Friday, November 07, 2008

Bold Faced Lie

This weather ticker says that it is partly cloudy and even shows a bit of sun. Really???? Where??? I'd like to know because I'll get in my car right now and go there! There is no break in the clouds whatsoever. It's dark and gloomy and it feels like night time 24 hours a day.


Busy Bee Suz said...

The nerve of those weather men. (I know they are men, women would not do that to you)
I hope the sun peeks in for a bit and says hi to you.
I love the pic on the top of your blog...I forgot to tell you that before. very cute and optomistic. ;)

karengberger said...

I'm thinking then, Maybe the one for CA is also a lie? No? Crap.
I hope the day improves for you. Maybe a great movie in a cozy theater tonight? Or a great dinner in a cozy restaurant? I just realized that "cozy" is a big deal to us up know why.

I know I'd not be a good candidate for Alaska. I thought Boston's weather was the pits, when I moved there. Too COLD, and humid, and dirty (aggressive street people there, too), etc. So I suppose, as the French say, Chacun a son each his own taste. I am very sorry you are so unhappy here. God bless you and comfort your heart.

Christina Shaver said...

You know what you should put up on here? What the weather is like in Siberia. At least you can find one place that's worse. I mean don't they have half the year in darkness??!!?!?

BTW, the sun is going down here at 5PM. I hate the winters in Chicago. So I'm going to be with you bitching about weather coming up.

Even little Tyler said in the car today when I picked him up from school at 3PM, "is the sun going down now?" Unfortunately, that answer was Y.E.S.