Monday, August 04, 2008


That is Tom's nickname for me and my girlfriend Charisse. He is right. I'm going to miss her soooooo much. Can't think about that right now. I'm feeling blue about this move now that it's official. Lots of swirled up emotion going on and someday soon it's all going to pop.


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, so it's official now, huh....I'm sorry. I know you can't be happy about that. I wish I could say or do something to make you feel better. Hey, how's this? I'll probably come out to visit you in Seattle more than CA since I sooo prefer the weather ;-)

Anonymous said...

Any update on the cat situation with the vet? (original poster of the Diabetes Insipidus comment)

satc785 said...

Hi there...I'm a HUGE fan. Love the blog and check it throughout the day.

I came across this "Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Seattle" post on another blog I read, and thought you might be interested. Maybe it will help :-)