Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What happened Fantasia???

What the hell was Fantasia Barrino's performance about on tonight's American Idol??? I think Simon Cowell's expression sums it all up. (Yes, I actually videotaped it straight off the tv with my camera. It was that disturbing.)


ChiTown Girl said...

OK, I never seen even one single episode of AI, but that was funny, nonetheless. Too bad you didn't start taping earlier so we could see exactly what the performance was that made Simon look like that.

LaughingMouse said...

If you want to see the whole thing, it's on youtube @

Also, two points. First I can totally understand the look on Simon's face.

Second, is it just me or is she almost exactly like the Chris Tucker character in that movie The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis???

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I had the same thought as well about her performance (and her bizarre hair).... it's almost like she's devolved into some sad caricature of her former self.

Disturbing. And sad. :-(

joe*to*hell said...

i love how you taped it with your camera, uploaded it to youtube and there wasnt gonna be a full clear edit on youtube!

that girl done lost her goddamn black mind