Friday, August 08, 2008

The Fruits (and veggies) of Summer

courtesy of our backyard...

Our 10 foot tall Sunflowers, greeting the morning sun:

Tom planted corn this past Spring. We are the only house in S. Cal with a corn field in the backyard:

And we have carrots too:

And a wall of new grape leaves:

And some ripe grapes:

And figs:

Our orange tree:

Tonight we decided to pluck a giant sunflower and make some home made sunflower seeds: (fyi, that's Tom plucking out the seeds, I don't have man hands!)

They are now soaking in a salt bath overnight so tomorrow morning I'll bake them and we'll have a fresh batch of seeds to enjoy!

I hope we can grow Sunflowers in Seattle but for some reason I'm thinking that may not happen.

I'm getting sad again...


suz said...

I LOVE the sunflowers. they are so pretty.
And the corn.....did you see my corn post? " Did we have corn last night?" If you will never mention corn again and NOT think about it.
I would never think you had man hands either.
Nice post
your life will be good where ever you are. really. YOU don't change. just your surroundings.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

i LOVE these photos! Sunflowers are beautiful! Let me know how the seeds turn out. Hubster plants sunflowers every year in our back yard but we never actually do anything with the seeds... we just like the way they look.

We had a great garden last year... until the "history-busting drought of 2007" hit. Everything (except the jalapenos) died. It was tragic. :-(

I'm sure you'll be able to grow plenty of stuff in Seattle.

And yes, you MUST read Suz's post about her daughter (Free Spirit) and the "corn comment". It was hilarious. :-)

K@tie said...

Have you ever noticed that figs look like testicles?

Christina Shaver said...

You may not be able to grow sunflowers in Seattle, but I'll be you could collect some nice rainwater!!

Anonymous said...

You are such the Suzy Homemaker and Garden grower! I want some sunflowers next to the weeping willow tree I want! Hell, I can't even keep bushes alive that have been planted there for 8+ years.

The Engine of the Family said...

I never knew you could remove seeds from the sunflower! Where in the world are you guys growing all this stuff??!! It sounds like you have a plantation hiding in your backyard...did Tom take out the putting green??!! haha.... :)

Kate said...

You can definitely grow sunflowers in Seattle...and grapes, apples, etc. as well as pretty flowers like hydrangeas. :) They call it the "evergreen state" because of the rain and how it keeps the grass green all the time as well as allow for flowers and vegetation to grow all year round. So we may not have So Cal's endless sunshine, but things are always green here! :)

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