Saturday, August 16, 2008


Tom tells me tonight that he's going to join a Rugby club when we move to Seattle. I respond with, "Yeah? Well I'm going to join a club too."

He says, "AA doesn't count."

Then 2 seconds later I ask him, "Did you just fart?"

He says, "No. I took off my shoes."

I want to scream.


Anonymous said...

He's funny.

karengberger said...

You two are so quick and witty, sometimes it sounds like someone is writing great lines for you. You are hilarious. I am looking forward to seeing you again...
Thank you for the sweet e-card yesterday. Did you notice that our weather was warmer than yours? David has been urging me to point this out to you, every time I see it on your "blob."
Love from me.

Moi said...

This begs a question:

Do his feet smell like farts, or do his farts smell like stinky feet?


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Once my husband took off his socks and I mistook the smell for rancid cheese.

Sad, but true.

("You can tell you've been married a long time when.....") :-)