Tuesday, December 18, 2007

really bad dreams

Lately, I've been having some really REALLY disturbing dreams. I won't get into that on here, but I just have to get the one from last night out of my head because it's been on my mind all day. Tom and I were buying a car, and we decided to get a used Cadillac Brougham which is what I drove in college. (And back then I could fit 10 people in that thing, sometimes when I was driving I'd look in the rear view mirror and see a whole bunch of arms and legs sticking out everywhere. Good times.) Ok, back to the dream...so Tom and I found a car we both liked and on the outside it was the exact replica of my college car but the inside was like an airplane cockpit, so many instruments and hi-tech gadgets to play with. We made the transaction with the sales guy and I don't think any money was exchanged but I left my current car there and also told him he could have all the clothes stashed in the trunk that I was planning on giving to good will. The sales guy seemed ecstatic about this. So Tom and I drive off in the new wheels.

We're going pretty fast along the coast and it starts to rain. I tell him he better slow down and he says he doesn't know how. He starts fiddling with the gadgets on the dash board and I tell him those won't do anything, just use the BRAKES! The road is starting to curve and we're headed straight for the side of the mountain at full speed. Tom looks over at me and I'm screaming "BRAKE! BRAKE! BRAKE!" and he screams back, "WHERE ARE THEY!?!?!" and then we SLAM into the mountain. We are now inside the mountain and it's sooooo quiet and peaceful and we both don't have a scratch on us. I say to him, "Tom...we just died." He smiles and says "No we didn't, we're fine." I say, "Yes we did- look at us." The realization hits us both and I start crying in the car because I'm sooo upset for our families. He hugs me and says that we're going to be fine and not to cry and then all of the sudden this heavy gray tarp falls over us. The tarp weighs a lot and is smushing us down and it hurts my head and neck but we continue to cling to each other. I can't see Tom anymore but I hear his voice and he whispers in my ear, "We'll be ok. We have each other." And then I woke up.


ChiTown Girl said...

ok, i can see how this would be disturbing to you, but i'm sorry, all i see is a beautiful testimonial to how your love for each other is undying.

Mindy said...

Stress from the holidays = really f*@ked up dreams