Sunday, August 10, 2008

DON'T EAT & READ (gross pic in post)

It's bad enough that when we get a call for someone to preview our house we have to run around making sure there is no pee to clean on the 6 shower curtains we have spread over various parts of our furniture. If there is no pee, then we can remove the shower curtains and hide them in drawers and closets and then chase, snag and toss a hissing Chumley into a back bathroom. This takes a lot of time and energy and it's really wearing thin. However, we need to add yet another step in our house prep process and that is to scan each room for surprise poo.

I just found this one today, behind a chair in the study:

Really makes me wonder how many others we may have missed or how many Wrigs has found that we never knew about. Now Tom and I must be extra vigilant in our house cleaning process. The Poo Alert level in this house has been raised to HIGH.

Speaking of the shitter, Chumley is doing much better. He isn't thrilled about all his medicine and vitamins (some days I think I'm going to lose a finger and an eye and others it's not nearly as bad) but he does seem to be improving every day so it's worth the risk. He's got more energy and his coat is getting shiny again and it seems like he's gaining a little more weight.

He's finished with his first bottle of antibiotics which were supposed to last 10 days but they only lasted 5. He's supposed to be on these for 3 weeks total so instead of getting 2 bottles at $27 a pop, we may have to get 4! I need to call the vet first thing on Monday because I'm starting to think the dosage may have been mixed up. He's also on his multi-vitamin every morning for the rest of his life and this stuff tastes like sludge. This is what really pisses him off. And the price for this little gem is $18.50 for 1 OUNCE so I'm going to start looking online at PetMeds or Costco or something because this is going to add up pretty darn fast. I won't even get into the price of his prescription food. Anyone who's had to put their pet on VET PRESCRIBED FOOD will know what I mean. But both Tom and I agree (thank GOD!) that we will do whatever it takes to make this little demented monster of ours happy and healthy. Even though he wants to rip our faces off, we still love him. A lot.


suz said...

The poo situation is crazy, so is the peeing. At least Wrigs can eat the cat poo right? that kills 2 birds with one stone, save on dog food and don't have to scoop the poo. (Cocoa thinks the cat box is a buffet. nasty.)
You Said:
"He's also on his multi-vitamin every morning for the rest of his life and this stuff tastes like sludge."
Did YOU taste it???? You are silly.

Anonymous said...

I want to know if you tasted it too? Maybe Chumley is trying to politely tell you he doesn't like the choice of litterbox or its location.

Some don't like the hooded thing cause it traps odors. I use a big storage tote, and then I have a little step for them up into it. Plus, not as much litter gets flung everywhere because of the high sides.

I go through meds extra fast because some are wasted and disintegrate when someone doesn't cooperate and take them. I usually end up getting more of the dose through my skin.

Smileygirl said...

Yes I did taste it. The antibiotics are banana flavored and aren't that bad, but OH MY SHIT the vitamins are HORRIFIC!!! I don't blame him for trying to kill me in my sleep. I've got to find something that tastes better for the little guy. Especially since this will be a life long thing.