Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dysfunctional Housewives of Orange County

Not quite sure how to describe the sequence of photos in this post, other than... my sister and I frequent this Indian restaurant called Natraj. The food is really good and the first time we went there for lunch we ordered a glass of wine (on empty stomachs) and got sort of silly. We both had some fake bugs and Billy Bob teeth in our purses (no explanation there for those who know us) so we wore the teeth and randomly placed the bugs around the table, on our plates and in our drinks while tormenting the extremely patient wait staff. Thank God they have a sense of humor!

Well since that first time it's sort of a tradition to keep up with the antics anytime we go. We've incorporated the remote control fart machine into the mix, fake poop and last night, we wore Groucho Marx glasses. The waiters recognize us (even in disguise) and each one comes out to see what we're up to. My sister's husband was with us last night and would tell the waiter that he got us a night pass but we have to be back to the home by 9:00. And I'm certain the waiter thought he was serious. Here are some photos...

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