Monday, December 03, 2007

Saturday night wrap up

I wanted to update the events of Saturday night's Christmas party with my sister but I'm sure I'll just ramble on and on so instead I'll post some highlights. My mind is not working well today so please keep that in mind...

-went to a Christmas in Italy party at my Aesthetician's office
-didn't realize it was formal, we were dressed in jeans
-drank lots of wine
-ate amazing Italian food
-stuffed our mouths with the best chocolate cake on the planet
-chatted it up w/ Santa and Mrs. Claus

-drank out of Santa's Whiskey filled flask (and will be getting a mouth sore for Christmas, I'm sure)
-ran into the girl we sold our condo to, found out she no longer lives there, had to foreclose
-felt horrible and partly responsible for selling the place (eventho I know it was just bad timing)
-drank more wine, ate more food

-is a totally sweet girl and a lot of fun
-ran into her ex-boyfriend at the party
-had to deal with some drama as the night went on
-decided to leave the party and come dancing with us

We all ended up having so much fun and it's weird how things work out. Small world indeed. That's what the holidays are all about. Fun times and fabulous food shared amongst family and friends (old and new)!


Jennifer and Jason said...

Wow...sounds like you had fun!

Joe has the greatest expressions when I dress him up. It's so sad, but makes me laugh out loud. :)

Jennifer and Jason said...

I tagged you in one of my posts... I know you have many meaningful ornaments so I want you to do this!