Saturday, November 15, 2008

mish mosh

I need to make labels for my posts because I was trying to find that story about the woman who was stuck to the toilet for a year and I couldn't. Should I retro-activate labels for all my old crap or just start fresh now? I'm sure I'll make labels for all off 3 posts before I decide this is annoying.

Since we downsized quite a bit for this move I've been using storage bins to store extra handbags, shoes and what nots. When I lifted the lid, I saw this pic:

Thank GOD for the visual aid because I would have never known that closing a baby inside a plastic box was not the right thing to do.

In this house we have a saying...

"Rakes are for p*ssies"

Ok we really don't say that we just have t-shirts. But seriously, as you can see we're not used to raking up our leaves.

Whenever I start to rant about something Tom doesn't agree with he says, "Go Pound Sand." I try not to laugh but I do because I visualize some idiot with a giant blow up hammer banging on the sand. But now when Tom says it I come back with, "Ok fly me back to California and I'll pound the beach all day." That usually ends the discussion.

At Starbucks this morning I saw a woman who I think had Hoof to Mouth disease. It was really uncomfortable to look at. It was like cottage cheese type skin (that was red raw and cracked and oozy) covered one whole side of her mouth. She was directly in my line of sight so it made it impossible to eat my oatmeal. I feel bad even mentioning it on here because she was soooo nice and just when I told myself "OK, You can do this. Just don't glance over in that general direction." She strikes up a conversation about the hat I was wearing and when I told her I knitted it, it led to several more questions and that's when I capped my oatmeal. Sort of like putting the nail in the coffin, the oatmeal was capped. The woman was really old, like probably 90 so I need to not talk about this anymore because she was just too sweet.

Tom worked late tonight so I ate Trader Joe's Triple Berry O's for dinner. Without milk. How sad is this, our house is so fricking cold that adding cold milk to my cereal makes me even colder so I ate my cereal dry. Without a spoon. I still have the oatmeal from this morning in the fridge but every time I think of it I now have a visual of the Hoof to Mouther.

The word "constipated" is not in predictive text on my phone. And although I don't type it all too often, when I need to do so it takes up too much time. Diarrhea, however, is in there. I guess if I had to choose between the two I use the latter much more often than the former.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Labels are not too hard. If you have some time of NOTHING to do, you can go back and redo them...but be careful, cause you will end up with a bunch. Or you could just go rake the leaves.
I thought those containers were perfect for babies. They make them just the right size for heavens sake.
I tell my family to pound sand all the time. I also am a fan of "shut your pie hole". the image just makes me smile.
I don't know how to text. I know...*GASP*
I am really uncool.

Gina said...

i was under the impression that platic bins were exccellent play places for small children.... ha

Live For Today said...

Use the little search blog feature in the upper left corner. FYI you have a LOT of posts that mention toilet.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I love the "pound sand" visual!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

LOVE the stream of your thoughts. Cracks me up as I get a glimpse of your brain innards.

You know what, you should write a book. I'm not kidding. You've got the perfect subject matter.

TTQ said...

I like making weird lables not good for finding things again but just my warped view on my post..

Maybe the old lady had shingles..

Rakes are for pussies, get a leaf blower. My mom reverses the hose on her shop vac and blows everything of her freaking balcony.