Saturday, August 02, 2008


Today has been a full day of weeding out, home improvements and organization. Still have a looooong way to go but my head feels a little bit clearer.

Tom is outside now spray painting shit and I asked him to please wear a mask while he does this.

He says, "No. It's totally safe!"

I say, "Why don't you ask my Dad how safe it is?? Oh, wait you can't. Why? Because he's dead from cancer that is caused by chemicals."

He replies, "That's real nice Laura."

I know it's harsh but it's incredibly frustrating to sit back and watch Tom do some of the things he does sometimes. And he always comes back with, "Well you put yourself at risk everyday by drinking that Green Tea Latte mix from China!"

He has a point but I'm still frustrated.

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karengberger said...

This kind of chemical stuff worries me, too. Yet I am sometimes too lazy (or bent on getting the thing finished) to be careful. Your concern is certainly reasonable, in light of your dad's illness; I am also super-sensitive about the safety of those I love, now. (Except for the "rat bastard pieces of sh*t"! --I had to borrow that line; I love it!)