Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun cheap products!

I got these shoes at Target today for $6.99! I LOVE THEM! They are so cute for gardening or just putzing around this summer and they are very comfortable. You can get them online too: Cute pink shoes. *Disclaimer: Though they are made in China so I'm waiting to develop a flesh eating foot fungus in the very near future. (But they're really so damn cute that it's almost worth losing a toe or two.)

I'm trying to save some money so I opted to try a less expensive facial cleanser than my usual $40+ tube of Trish McEvoy cleanser. About a week ago I bought Neutrogena's Anti-Oxidant Age Reverse Cleanser and so far I really like it. It was on sale for $6.99 and you just can't beat that price. I'm not sure if it really does all the things it claims to do but it lathers up great and cleans your skin well and smells so incredibly good that I look forward to washing my face.

And while I'm protecting my skin from free radicals and sun damage I've been using this Natural Glow Express Moisturizer from Jergens that works great for a fast, natural looking tan. I bought the medium to tan moisturizer first and I like it for leg color but it's a bit too dark for the neck and decollate so I also got a tube of medium for the upper body. And the price for a tube of this stuff is also $6.99!!!

I just realized that all these products are $6.99. I should change the title of this post to "Fun Cheap Products under $7!" but I'm tired and just want to go to bed. Just had to share a few fantastic bargain buys for summer.

Nitey nite!


TTQ said...

Sketchers meet Crocs have a baby and sell clones at Target.

suz said...

cool...thanks for sharing.
I started using the neutrogena self tanner...bonus it comes with spf 20!!!!
It is great. Try it next time. I think it may have been 6.99 also.

The Engine of the Family said...

I thought I was the only one that said 'putzing around'! Must be a midwest thing!

Stephanie said...

Cute shoes. Loooove Target. I have 3 or 4 I frequent pretty regularly. I'm going to try that cleanser. I use Philisophy, which is not as expensive as Trish, but more than I'd like to spend. I love the Natural Glow stuff by Jergens. I didn't know there was an "EXPRESS!"

Anonymous said...

After come chiding and your advice, I tried the Natural Glow stuff. The face lotion broke me out. It also does if I put it on my chest, so I'll just be using it on my legs and arms.