Thursday, August 07, 2008

Seattle photos

*Update* Just a couple more photos I forgot to include from my trip:

5 day weather forecast - Hard to see but rain 3 out of the 5 days. Yes I actually had a bit of a melt down when I saw this. My mind can't actually contemplate rain in July, or August or September, October. November...):

Hotel view at night:


Finally some photos from my Seattle trip. I didn't have my camera with me at all times so there was a lot more sights and scenes that I missed. Like my outing with Karen. So bummed about that but we know in due time there will be plenty more get togethers so we'll capture some photos soon. For now my computer is acting funny (getting really hot) and my head is starting to throb so I'll just post the photos and mini captions for each. Can't think too much right now, makes my head hurt. Plus I think a bug crawled into my ear. I keep jabbing my finger in it hoping that if it's in there I'm somehow smashing him to bits but then if he dies he won't be able to crawl back out so maybe I should just let him try and maze his way out of my ear canal on his own. I just hope he's not a big pregnant female (I guess that would make he a she) who is nesting on my ear drum while birthing 1,000 bug babies. I may have to take the Dust Buster to my ear later tonight. We have a special long nozzle type attachment and I've used it to suck up bugs before (never inside my ear) but if Tom's away and a bug, beetle, spider, crustacean, etc. invades our home, I will suck him up with the Dust Buster and then throw the Dust Buster in the back yard and leave it there until Tom comes home to empty it. Why the hell I shared all this right now I don't know. My head still hurts.

Enough of this, onto the pics. In order of how they happened (sort of).

From the plane: (duh...that was obvious)

Another plane shot right before we landed:

On the tarmac (it was still early like 9am):

View from the hotel room (clouds cleared as the day went on):

View from the neighborhood we will most likely live in (clouds back):

Cute little street with pubs and shops near Pike Place Market (sun out again):

Sign telling you where to deposit your umbrellas (this wasn't the only one and that made me very sad):

Nordstrom store in the city (blue sky + Nordstrom = me happy):

Chris Isaak concert at winery. I caught the pick at the end of the show. Good times.

Cute little restaurant attached to an Inn close to the winery:

Pikes Place Market. Soooooo much fun. So much to see, do, eat, drink, people watch:

Another Pike's photo. Enlarge this one and look at the lady in the green shirt. Is she giving me a dirty look on purpose? I think she is.

Pretty flowers on top of the store fronts of the market:

View from the top of the street near the market (btw, this hill was a bitch to walk up after a martini at the pub):

Neighborhood I fell in love with:

Front steps of the house I fell in love with:


moooooog35 said...

Where are the hobo pictures?!?!? Not a SINGLE hobo picture?!?!

By the way...did you find any place out there to get coffee? We couldn't find one.

suz said...

Bug in the ear. Not good. I hope he/she has made their way out by now. (hate it when that happens.)
the lady in the green shirt...not a fan of yours. :)
The pictures look great. really, I would love to visit there myself.
I am one of those people that dreams of living many different places. I will have to blog on all the moves we have made. We are settled, but I still dream of living in different towns...I hate to miss something good.
Nordstrom = heaven

lizziebelle said...

it looks pretty! and heather my friend who used to live there really misses it. i have been there before and i liked it as well. there was a cockroach in my shower with me this morning, but a bug in the ear is way worse. i would suggest a qtip but if something comes out on the qtip i think that you might be emotionally damaged forever and walk around with ipod speakers in from now until eternity.

so really its your call...

karengberger said...

That lady was probably thinking how pretty you are...Seattle is a friendly place, remember?
I love how the clouds came and went in the does happen often. It was 90 yesterday; it's 55 right now, & going to get to 80 degrees today. Fasten your seatbelt!
Hope there is no bug in your ear.

amanda said...

Love the pictures! I think I may have to look into seattle- it was one of my matches (along with San Diego, Baltimore, and Greenville...)

Lizy said...

Sorry, but I really love those pictures! That place looks so peacefull and nice..

So you 2 got a place there now?

Smileygirl said...

I have to say I fell in LOVE with the city myself. I could totally see us loving it there, BUT again it is summer and the weather wasn't bad. I was in a grump ass mood when the clouds were out but as soon as they lifted it was gorgeous. On sunny days I will absolutely LOVE it, cloudy days I will just stay inside and not speak to anyone. I'm not even exaggerating, I'm not a happy person when it's gray outside.

As for the coffee shops, I didn't find a single one! I heard there was ONE just south of the city but we drove around for close to an hour trying to find it so I said stuff it and opted for a martini instead. (of course I am being totally sarcastic). There are AMAZING coffee shops everywhere you look. I'll be so jacked up on caffeine everyday that maybe I won't bang my head against a wall when I don't see the sun!

ChiTown Girl said...

Were you up on Tom's shoulders when you took the picture at the market with the green shirt lady? Those pictures were great. I forgot how much I loved my visits to Seattle! Like I said, I'm more likely to come visit you there than OC. Have you dustbusted your ear yet?

TTQ said...

dust buster to the ear? Is that safe? Oh yuo try first! Then let us know, you could be on the roomba and the dust buster committe!

Thanks for stopping by to wishing me well, it's been one week today and I'm still have pain, when does it go away? I'm able to sit and semi-blog with the help of 2 not 1 happy pills.. I spent all day on the couch until honey got home to babysit me, otherwise I do stuipd things like alll the things they tell you not to do..

Kate said...

Those photos are the reason I fell in love with this place before moving here. Sunshine and no humidity = awesome. :)

Your neighborhood looks like Queen Anne? Very nice!