Sunday, November 16, 2008

You'd never guess I don't have children

Conversation with my friend's daughter about Thanksgiving. She's 5 years old:

I'm really excited to eat turkey!!!

Turkey is great! Do you help mommy cook in the kitchen?

Not really I just like to eat. I don't know how to cook!

Oh it's really easy. You just have to play around with the stove and stick things in the oven. (F*CK! Did I really just say that to a 5 year old?)

Stoves are HOT! I don't touch them!

Good girl. Just making sure.

Parenting is hard.


Busy Bee Suz said...

funny. I hope you did not drop the F bomb on are too cute.
Next time tell her NOT to play with matches too.

LeighAnn said...

That is too great! She will now go around throwing everything in the oven at people's houses.

You are too funny girl!

lizziebelle said...

hahaha "just checkin..."

Bon Don said...

hahaha "just making sure" I do that alot with small children, I forget that they don't really do the things older kids do...

one time I made my God-son sit on a stack of pillows to reach the table and feed himself, apparently he only had like four teeth and never fed himself before...but he did fine :)

Don't let me babysit

TTQ said...

Dude! You are allowed to be left alone with children that age? I lost that right awhile ago..something about inappropriate behavior...and language.