Thursday, November 20, 2008


What the hell does it mean when the head up his ass weatherman says, "Rain turning to showers by late afternoon." What's the difference?

There's also sprinkles, drizzle, buckets, cats and dogs, etc. but this I'm not so sure about.

FYI, I would prefer it to really rain cats and dogs (instead of this nasty wet stuff) but only if they landed on their feet.


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

"Rain turning to showers"?
Wow. I guess in Seattle, because rain is such a common happening, they feel the need to differentiate in the "quality" of the precip...


karengberger said...

They seem to have different meanings. You know I'm a native, and I STILL have to ask the diff. I think "showers" are smaller and intermittent, and "rain" is more constant/ongoing. I love the "headuphisass" designation. Have you found that some of these guys irritate you more than others? I have my faves and my dislikes, and it's not just "shoot the messenger." It's fun to vent.