Monday, December 24, 2007

Yes...another vacuum!

I know one of my Christmas presents this year is a Roomba. Tom has wanted one for YEARS and I'm pretty sure that he got one as a "household gift". This will now bring our household vacuum total to SEVEN. Tom has a serious addiction to purchasing motorized suction devices and I think I need to find him help.

I must get back to making dinner. Instead of turkey and all the fixins I decided to do a lasagna. We have no room in our fridge for anything else at this point so a tray of lasagna is easier to manage than a 20 pound bird. Ok I must put the lasagna in the oven before the guests arrive!

Oh, by the way...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Peace, love and laughter to all.



ChiTown Girl said...

hmmm, what other motorized suction devices does Tom have exactly? sounds interesting...

Karyn said...

Merry Christmas, Laura, Tom, Chumley, & Wrigley!

xx, Karyn, Beverly, & Elvis