Monday, August 04, 2008

The Plastic Factory

(also known as, "Our House")

So now all of our cloth furniture is completely covered in plastic shower curtains. The smell is nauseating and I'm sure it's not good for our lungs or the animals to inhale all these nasty fumes. But for now we have no choice. I have a headache even as I type this, from the smell.

I called the vet first thing this morning and got an appointment for tomorrow at 12:00. The receptionist was very sweet and when I called and said, "Hi it's Laura, Wrigely's mom." She asked with a sense of urgent concern, "Is Wrigley ok??" I told her that yes he was fine I was actually calling for the other one in the family. She paused and then said in a serious tone, "Oh, Chumley." Reminded me of how Jerry Seinfield would greet "Newman." She said that he would need to be sedated for any exam to take place which I understand and agree with. I just hope they can help him.

Until then, this is how we have to live:

Tom got creative with this couch (Chum's favorite pee couch) and put some double sided sticky tape on top of the curtain so if Chumley steps on this with his paws he may freak out and not want to jump up anymore. We'll see how well this works. All I can say is that it is A ROYAL ASS PAIN to have to remove a house full of shower curtains everytime someone wants to come view the house. I am almost to the point of just leaving the curtains on all the furniture and telling them that we do this for dog/cat fur purposes.

Ok my head really hurts, I need to get some fresh air and run some errands. I really hope the animals don't suffer the effects from all this plastic. What else can we do???


Anonymous said...

Good Luck tomorrow. I hope to hear good news

(LR in NYC-Original commenter about Diabetes Insipidus)

ChiTown Girl said...

bwah hahaha! Those pictures immediately brought me back to my childhood. In typical (or is that stereotypical?) Italian fashion, all of the living room furniture was covered in plastic my whole childhood!! I think my mother took the plastic off right before my wedding because we were going to be taking the wedding portraits in the living room! Girl, crack a window, and hope for the best tomorrow! Love ya!

Maggie said...

a friend of mine used to use that plastic runner you can buy at home depot or lowes in the carpet section, it has cleat type nubs on the back to hold it to the carpet..she would put that side up when putting it on her furniture and counter its plastic so if he decided to pee on it anyway, you're good.

Christina Shaver said...

I can only imagine what your place smells like. I hate the smell of shower curtains when they're new. Hopefully it will only last a couple of days. I hope Tom's invention works.

ChiTown Girl said...

Maggie, that's BRILLIANT!! I was going to mention that stuff in my last comment. Not for the reason you did, but because we also had that running all over the house to match the plastic covered furniture!!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Just getting caught up on your posts.... you really have the patience of a saint, Laura. Cat pee is some acrid-smelling stuff. I'm sure the whole situation makes you just want to sit down in the middle of the floor and cry (that's what I do when I feel overwhelmed).

However, keep in mind that, eventually, you WILL sell this house and move into your new place in Seattle.

"This, too, shall pass...."
It's a cliche... but it's true.
Hang in there, my sunny blonde friend! :-)