tip them for doing their job. Waitstaff, I can understand that. But there is a damn tip jar everywhere now. Why should I tip the guy at Subway for making my sandwhich?! It's his job. ugh...I shouldn't have gotten started. I need to pop a xanax now. :)

ChiTown Girl said...

Rebekah, I could so easily continue your rant for you, but I'm gonna give Smiley a break today ;-)

Smileygirl said...

I totally hear ya. If there was a tip jar at the deli counter, I would toss in a bag of Wrig's dumps.

Some people are just not meant to work in a customer service oriented industry.

karengberger said...

That sounds like "Bon Qui Qui at King Burger"...have you seen that clip on YouTube? Got to look at it, when you need a laugh.

thepeartreeblog said...


Do these people actually exist????

What am I saying? I get some of those too, once in a while. Usually, I pretend I didn't notice. Very rarely I say something about it. But when I do, I say it in a way they'll never forget.

Some people just aren't made to do some jobs.