Thursday, August 07, 2008

Childhood Photos

This goes on the list as one of the absolute LAST things I need to be doing right now. I am completely overwhelmed with my to-do list so what do I do? I scan photos. While cleaning out drawers I found a bunch of old photos so I headed downstairs and scanned them. So why not share a few. Then I MUST get back to my ever growin' list.

This photo made me laugh because look at how I am dressed- big fuzzy hat, puffy jacket, scarf, even a blanket, and then there's my mom in the short sleeves. Put me in a bubble already and call it a day:

(*UPDATE* I just realized something!!! Could this be why I am always soooo cold!? If the temperature drops below 70, I kid you not I start to shiver. Ok this makes total sense now. I have my mom to thank for this. I'm actually surprised I wasn't wearing mittens and a nose cozy in this photo)

I look like a boy in this photo. Actually I don't think it's just the photo, I looked like a boy til about 2 years old, then my hair started to grow:

This photo was taken in my grade school parking lot after my first day of 1st grade. It would have been nice to have a knap sack of some sort to carry my shoes and whatever else I'm clutching:

My mom and sister and I (and my first zit, age 2):

Family photo. I remember how much I HATED saggy tights as a child. My mom tells me I threw a MAJOR ear piercing tempter tantrum right before this was taken:

Childhood head trauma. Happened A LOT (and probably explains a lot too):

I put this one on because right now my hair looks the exact same as this picture some 25+years ago. It's all disheveled around my head and then scraggly braids hang on either side. We really don't change all that much do we?


Lizy said...

Oooooooo myyyyyyyy... these are sooo cute! I love old pictures...

2 when your hair started to grow?? So lucky.. I was 3,5!!!

karengberger said...

I love old photos, too, and never get tired of them...I like my photos and other people's, too! They tell such wonderful stories about us, and they help us to remember things. You were (and are) adorable!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I am laughing so loud right now - can you hear me on the West Coast?! These are SOOOOOO cute, Laura! I love ALL of them! Esp those 1970's hairdos! LOL!

And that couch you were sitting on - what was UP with that upholstery???

These are all so precious!

I have some similarly humorous and embarrassing ones around here... I may have to break out my photo albums and scanner too.

Tell your mom that these photos have given special meaning (and added humor) to your BLOB today. :-) :-) :-)

ChiTown Girl said...

Too cute!!! I realize this may seem like a strange comment, but I love the way your mom is gazing at your dad in that family picture. There is so much love on her face.

ChiTown Girl said...

OK, I was looking again at the family portrait, and I just realized that I have the exact vest that your sister is wearing. Not HAD, HAVE!! It's in my closet right now! Very school teacher-ish, right? And, to make it even worse, I have pants in every one of the colors in the vest, to I can mix and match, like Garanimals!! God, I'm such a loser!