Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunny day 2


Stupid shit for brains head up his ass weatherman lied this morning. There was not a SPECK of sun to be found today. It wasn't nearly as dark as it had been the other days but still, NO sun whatsoever. I take back all my hallelujahs from this morning and replace them with a shaking fist to the sky! Sons of bitches!!!!


Tom and I just watched the weather report and it's supposed to be partly sunny/no rain all thru the weekend! We both broke out into song:

"Haaaaaa-llelujah!! Haaaaaa-llelujah!!"

"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"


Wrigs turned his head to look at us mid song, and had that WTF? expression written all over his face. Soon he'll be rejoicing right along with us when we go for our 10.2 mile walk. Have to make up for lost time.

Did anyone see the story about the balloon ride crash in Yuma, Arizona? Scary indeed and thankfully no one was injured, but our crash 5 years ago was WAAAAAY worse. If we caught it on film we so would have made it on the Today Show.

They also showed the giant Christmas tree hauled in on a flat bed to Rockefeller Center. The tree was 80 years old and it was so sad to see it lying dead on the truck. I really think the city should construct an artificial one. If one can make a giant penis I'm sure it can be done.


karengberger said...

YIPPEE! I hope you guys have some fun planned. The sunrise today was gorgeous; I posted photos of it.
I hope your insomnia goes away; sleep deprivation is awful, and for me, it contributes to the blues. God bless you!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Fingers crossed for a nice weekend for you both.
You were in a hot air ballon crash? Please tell.
When we lived in AZ they went over our house all the time. On nice mornings when we had the windows opened, you could hear the people having conversations. They took off very close to us and were still low at our house.
I agree with the tree thing. They should clean up some of the litter around town and construct a tree fully made of recycled crap. :)

Bon Don said...

YAY for Sunshine!! Soak it up!

You're right about the Christmas tree, they should have an artificial one. I do! with lights!

...I thought I was just being lazy by having a fake one with the lights already attached, but now I realize I was subconsciously trying to protect the environment! yay me :)

but who knows maybe this year I might just construct a giant penis too!

Clippy Mat said...

what in the name of gawd?
the giant penis?
you kill me.
p.s. i am also a (lazy) subconscious environmentalist with an artificial tree. only i didn't know it till now.
i love blogging.
i learn so much

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I'm SOOOO glad you guys are going to have a sunny weekend! HOORAY!

Didn't hear about the balloon crash in AZ but a friend of mine from church is an avid hot air ballooner and 2 of her friends were killed about 4 - 6 weeks ago in a horrible freak ballooning accident near Albuquerque. Freak accident where the balloon got caught in some wind currents which pulled them into some high voltage power lines - truly a tragedy.

Anyway, you, Tom and Wrigs go FROLIC this weekend!! :-)

McNattums said...

I was thinking, maybe you'd enjoy the weather more if you had some cute stuff to use in it.
I love these umbrellas and then you could also get some snazzy galoshes. Nothing worse than having the bottom of your pants get wet. Good luck!