Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today I fell...

Into the Sound.

Just kidding!

My friend Michael is here visiting from California and we pretended to fall into the water. Surprisingly, no one came to our rescue.

He found what looked to be a shark's tooth in the water so of course he had to stick it in his mouth.

We tooled around West Seattle and somehow ended up in New York.

Of course we paid tribute to Lady Liberty by holding our Green Tea Lattes high.

Today was very cold, especially by the water but yesterday was BEAUTIFUL.
60 degrees and sunny all day. We walked around Pike's Market and had lunch at a Thai restaurant. Even though it was chilly, I took off my coat and wore short sleeves. I needed to feel the sun on my skin again.
It felt really nice but I'm paying the price today.
My throat is sore and I can't stop sneezing.

Sorry Michael, doesn't look like we'll be sailing tomorrow...

House update:
Tom and I are putting an offer on a house in W. Seattle tomorrow morning.
Here's a gorgeous view facing the city (not from the house).

I'll give more details on the house (and also the fact that Tom has not even been inside) at another time. Michael leaves tomorrow then Rebecca comes out to visit tomorrow night. We haven't seen each other in over a year and are celebrating our birthday months and I can't wait!
Maybe that's why I can't sleep.


Gina said...

looks like a fun day, and you look super pretty in the cute black hat and little gray sweater :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love the pictures...what no hero's in Seattle? Friend is cute. Congrats on the house, that is Super exciting. Hope you feel better for next cute friends visit.

ChiTown Girl said...

It's good to see you happy and smiling again. I missed that killer smile :) Gee, I'd better have you pencil me in soon on your ultra-busy calendar of visiting friends! I'm gonna work on that this weekend.

lizziebelle said...

you're a hottie! ps its 25 degrees in CHARLOTTE NC! THE SOUTH! if that makes you feel any better. seriously email your address to me i already have your trinket and i need to send it ASAP.

peace out homeslice.

also my friend chelsea is engaged and she lives in portland so i will be in the seattle like area at some point in the future. we should meet up if possible. but that is like way in the future.

ok that is enough overbearing/stalkerness for one comment. xo

karengberger said...

HOORAY for house news! You made my day! Let us know how it goes. Hope, hope, hoping for the best.
Very funny about "falling in the Sound." You'd be frozen for sure, at this time of year. I hope you feel better this morning. God bless you!

Christina Shaver said...

I seriously thought on that first picture that you fell into the sound and that Tom was more interested in taking the picture than actually saving you!!!! It made me laugh.

I'm glad you're goofing off around there. Nice to have friends visit!!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

I'm with Christina...thought you'd really fallen in and Tom couldn't help being the one incessantly taking pics this time. Your post brightened my day because I'm glad to see you in a reprieve from your job as a Rain Hater.

Sounds like you are going to be one busy hostess. Have lots of fun, and when you have a moment, please email me. Or call me if you don't have my email anymore.

BTW, how did you get those weather readings on your blog? I can't get mine to go up right.

Lauren said...

Fun pics. I always thought it'd be fun living in West Seattle, but only if I lived near the beach. I love walking along the beach, and seeing the water, mountains, and downtown Seattle. I'm so glad today is another beautiful, sunny day.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Great pics of you and your buddy! Looks like a fun day!

I'm so excited to hear about the house - can't wait to live vicariously!! :-)

Anonymous said...

LBluca77 said...

Looks like a fun day.

And Michael, meow!!!! He is quite the delicious looking treat.

TTQ said...

Yay! Your smile is back! Nothing like goofing off with crazy friends to feel better. Especially when they are good looking male friends. I have one too and he's not even gay..though a good gay man is always helpful too, who else is going to tell you when you look like crap?