Tuesday, December 18, 2007

slow news day

So the news tonight featured a segment on airplane food and how most of the stuff we eat on the plane has more fat and calories than a Big Mac, fries and strawberry sundae combined. The field reporter was interviewing random people on the street asking them their opinions on airplane food. This woman ranted about how awful her tuna sandwich (or was it salad!?!) tasted...

Oh the HORROR!

And then I snapped a photo of this woman, who stated her opinion on airplane snack boxes. Read what's under her name...

Did they really just waste 12 seconds of critical news time with this??? I guess I wasted more than 12 seconds blogging about it and also capturing film and photos (thanks to DVR). But I'm sure we can all sleep better tonight knowing that Emma Davis likes snack boxes.

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moooooog35 said...

I enjoy when the news does stories on obesity, then shows the ginormous people walking down the street - only lopping off their heads to hide their identities.

Like we can't identify the giant camel toe we're seeing from the 400 lb. lady in sweatpants.

Or..they interview an obese person, with the same tagline under their name:

Wanda VonGlutton

Hey...thanks for the site link, by the way...glad you enjoyed it.