Saturday, December 15, 2007

Grab-n-Bag Power Vac

Tom got this Shark Grab-n-Bag Powered Pooper Scooper for a few friends that have dogs and thought that we should have one too. Do the words Grab-n-Bag used together make you think of something else? Anyway, Tom is is OBSESSED with buying any type of power vac. It's seriously an addiction. That, and sponges. He can't even walk down the sponge aisle anymore at Target because he will go on a sponge buying frenzy and stash sponges in every cabinet of the house and garage. So anyway, tonight he puts the pooper scooper vac together and heads outside to "test" it on one of Wrig's piles. I'm sitting in the house knitting by the tree, listening to carols with a nice glass of wine when he comes barreling back inside holding the filled scooper SHOWING ME how well it picked up the poo! Was that REALLY necessary couldn't he have just TOLD me about it??? I guess I should be grateful that little things like this still manage to get him so excited but seriously, he could have keep that shit outside.

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Mindy said...

I had to google this thing because the picture makes it look mammoth-size.