Friday, May 02, 2008

Update on DIY project

I never posted the "after" pics for this project so I'll do that now.

Sanded down table (before the crackle paint)

First coat of crackle paint (turned out too barnyard Red so we (Tom) ended up rubbing dark stain with a rag over the crackle paint)

Finished Product (matches the color of the picture perfectly!)

We have soooo much red crackley paint left that I hate to waste so I'm sizing up other items in the house that can be crackled. So far I've got an old mirror, some picture frames and a few flower pots. Yep, I'm really living on the edge over here.


karengberger said...

THAT is beautiful. I am so glad that you posted the photos; I had been wondering how it went.

I'd love to do some garage-sale hunting and then do something similar with whatever I find, but right now, I don't have the energy to face it. It's great to get a vicarious thrill out of seeing a great project work well for someone else.

Smileygirl said...

Thanks Karen! I really like how it turned out. Garage sales are the BEST for finding pieces and it is a thrill when someone else's cast away + some creative vision, takes on a new, usable form in your own home. But it does take effort to search and energy (and patience) to re-create so when you're ready to tackle this I'm sure the perfect piece will be waiting for you. And if you need any red crackle paint you know who to call. =)