Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's next? President???

So today I get a call from our neighborhood's Homeowner's Association asking if I would consider running for the Board. I told the kind gentleman that I would consider it but how could I possibly juggle yet another highly sought after position? First I become a Roomba Advisory Board member, then a Stool Detective and now I may have a seat on the Homeowner's Board? Next thing you know I'll be running for mayor.

Though I'm starting to think my stint on the Roomba Advisory Board is a hoax. But that's for another day.

Now I'm off to SAVE OUR TREE!!!


leishblog said...

Mayor Mc Cheese is the stuff of nightmares. I forgot about him. Who voted him in?
I think you should take the position on the board… Laura slowly but surely taking over the world! Love it!

Smileygirl said...

I just returned from the meeting. It was over 2.5 hours. It was intense.

Mayor McCheese = pervert.

But Grimace is so damn cute. Remember him??? Perhaps I need to get on a committee to bring back GRIMACE!!!

I'm slap happy after this meeting.