Sunday, August 10, 2008

Me and My Technicolor Dream Coat

I'm just now remembering my dream from last night and I want to document one part of it while it's fresh in my head. I was shopping somewhere VERY COLD for a winter jacket. I think it was inside Nordstrom just because of how it was decorated but I'm not sure. All of the coats were Columbia and North Face styles and I was getting frustrated. Then in the distance I spotted a rack of these GORGEOUS plum/wine colored winter coats. Ok I have to try and describe this coat.

It was sort of a shiny material all around but not satiny it was more like a soft sheen. It had a little bit of bulk to it for warmth but not a lot where you become lost in the puffiness of it. It went down past my butt just a little and sort of flared out a little at the hips. I guess that would make it an A-line? It had a double breasted front with 3 big giant shiny plum buttons on either side.

I've been searching through coat pictures on Nordstom's website and have found a bunch that are similar to this dream coat. I'm posting pics (sorry if this is boring you all but I want to document this coat because I LOVE IT!!) And I think I need to stop watching Project Runway.

Here is my DREAM COAT, in bits and pieces:

First I'll start with the color. It was this plumy color:

But in this type of material:

And the style was very similar to this, but with a little more bulk:

And it had a criss-cross type collar that had an attached hood but it didn't look frumpy, it actually dressed it up:

Remember Fashion Plates as a kid? I used to LOVE that! I'm sure nowadays they have something super hi-tech that can be done on the computer. I should look into that and see if I can make my coat.


suz said...

Seems like someone is dreaming of cooler weather....sporting some new winter coats perhaps?
The coat is the color too. Yes, too much project runway says the Dr.

Mindy said...

I really like the rainbow-colored coat in the first pic. It would look hideous on me.