Friday, August 01, 2008

Nicole Atkins

Please check out her music if you haven't heard of her already.

She opened for Chris Isaak in Seattle and typically after the first song of any opening performer at a CI concert I'm like, "ENOUGH ALREADY!! BRING ON CHRIS!!" But I'm telling you, this girl has MAJOR TALENT. She has an incredible voice and a very unique style that makes you want to keep listening and watching. I met her after the concert and we chatted for a while and have emailed since. Not only is she a gifted songwriter and singer, she's a genuinely nice and funny person too. Watch for her, she's going to be around for a LOOOOONG time.

Oh and I also caught the guitar pick at the end of Chris's performance. Shit I have a lot of updating do to from that trip. Hope to do that at some point over the weekend. For now, here are some of my favorite songs from Nicole:

The Way It Is

Neptune City

My absolute favorite song is Skywriter, but no video yet.

Hope you enjoy!

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