Friday, May 02, 2008

Fearless Flyer Friday

It's quite an event in this household when we receive Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer in the mail. I'm usually the one who brings in the mail and when I see that Flyer sitting amongst our bills and junk mail I jump for joy. I'll rush back into the house and wave the flyer above my head shouting Paul Revere style, "The Flyer is here! The Flyer is here!" Tom will acknowledge my excitement with a nod and say, "Ok, ok, just settle down." It's the same thing every time. We're such predictable nerds.

Last night Tom brought in the mail and what does he do as he comes through the front door??? He shouts in this whiny voice he uses to imitate me, "The flyer is here! The flyer is here!" as he's flailing it back and forth. He looked ridiculous. I'm sure that's not how I look when I announce the flyer's arrival.

I don't just rush through the flyer. Like I said, it's an event. I set aside some time, about 20 minutes and if it's in the evening I'll sit quietly with my flyer (no distractions), pen in one hand, wine in the other and go to town circling the usual must haves and starring the never before seen "must try" items. It's also fantastic reading material for the bathroom.

But for now, I just made an iced green tea latte and I'm heading outside with my flyer and pen to sit in the warmth of the sun for a bit.

Happy Friday!

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suz said...

This is cute.
I understand the sillyness and the silly one gets it but you two. Nice.
I REALLY want to have a Trader Joe's. It is NOT fair.