Saturday, May 10, 2008

Carnation Breakfast Bars & the Colon of Joy

Thanks to Joe*to*hell, for sending me a link to make Carnation Breakfast bars at home.

And take a few moments to browse around Joe's blog. You'll find some interesting things such as this. How perfect is the "Colon of Joy" pin??? I will wear mine with pride. I also really dig the Uterus Cameo. What a great gift idea for Mother's Day.

And now for the recipe:

Carnation Breakfast Bars (compliments of Budget

1 Cup Spanish Peanuts (Peeled and Crushed to a near powder)
1 Cup Rolled Toasted Oats (I had to use Granola for lack of toasted oats)
1 Cup Rice crispies
½ Cup Miniature chocolate chips
1/3 Cup Light Karo Syrup.
24 - 36 Oz. Milk Chocolate

Combine all dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Add Karo Syrup

(though it is possible to pack the ingredients without this) Line a small

pan with wax paper and PACK the mixture FIRMLY into pan. Melt 12 oz

of the chocolate and spread over top of mixture and refrigerate till

firm (at least one hour)


joe*to*hell said...

i am dying to know how it comes out!!!!!

thanks for the link too!

Anonymous said...

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