Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chum bear update

So I went to click order on that bear I found for Chum and the shipping was $8.95 bringing the total to $25! I think that's a bit too much money to spend on one toy, one that he may not even like so I canceled the order. Then later that same day Tom and I ran to Tuesday Morning to pick up a bunch of silly gag gifts for our holiday party and we found this guy there for $9.99!

It's long and lanky like Chum's original bear although the color is not exact but aren't cats color blind anyway??? Oh I hope he likes it so I can finally toss his old smelly, crusty bear full of holes. Although I give him credit for making this bear last 13 years.

Unlike Wrigley, who after 5 minutes rips the face off of his teddy bear...

He will NOT be getting a new bear for Christmas.

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