Sunday, August 03, 2008

Thank you

To the anonymous person who left this comment re: Chumley's peeing:

"My dog was peeing up a storm and they finally diagnosed her with a rare form of diabetes called diabetes insipidus. Treatable with medication given as an eye drop. Shes doing great on it and no more accidents. However i cant imagine you giving your cat eye drops given how he acts from reading the blog."

I just researched this online and this sounds like something Chumley could have. I feel sooooo guilty though because I should have realized his water obsession was not normal and maybe he has been suffering for a while. I tried to take him to the vet about a year and a half ago for blood work and the vet recommended not doing the tests because Chumley was out of control. We didn't want to sedate him because he was so amped up that we thought it would be too stressful for him and he could have a heart attack. So what I've been doing ever since is just taking in his urine for testing which sometimes comes back with a bacteria infection so we medicate him with antibiotics and then it seems to clear up. But we've never been able to test his blood and kidney function.

So after today's 3rd pissing episode, Tom and I both agreed we NEED to get these tests done. I am calling our vet on Monday and will exhaust every option/test available.

Thank you again for the comment. You may have just added an extra life to this cat.


Christina Shaver said...

I hope that you're able to get the help Chumley needs if he's indeed sick.

If not, PLEASE do not take him to the humane society. You know nobody's going to take him. I know you're mad at him, but I think you'd be making a bad decision out of some amped emotions. You may regret it later.

(Listen to me, I have no pets but a fish and all of a sudden I'm an animal activist... a CHUMLEY advocate? Wha? Did I just get back from a relaxing vacation?)

Last, I know this probably isn't an option, but I'm going to put it out there: What about diapers? I'm totally serious. (Maybe someone suggested this in one of your comments on the other post. I've only read the posts not the comments.)

Anonymous said...

I was the one who left the comment.

Believe me I went through every test and unlike diagnosing a human, vets diagnose by process of elimination. I also moved from the only apartment she knew for 10 years into a new one.

First the vet diagnosis was kindey failure, then liver failure, then cushings disease, then back to kidney failure, then incontinence. When all else was exhaused they said lets treat it as diabetes incipidus. Tons of blood tests, urine tests, etc...

Down side is the eye drops are $185 a bottle every 2 months. Only available at a vet pharmacy out of Maryland somewhere. But I am not one to put a price on my dog if she is ok. it worked instantly and they lowered her dose to once every other day.

I hope it works for you and Chumley. I have a 12 yr old black lab who is now doing great. No more accidents. Keep me posted please. :) Good luck.

Laurie Keller said...

I love Chumley. Keeping him in my kittie prayers. Good luck! If you try the diapers, get the preemie size and cut a hole for his tail. I've seen it done and it works like a dream.

Clippy Mat said...

i have SO missed your blog. i've been gone for a few weeks and am just catching up. poor chumley. poor you. you deserve a medal. i have a mentally challenged cat too. she has issues but she doesn't pee everywhere. i couldn't cope with that! hope that it can be solved and that chumley doesn't have to wear a diaper. that would never do. he'd really be psychotic then i'm sure.
keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

I am going through things right now with Sadie that could be D.I. or possibly early renal disease. Find you a good vet that will come to your house, and they will bring the mobile lab and come and get all of the blood/urine (I'm not sure what kind of test they run to check for a spawn of Satan haha). I love Chumley too, and if he liked other animals, he would be welcome to come live at my zoo.

Anon, if you have Sam's club where you're at, you can get the eye drops from there for around $100.

suz said...

I am anxious to see what the results are. Hopefully this will be the answer and you can move forward with a plan.
We had a fabulous cat that had kidney disease. He drank a lot of water and lost a ton of weight, but never peed in the house....
I wish the best for the little trouble maker.