Sunday, November 16, 2008

more kid stuff

Tom and I ate breakfast at a cute place in town and we sat by the window to watch Wrigs who was outside. This little boy (probably 3 years old) was walking outside with his family and comes rushing up to the window, smushes his face up to the glass and stares down Tom. Tom smiles at him. The kid is stone faced. Tom waves. Still not even so much as a blink from the little guy. I ask Tom, "Do you think he has problems?" Tom says, "Nah. He's just shy." The kid starts banging his head into the glass, hard, while grunting. I say to Tom, "Sure about that?"

Kids are strange.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Perhaps the little booger was out of medication?

LeighAnn said...

Poor thing. Where were his parents??

karengberger said...

Kids are strange, especially if they are under "bad management," or "no management." But so are pets, don't you think? We were chased down the street by a dog yesterday, who was being pursued ONLY by his mistress's INEFFECTUAL voice (not by herself), calling weakly, "Come back here! Come!" Of course, the dog ingnored her and followed us, yapping at our heels.
People often do not appear to be as smart as their kids (or their dogs). Watching mannerless children is what made me think, for years, that I didn't like kids. I found out later that I love them; it's the adults who neglect them (or neglect pets) that I'm not crazy about. There is the Monday morning rant!

Bon Don said...

You should have encouraged it and said "harder"! that'll teach him! hahaha (kidding...sort of)