Saturday, November 08, 2008

In the Pit

It's official. I've let myself go.

For a couple hours this morning I was hatless and Tom saw the top of my head.

He looks at my hair then says, "When was the last time you colored your hair?"

I say: "I think it was September, or maybe August. Can't remember."

Tom: Are you going to do it again soon?

me: Why? You don't like my steel wool colored roots?

Tom: (as he inspects the top of my scalp) I think you should make an appt. and have it done professionally.

me: I think I'll just do it myself and color it black.

Tom: Do whatever you want. I have no say in anything.

me: Have you even noticed that I've gained 6 pounds in the last month??

(no comment from Tom)

Smart man.

Am I purposely trying to make myself appear more unattractive or do I just not give a damn anymore?

I think this is what the medical folk would call Depression.


ChiTown Girl said...

I say go for it! I think you would look very exotic with dark hair. Plus, doesn't black absorb heat? ;-)

Christina Shaver said...

OMG. Please do NOT dye your hair black. Totally disagree with Lisa. (Sorry Lisa.)

Don't do it. Your life is dark enough as it is right now.

Dye it like super platinum, sparkly blond and wear shiny gold lamé all day long!!!!

Anonymous said...

Make an appointment at Gene Juarez--it's very popular. Have a facial, pedicure, your hair colored,--they have a deal called "Day of Beauty"--I think it will lift up your spirits to have some pampering! Follow it up with a full body massage with hot rocks, or whatever they use. (I've never done these things, but I think it would be good for a body!)The next day sign up or appear to volunteer at a Food Bank or some such place--helping others also lifts one's spirits!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You can let lots of things go...but not the hair. get it done. you will feel better.

TTQ said...

Wanna measure roots for a contest??
My husband was hoping that I too get mine done this week. Instead I learned how to do a pony tail with a braid that covers the grey (yeah right) while watching TV.

When I was 20 or 21 I dyed my hair wouldn't lift out when I was done wearing it like that, we had to cut the shit out.

Clippy Mat said...

anonymous is giving you sound advice.
i agree.
sorry ctg. (what were you thinking??? slaps head) ;-)
a day at the spa and a session of volunteering at the food bank is a great idea.
black hair.
i did that once and i wanted to jump under a bus.
baaaddd idea.
you are a blonde for sure.

ChiTown Girl said...

Um...ok...just for the record...that was a JOKE!!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

I was watching Wrigle's pen escape video (AGAIN) and I realized that our animals get us through so much, don't they? Imagine your days in Seattle without your two furbabies. A sad thought, isn't it? They are our release in so many ways.

Things got very intense with my mom yesterday. It made me so sad and so angry. Rought Saturday altogether. I love and miss her so much, and at the same time I can't believe she is so cruel to me simply because I married outside of our faith. I came home to my Achilles and Milo and they gave me sweet laughter with their goofy antics. Milo was standing at his food bowl eating, he had an itch, he didn't want to stop eating while he tried to scratch, and he ended up plopping down with a smack in a giant golden heap. Then there was Achilles, as I was lying on the couch, nuzzling me in that spot between my upper arm and side of my chest. Sometimes he puts his head on my chest and just stares into my eyes.

Anyway, sorry for this long babbling, pyschotic commment. Just an observation on what our animals do to uplift us. And they don't even know it. Priceless.

Give Wrigs a big bear hug for me. Put on your protective gear and do that same for Chums. Love your boys. And you too. :-)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I have been exactly where you are Laura. Don't gaze too long into that abyss... just not healthy.

I agree with Anonymous.... a "day of beauty" (even if you don't FEEL like it) will do you a world of good. I also think signing up for some volunteer work will really feed your soul and make you feel very needed and help put things in perspective.

Remember, each and every day is a brand new start.

TTQ said...

I finally colored my I just have to go the salon to have the highlights put in..
Hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

You should just name this site live crappy.