Wednesday, December 26, 2007

our favorite things...

Ok since I can't watch anymore of this ridiculously predictable movie I thought I'd blog about my favorite Christmas present...THE ROOMBA! This thing is FANTASTIC! I know I bitched about Tom's obsessive compulsion when it comes to vacuums but he really hit the jackpot on this one. This machine makes me want to sing. We set the timer on it so every other day at 9am it shoots out of it's docking station and goes to work in the family room. It takes about 45 minutes to clean the room and when it's done it finds it's way back to the station. I am so grateful to have one of these, especially with a houseful of fuzzy animals.

One of Tom's favorite Christmas presents is a remote control helicopter my mom gave him. He played with this thing ALL day yesterday and even let me try it out. We made up a game and would each take turns flying it around and landing it gently (not an easy task). I kept crash landing and instead of picking it up and placing it upright I would gun the motor on the remote to try and get it airborne. The thing kept flipping around on the floor and Tom was not happy about this. He says, "Stop doing that! If you don't pick it up you can't play with my toy!" He was completely serious. I don't think we would have gotten along so well as 5 year olds.

I found some footage on youtube of a similar helicopter. Though, the guy in this video needs to put down the toy and clean his place. He could even invest in a Roomba if he's short on time.

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moooooog35 said...

My son got a remote control helicopter, too.

He's four.

I'll hold onto the reins of that thing until he's old enough to figure it out himself.

Say, when he's 15.


I love Christmas.