Friday, November 07, 2008

Everyone poops

Chumley was making all sorts of noise this morning in his litter box so I grabbed the camera to see what was going on. It was nothing out of the ordinary, just his usual covering up of his dumps. He's very meticulous during this process and wants to make sure every nugget and droppling is hidden away. And believe me, there's been plenty of dropplings coming out of this cat. He is a dumping machine.

Wrigs on the other hand, HATES going outside to poop in the rain. Can you blame him??? I'm afraid he's going to get plugged up. Finally this morning, he pooped. And lucky for all of you, I've captured it on film. (The camera is far enough away so it's not too gross at all, you can probably still eat and watch.)

This reminds me of the book Everyone Poops. Used to love reading it to the kids I babysat. They'd laugh so hard sometimes they'd poop their pants. Fun times.


So@24 said...

That book terrified me. I still think it's propaganda.

Clippy Mat said...

"Wrigley, leave your brother alone."
that alone has made my day.

LBluca77 said...

My cat does the same thing with her poop. It makes me laugh to see her head in the litter box and her big butt sticking out.

I love how in the other video you can hear you going "fucking rain" haha. Made me laugh.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I was laughing so hard at Chumley with his front paw... how cute. My cats were the SAME way (rest their little souls). So fastidious they were.

Now DIVA, that's a different story. That dog is a TURD machine. Our back yard, which used to be fairly nice, is now referred to as "The Turd Garden". It's everywhere Laura. One of them was so big that it cast a SHADOW.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everybody poops. Then they throw it in their new neighbor's yard. Ha ha ha!!!

jane said...

How's Chumley's litter "problem" been at the new place? you haven't mentioned it in a while. Is he better about using the litter box?

Smileygirl said...

Anon: That's going to be my new game. Rather than ding dong ditch, it's throw poo and run. I have to do something to entertain myself out here!

Jane: Surprisingly (knocking on wood right now) Chumley has not yet peed on the furniture here. We still keep it covered in shower curtains but I haven't put out the litter boxes and so far, no pee. I'm a lot better at emptying his litter every morning so maybe that helps too. I am very proud of him for doing so well. I'm going to have to post about this vitamin syrup he's been on. I got it online and saved soooooo much money. Vets rip you off so much!

Jane said...

oh - definitely do! It's so funny that you say he hasn't had any issues, b/c i have a cat who is VERY similar to chumley in his issues, and I just recently moved, and voila! He's behaving like a good boy should. I'm glad Chumley's using the litter box. I FEEL your pain when cats don't.

Anonymous said...

My cats paw the side of the litter box too. I am happy to say the litter robot has arrived today. Now just getting them to go in it.

Wrigley, that was a pretty quick poop.