Monday, June 30, 2008

Keep a look out for Moe

Please say a prayer that he is found safe.


Too many to make.

Too little time.

Day by day, minute by minute.

Tick tock, tick tock.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Whoever has taken Chumley and replaced him with this sweet loving boy, please come forward.

Or not.

Makes me think of this song (who knew Kathy Griffin was in this video!?)

Won't the real Chum Chumley please stand up, please stand up, please stand up!?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 2 of a Sweet Chumley

He's actually letting me pet him!

Then Wrigs sneaks up from behind and Chum freaks...

Wrigs had other plans.

Friday tunes

My girlfriend Charisse introduced me to the music of Morcheeba over the weekend, and I LOVE it.

This song, Otherwise is my favorite. I also like Fear and Love. Here are some of the lyrics...

We always have a choice
Or at least I think we do
We can always use our voice
I thought this to be true
We can live in fear
Extend our selves to love
We can fall below
Or lift our selves above
Fear can stop you loving
Love can stop your fear
Fear can stop you loving
But it's not always that clear
I always try so hard
To share my self around
But now I'm closing up again
Drilling through the ground
Fear can stop you loving
Love can stop your fear
Fear can stop you loving
But it's not always that clear

I've added both songs to my playlist and intend on updating more. I can spend HOURS arranging music on i-tunes. Once I start I can't stop. I need a 12 step program for i-tunes addiction.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

yet another birthday to celebrate

Happy Birthday Dudley!!!

You'll fall in love with this guy when you read his diary and check out at all the pictures.

Dudley's cuteness factor is OFF THE CHARTS!

2 Momisms. 1 conversation.

"Did you tell your doctor you're allergic to Retromyicin?"

and then a bit later...

"We just got a new Lobe's in town."

Dr. Chumley and Mr. Hyde


Seriously, these are not photo shopped, I swear. And it's not a stuffed toy.

Apparently I need to get sick in order for Chum to give it up.


I went into the office today for just a couple hours and came home and CRASHED. Look who actually popped up to check on me! And the fact that he jumped up while Wrigs (the blob on the other side of my legs) was laying there is even more remarkable. Deep, deep down there is a sweet spot in that cat and this is one of the few times I've been able to capture it.

(These pictures suck since I have to use my camera phone. Just imagine the album of cuteness I'd have if I had our REAL camera. Dang Globe Trotting husband of mine.)

Happy Birthday, Friend

Please stop over to Karen's blog and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!

Last year, I stumbled upon Katie's story (Karen's daughter) through another Caring Bridge member's site. I was so captivated by this beautiful young soul and was awed by her maturity and grace as she faced the most difficult journey with cancer. Katie's story stayed with me from that point on.

Fast forward several months later. I had commented on someone else's blog who was going through some difficult times and Karen read my comment which led her to my blog. (Blog tag) Well when I went to her blog and saw the picture of her and Katie on the front page I got chills. One does not forget that face. So in a very unusual way, we've sort of crossed paths twice. Which tells me that we were meant to meet and become lifetime friends.

And is it any coincidence that she just so happens to live right outside Seattle? She will be the ONE person I know up there aside from Tom's work people. And she is the ONLY reason I have yet to sign divorce papers and stay here in California. Although more on this later. Not the divorce papers, but the staying here in California bit.

Anyway! PLEASE stop by Karen's blog and wish her a special Birthday Wish. Her day started out with a power outage and I tend to think that's not just a coincidence either...

On the Mend

I mentioned my nurse maid would not leave my side. I meant that literally.

This is what I woke up to this morning...

No wonder I feel better.

Now, he's resting his head on my tummy. He knows his mommy is sick and is healing me with love.

By far, the best medicine yet.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not so smiley...

Pale and pasty.

But back at home.

On some absolutely FANTASTIC amazingly WONDERFUL splendidly BEAUTIFUL Drugs.

Tonight's nurse maid has not left my side for a second.

Off to la la land. This is good stuff. Ha!! My fingers are wobbly as I type!!!

Late last night...

...and now this morning is bad again. Cramps, shakes, dizziness. Had 2 friends stay the night with me. I couldn't sleep much, maybe from the antibiotics? I'm on SMZ/TMP (Sufamethoxazole and Trimethoprim) so maybe this is a side effect. I'm bleeding quite a bit now too. It could be my cycle but it's been going on since Thursday and each day it picks up more force. Seriously men, you don't know HOW GOOD YOU HAVE IT. Back to the doctor at 3 today. I'm starting to question if this is a bladder infection now. Perhaps Tom had them hide the panty liner wrapper inside my gut after all.

"Hey, black cloud???"



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Update: Back from the doctor

Yesterday's pain at the grocery store was bad but this morning was even worse. I had been off work last week and I told myself no matter what, today, I'm going in. Then I realized as I was getting ready that I hadn't peed this morning, or very much at all yesterday. I drank some gatorade and waited a bit then tried to go, and that's when I knew something was definitely amiss. Note to readers: No piss = amiss. (stupid, I know) but I figured I can wait to deal with this later in the day. I had to get into the office. I loaded up on some pain pills and continued to get ready. Shortly after 9am Karen called me. She was concerned and advised me to put this first and foremost. She is such a warm and caring individual as many of you know, and I really took what she said to heart. After we got off the phone I called the doctor. I told them I was having urination issues and was in some pain. They wanted me to come in and I said I would leave work early and be there around 4pm. They said ok. I was just pulling out of the driveway when my cell phone rings. It's the doctor's office again and they said based on the pain and no pee factor (they put in more medically eloquent terms I'm sure) that I should be seen right away. They wanted me to take another urine test to see if this was another bladder infection. I said that's all fine and dandy but I'm not able to produce urine. I headed back inside and grabbed a big bottle of Tejava Iced Tea and told them I'll chug this bottle and head over.

I'm waiting in the doctor's office, finishing off the bottle and NOTHING. I am now in STABBING Pain from all the liquid in my bladder and start shaking uncontrollably. They take me back to the office and have me sit down. They take my temp, there's no fever. I tell them that I want to try to use the bathroom. I'm in there for a few minutes and then finally some drops. And a little more. It filled about 1/5th of the small container. And once I saw the color, I knew there was another infection. Sorry to be gross but it was the color of the 12:00 vile in the above picture. Or like the color of my Tejava tea. I came out of the bathroom and handed the cup to the nurse she said, Wow. I think that's the standard response when one sees pee that color.

She said it would be tested right away but was pretty certain it's another infection. I'm wondering if it's the same one from 2 weeks ago. They never re-tested me prior to surgery on Monday so I could have potentially had this while my internal organs were poked and prodded. I'm not sure I'll ever know but this, among other things, has caused me some concern about the way this entire process has been handled. For instance just this week I find out that my doctor is out of network and I will be billed at 60% of the costs. As of now I stand to pay $5600 out of pocket for the surgery itself, not including anesthesia, pre-op testing, and pathology. I am fighting this tooth and nail (I don't get what that means) because the doctor's office had my insurance information since April and I was told they accepted my insurance. Even today they admitted that was the case and this is now going to be a battle against Aetna because when they submitted the pre-certification paperwork it was processed and never denied as out of network. Something else to look forward to. Battling with insurance companies. (picture NOT kid friendly- sorry to the 13 year old who loves Chumley and reads this blog. They're really not that creepy in real life and hopefully you'll not see that many all at once. You should probably wait til you're like 25, just to be safe. So much for my public service announcement on penises. Seriously, my head is spinning.)

Holy F*ck this is a long post - I'll try and speed things up a bit.

I left the office still in pain and drove 20+miles into work. That was a blur. The temp was 76 degrees out but I was still shivering. I got into my office and doubled over in pain. My co-workers who consist of 2 people, the CEO and CTO were concerned. I gave them the low down on the past week and the update on why I'm writhing in pain on my office floor and then the doctor's office calls. They told me I had a full blown bladder infection (interesting how that only took about an hour and a half but yet they waited a WEEK to tell me the last time!) So they called in a prescription to the Target pharmacy by my house which I then called and asked to send it to the pharmacy by my work. They said that once it's in the system it will automatically be at any Target store in the area. This was 12:30 and they said they are inputting it as we speak. I called at 1:00 just to make sure that it was in and the pharmacy by my work was CLOSED! I was almost in tears. I called the store and they said that everyone was at lunch. Again at 2:00 it's STILL CLOSED! I couldn't take it any longer so I got into my car and sped over there thinking I will hop over that fricking counter top and start pouring pills into viles willy nilly if I have to so help me God. Seriously the pain was that bad that this is what I fully intended to do.

I get there and it's a coffee klatch so I politely interrupt and ask for my prescription. I give them my name and I instantly think, it's not going to be in that perfect little alphabetized bin. I just know it. And nope it wasn't there. I provide them with all my information, they made a phonecall and once they found out what it was for and watched as I'm sprawled across the countertop they rushed to get it filled. It cost only 80 cents. I'm thinking my doctor's office may have had something to do with that. Just a little suspect in my opinion.

So I grab a bag of bagels, some cream cheese and a yogurt drink (yogurt is supposed to be good for you when you're on antibiotics - prevents Yeasties (that's what I call them. I've only had ONE in my entire life and it was in college. It was the last time I wore skin tight jeans on a 90 degree night while doing a drunken ice-capades routine outside of a fraternity house.) So I head to the check out to pay. At this point I'm feeling like I could pass out. There was a little girl in the line with her mom and she must have been about 7 or 8. She kept looking at me and then shyly looking away and I thought she must sense that I'm about to keel over. After a few times I finally smiled at her and she smiled back so big and said, "You're pretty." It was one of the sweetest things to hear coming from this cute little voice and I swear the pain subsided for a moment. I told her "thank you and so are you" and her mom smiled back at us both. It melted my heart.

As I'm walking to my car I'm opening the pills and chuck one into my mouth and swig some water. I'm supposed to take them with food but I couldn't wait. Back in the office lunch room I sit with my co-worker and toast the bagel slather on the cream cheese and reach for my yogurt drink. He's commenting on what a day it's been and I tell him that there's a dark cloud above my head, Can you see it? He says he saw it just blow away and I say thank GOD and start to shake up my yogurt drink. Yogurt drink splatters across the kitchen floor and down my shirt and jeans because the cap was already opened. My co-worker and I both double over laughing and I tell him that the black cloud has not yet lifted. I toss the pre-opened yogurt drink in the garbage and share some of my co-workers fruit. What a day this has been. Scary thing is, it's not over yet...

Can't urinate.

I swear the days just KEEP GETTING BETTER PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Thanks to all of you who have been so thoughtful and concerned. I am truly blessed with the support of so many amazing people inside this computer.

Thank you.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Just when you think you've got a handle on things, inevitably something else comes along to knock you right back on your ass. Such is life.

To be continued...

(or not)

did not intend this to be so long...


Oh for the love of GOD look what I found in my pantry this morning when I reached for the cereal...

Whatever. I'm not going back. My pain and suffering was worth the 4 bucks. Stupid bite sized wafer cookies.


I left to go grocery shopping at 4:30

Grocery store is less 1/4 of a mile away

I am just now home at 6:30.

In addition to the cluster f*ck cloud that has planted itself above my head, today was not a pain free day. In fact it was pretty bad. I needed to get some groceries but I put it off all day because every few moments I'm doubled over in pain. Finally at 4:30 I leave. I only need a few things, like milk and some ready made foods so I figure this will be quick.

I'm rushing through the aisles and by the time I'm at the checkout I'm doubled over the cart. Check out guy was trying to rush through which was nice and then he came to some deli cheese that didn't have a deli price sticker on it so the bag girl had to take it back to the deli. She left without asking what kind of cheese it was and was gone for a couple minutes and then came walking back and I just said, "Horseradish Cheddar" and she turned back around. The lady behind me huffed and puffed and removed her items from the belt. Whatever. I can guarantee she had a better day than I did.

Once I'm home putting the groceries away I realize, there's no milk. I check the trunk of the car, nothing. I grab my keys and speed back to the store.

I tell the manager that my milk was not put in my cart and she asks to see the receipt. I realize it's sitting at home on the kitchen counter. She says Ok, just grab the same milk and you can take it home. Fine. Fine. I do that and totally feel like a thief as I exit the store via the produce section in a rush with only a jug of milk.

Once I get home I check off each item on the receipt and then realize milk is not the only thing that is missing. I was able to account for everything except a baggie of cracked pepper turkey pastrami and one other item I can't figure out based on the receipt that reads "LOACKERS - $3.99". I have NO CLUE what the hell this could have been even though I just purchased it minutes before. Now, my adrenaline's pumping and I can't even feel the stomach cramps. I grab the keys AGAIN and speed out of the driveway almost smashing into my neighbor, which I will explain and apologize to her for later. (She was in her car - it's not like I was about to run over a pedestrian).

By this time the grocery store is packed. I decide to double check the trunk ONCE AGAIN before I go into my tirade on how this has happened for the last time. I rustle some things around, but there's no baggie of deli meat or LOACKERS to be found.

I head back to the Manager's office and hand her my receipt and show her what's missing. She can't figure out that one item either so instead she gives me cash back. Fine. Then she says that she'll go get the meat which I said no she didn't have to but she insisted. I'm glad she did because the line at the deli counter was 4 people long and she got first priority. At this point I probably would have gone APE SHIT having to wait there in pain. The cramps were really bad again.

The manager comes back with the meat and she apologizes and I say it's ok, whatever, and I rush back to my car. I feel as though my stomach is about to explode. Not like a bathroom type of explosion it was like hot searing pains shooting across my lower stomach. They wouldn't last long but when they came it was like a bolt of lighting. I'm looking for my keys in my purse and can't find them. I shake my purse a few times and don't hear the usual jingle jangle of keys and then realize I must have left my f*cking keys in the trunk. I push the key button on the trunk PRAYING that it will open as I lift and of course it doesn't. I slam my turkey pastrami onto the ground (it was either that or my cell phone) and shout "F*CK F*CK F*CK!!!!" then start walking home in tears.

I usually carry a spare key in my wallet but guess who decided to switch out wallets JUST THIS LAST WEEKEND?!?! I left many of the contents of my bigger wallet on top of the desk area in the kitchen and had intended to go through and organize it all at some point. The spare key was among that mix.

I'm back home, spare key is now wedged into my smaller summer wallet and I am about to pour myself the biggest glass of GREEK WINE. My girlfriend Rebecca shipped me a bottle that we bought last year in Santorini. We waited almost 9 months for this damn wine to arrive. We both ordered 3 bottles at 10 euros a piece but ended up spending $404 US dollars because of shipping costs. The arrival of this wine has been the only bright spot in my day. I'm off to imbibe.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Wrigley's Identity Crisis

Why is it the majority of the time when I introduce passer-bys to Wrigley they say, "Oh, is he named after Wrigley's gum?"

This is now becoming my standard response...

"No, he's not named after a stick of gum. He is named after Wrigley Field."

(blank stare)

"Home of the Cubs."

(furrowed brow)

"A baseball team."

(more confused looks)

"In Chicago."

(almost there...)

"Chicago, Illinois."


(*sidenote* this gum was really good but it loses flavor in all of 17.4 seconds)

Bandages off

I've got 3 little holes in my tummy.

Let's go bowling.

my latest Linkedin

(click to enlarge)

View Barack's Profile

Now if I can only get this guy to accept...

Stupid restraining orders.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm pissed

I'm camera-less for a while. Why? Because Tom felt that his travels around Italy were more important than the Wrigley and Chumley antics I capture around the house. Whatever. He could have used his camera phone. And it's not like he's never been to these places before. The animals better not do anything cute over the next several days because if they do I'm buying a new camera. And maybe even a new computer too. Holy crap I think I'm pmsing. Seriously just snapped right there.

Keepin' the Economy A'Float

Here are 2 great products, both USA made, that I wanted to share. I may have already posted about this mascara once before, but it's worth another post if so. Several months ago I used the Eyelash Conditioner stuff before I learned that it could potentially cause blindness. Obviously I stopped using it and found that Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara definitely increases lash length and thickness. I love this stuff and it only costs $6.99! It lasts about 2 months and you really want to replace it after that time anyway due to bacteria build up. Actually I think they say to replace mascara after 30 days but that seems too frequent. Either way, this stuff is great.

I found this line of hair care products at Target called Organix. I just bought a bottle of the Shea Butter shampoo because that is all I need for now and I'm trying to weed out my products and only purchase something new once I run out. So far it's working. This line has so many yummy scents that it was hard to choose just one. I was debating on the Pomegranete Green Tea and Coconut Milk but then ultimately decided they smelled too food like so I settled on the Shea Butter. The smell reminds me of how your skin smells after spending all day at the beach lathered in suntan lotion. Actually now that I think of it I really should go back and get a Conditioner. I want that scent to linger and since the conditioner is the final step in the hair cleansing process that's the scent that stays with you. The good thing about this stuff is that there are mail in rebates on certain bottles so though you pay $6.99 right now, you can send away for a full refund via mail so essentially this stuff is free! Yep, I'm going back for Conditioner.

Why is everything I buy $6.99???

Girl's Night In

Tonight my sister is coming over for a Girl's night. I've got one of our favorite wines chilling as I type. We'll have 7- layer taco dip, chicken pesto-lime wraps and a yummy Greek salad for dinner. And for dessert I'm doing the usual, fresh cut strawberries dipped in low fat sour cream then dipped in course brown sugar. It's the most refreshing summer treat, you simply must try it. We plan on cranking up the tunes, playing songs on the piano (the animals like to dance) and enjoying the warm summer night in between our wine sips. Heck we may even sleep under the stars. I love summer.

Seriously, do we need shows like this???

It Could Happen Tomorrow

another promo

I just happened to tune into yesterday's episode of "Seattle Earthquake" and after watching that I pretty much made up my mind that I'm staying put. And yes, I KNOW there are a gazillion more earthquakes in California but I didn't know that the entire city of Seattle is built on a major fault line that is not very deep into the earth's surface. The effects of an earthquake there are more devastating than those here due to the soft ground.

Here's a clip from The Discovery Channel about the inevitable quake that is to come.

Mark my words...I'm not moving.

"Paging Dr. Freud"

I had an extremely inappropriate dream about Mcauley Caulkin last night. No details needed. Apparently I have a thing for pre-pubescent boys. Actually in the dream he was driving so that would make him 16. Still that's just very, very wrong. Excuse me while I go burn my Home Alone DVDs.

Tim Russert's Rainbow

I heard about this on Anderson Cooper last night. Tim Russert's memorial service concluded with the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Once outside, the mourners were greeted with a GIANT double rainbow in the middle of the sky. Coincidence? I think not. It's amazing to imagine what other forms we can take once we leave our earthly bodies. How incredibly f*cking cool is that? Something all of us will experience when the time is right.

Take a few minutes to listen to the song and think about those who have become the "rainbows" in your life.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

this post is lame

Even though I feel really good I'm supposed to take it easy today. So I am.

I'm eating a bag of Goldfish Crackers and keep dropping them between the couch cushions but I don't reach between the cushions to retrieve them because that grosses me out. I'm afraid of what else is wedged between there and I don't want to stick my hand there and feel icky wads of hair/sand/gritty matter. The Goldfish will stay there until we move.

I thought I'd mention my favorite snack of all times...

A hot latte:

with a Sweet Crisp from Corner Bakery:

I ventured out this morning with Tom and Wrigs and this was on the menu. I also had a bowl of Corner Bakery's Swiss Oatmeal which is DELICIOUS but then I looked up the nutritional information and found out one little serving has 79 grams of Carbs. I must kiss the Swiss goodbye.

I've been watching a lot of tv the past 2 days. So now I'm addicted to these shows:

It's Me Or The Dog

Denise Richards It's Complicated

And I've caught up on all the episodes of Work Out too. I think Jackie had some cosmetic surgery.

Lots going on with regards to our relocation but we're not rushing things. It's not an ideal time for us to move so we are looking at some other options, possibly keeping this house and renting it out or commuting between the two places. Or perhaps another plan altogether...

Right now I'm watching Top 10 Fun Food Factories and did you know that Chicagoans consume more Twinkies per capita than any other city in the United States? They are showing how Twinkies are made and they are so cute all lined up on the conveyor belt getting ready to get stuffed with creme filling. I'm hungry again.

Chumley Likes Garbanzo Beans

I swear this cat is a vegetarian. His favorite foods are broccoli and beans. Though he finished off some Pastrami today too. You can just imagine what his litter box will look like very shortly.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pot o' Perfume

During my Sunday shopping spree throughout Laguna I found this amazing perfume balm. It came in handy today when I was sitting in the doctor's office and realized that I didn't even put deodorant on today. So I grabbed the perfume balm in my purse and slathered it on my wrists and neck and I smelled so pretty. Oh and the reason I was in the doctor's office a day after my surgery is that I split open one of my surgery sites. It had to be taped back together. The hole was so big you could stick a pen through it. I didn't actually stick a pen through it though. Anyway that's not the point of this post I just wanted to say I love this new pot of perfume. I'm on some pain meds right now. Let's just say, I'm feeling pretty darn good.

Sooooooo Constipated


While searching for relief I found this video.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sooooooo tired

I'm home and have been sleeping most of the day. The surgery was a success and I'm in minimal discomfort. Just some shoulder and chest pain which is a common side effect due to the gas they inject into your body. I guess it settles in the neck and upper back area but it's really not bad. My doctor indicated that there was a substantial amount of Endometrial lesions and took an hour to get all of them. Next week we are discussing further treatment options (including Lupron injections for 6 months) to prevent them from growing back. Not quite sure I want to go there. Don't really want to invite the side effect of depression into my life, especially with our upcoming move. I'm hoping there's a plan B for this.

Thanks to all of you who prayed. I feel really good right now just very sleepy so I'm going back to bed. Oh and I haven't seen Wrigs since 5:30 this morning (he's too jumpy) so I'm going through SERIOUS Wrig's withdrawal. Chumley has played nurse maid and has been laying on the bed with me for most of the day and has NOT been attacking. Both Tom and I are shocked and thrilled about this. Animals know what's up.

real quick

Last night I dreamt that Wrigley could talk and he sounded like Clumsy Smurf. I can't find any video of Clumsy but the description above sums up Wrigs to a tea! If he could speak I'm certain that's who he'd sound like.

Breakfast with my friend...

...turned into a full day of fun in Laguna Beach! The day was perfect. We had delicious coffee and breakfast at a little pastry shop (though they ran out of normal sized chairs). Can you see how high she is sitting? The table comes up to her knees. Announcing "Queen Charisse of the Heidelberg Pastry Shop"

Here I am sitting on a normal sized chair. I look like I work for the Geek Squad in this photo.

After breakfast we did a little shopping and lots of browsing. I'll have to post some pics of our finds. I got the most adorable summer bag. Yes, I must post pics soon because my words will do it no justice.

After more walking and shopping we were hungry again so we headed to a French Bakery/Cafe for some light fare (and a small glass of champagne). Then we did a bit more strolling through the beautiful town of Laguna and had to stop and take a picture next to these gorgeous sunflowers. That was taken with my camera's self timer. We looked like such tourists but we didn't care.

And of course a trip to Laguna is not complete without a stroll along the beach...

The day could not have been better. It's funny whenever Charisse and I plan to meet for breakfast somehow it turns into an all day event. And when she comes over to our house Tom always says the same thing..."Now Laura, if you guys start drinking wine and get silly and want to get into your nighties and have a pillow fight, PLEASE, don't let me stop you!" And if he's not home when she comes over he'll say the same thing but add, "Just make sure and video tape it."

Yes, she's gorgeous. But, beneath the surface, she's the most beautiful person that I've met in California. She is a true blessing in my life and I am forever grateful to our dear friend Aaron for bringing us together in friendship.

(I just realized I'm probably going to get a bunch of interesting google hits based on the word combo above: "nighties" / "pillow fight". I may need to edit this later. But now I'm tired. I have to be up in less than 5 hours. My surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 6am. Let's hope I'm infection free this time around!)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I just clogged the toilet

I don't know what to do. Tom's golfing, the water's rising and I'm pacing back and forth saying "Please don't overflow. Please don't overflow." I can't call a neighbor cuz it's too embarrassing and I don't want to use a plunger when there's "stuff" inside the bowl. A plumber would cost so much money since it's early Sunday morning. ACK!

I'm going to leave and take Wrigs for a walk and hope the bathroom is not flooded when we return.

*update* The water was still high when I came back from the walk but I flushed again and grabbed a bunch of old towels just in case and it slowly went down. But the flush didn't sound right so I'm staying away from that bathroom for a while. At least until Tom uses it, then I can say he did it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I like some of her music but I think she's ripping off Amy Winehouse. Especially with this song. Copy cats are lame.

Just replace "Nooo Noo No" with "Yeahhh "Yeahh Yeah" and essentially, it's the same song.

She has more of an original sound in this song: RockFerry.

Otherwise she's a wannabe Winehouse. And we all know there's only one. Though I will say when it comes to voice quality, she gives Winehouse a run for her drug money.

YAY! I'm not going blind!

For the longest time I was having such a hard time viewing things on my lap top screen. I thought it was the glare from the sun but even at night I was straining to see/read things on screen. All this time it was just my brightness meter! It was only on the 2nd little bar way to the left hand side so I kicked it up full blast and now I can see again!!! Today I am thankful for my brightness meter.

Is it possible... pull your back out, pop your kneecap and suffer a head injury all in a matter of 3 seconds???

Try giving this guy a bath and find out for yourself.

Don't let that sweet, innocent face fool you. Once he enters the bathroom of doom he instantly becomes the Tasmanian Devil Dog. The only thing that would be worse would be attempting to bathe Chumley. For sure I'd lose an eye.

I am bruised and battered and now need a bath myself.

Question to all Bloggers

What would you do if Blogging suddenly came to an end?? Say all the blog hosting sites shut down and we could blog no more. What would you do??? I was thinking about that today when I was adding some new widgets to my page and I thought "OH MY GOD THIS IS SOOO COOL!" and then I thought how fun it is to play around with music, books, images, other blog sites, links, whatever because blogging is like being transported into another world through the comforts of your own home (where ever that may be). And I really think if it wasn't for the life inside this blog world I would have even more sadness about our move. I feel very blessed to have blogging as an outlet as well as a sense of connected-ness to so many amazing people. At least I can take each and every one of you with me no matter where we go!

I cut my thumb...

...on a sharp piece of brass edging on this chair:

Apparently my bandaid was too tight because now my thumb is numb:

And white:

My cut is deep. I see hot pink and pale pink squishy stuff inside the wound. I probably need a tetanus shot.

My home is hazardous to my health.